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violence Chung out around the body to form a line of defense, desperately to block the sonic attack.
over the long stone staircase, a former two figure after a rapid Shanlue, overwhelming sound 波宛 as real general,Coach Outlet, almost filled every inch of space around the staircase, every advance Xiao Yan duo are will consume a lot of vindictiveness, just be able to achieve their goals. When
previously viewed, looks touches only a few minutes of time,Cheap Coach, but did not think now is not a person on trial, just know that this stuff actually is so tough and dangerous. Zhi Zhizhi creak!
under the watchful eyes, Xiao Yan and Nalan sweet is finally reached the staircase half the distance, but at the moment the latter, Qiaolian already is exceptionally pale, if not by virtue of perseverance, it is difficult to stick to it like proportions, with Nalan sweet strength now, you want to get past this mouse Chaoyin wavefront,Coach Outlet Store, or too difficult a little.
front sight gradually blurred, Nalan sweet looking at the front of that road,Coach Outlet Store Online, although slim, in unusually robust sound waves into the back, lips touch of bitterness surfaced, way back when, she a proud identity, In 萧家强 potential break off an engagement,Cheap Coach Purses, when she was young, though Johnson concubine, but the mentality is to know the reason why she had done the move, but also has a bit of waste in the name of Xiao Yan year.
that time, she was a cloud lan income, in many people’s eyes are all good prospects, and Xiao Yan, but only a small distance from the family scrap wood master,Coach Outlet Online, between the two, like a big difference, then the character of pride She is naturally unbearable that gap.
But it is this original impulse, justFor her endless regret this, she is proud of all the things, all in one step in the growth of young, give all been destroyed, that even

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touching shock channel.
compared with them, face the most embarrassing, than that between the two, with their real
force, after he broke out of momentum,Coach Outlet Store Online, naturally aware of the latter’s strength, and Luo almost comparable than they used to,Coach Outlet Online, but it is on a much stronger, the moment the hearts secretly crying.
saw two men on the face of embarrassment, that Luo also secretly laugh loudly in the hearts ‘of these two
old man has always been arrogant guy, in addition to their strength than the strong, always difficult to face them
, this time under the effect’d lost a big face.
‘Oh, just a misunderstanding, we do not mind,Coach Bags On Sale, but this year I Luo space wormhole
home built by a senior, there is a time for many years, the space between the two places imprint, presumably also have
some moldTherefore this will be just what happened, but the three have to do, and that is
use force space, the imprint between the two places, to deepen some of the questions, it should be is
can be lifted. ‘I know down to business is important, Luo is not much in here – a waste of time,Coach Outlet Store, opening laugh
laugh, is straight. Xiao Yan eyes glanced
before that huge space wormhole, fingers unconsciously touched Carolina
ring, if Skyfire Venerable awake, then, with its control of space on the force, I am afraid that this alone repair
wormhole space, then it will not be in.
small medical cents three were all sitting cross-legged outside the space wormhole, and that Luo is dignified face
wormhole space station in contact with the stone that point JL, staring across the three, Chen Sheng said: ‘Three
bit,Coach Outlet, please help me! ‘
voice down, Luo whole body into space, suddenly became twisted up, a surge of space
force,Coach Outlet Online, emerged out soon roared within stormed space wormhole, subsequently, three little small

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at the moment – but it is fallen into such a fate. Xu Xi
crowd occasion, but it is not aware of the force trace of soul, quietly sprang from the pile of flesh and blood,Coach Factory Outlet, and finally drill ground, quickly fled.
‘Boom,Coach Outlet!’
in force and that the soul is about to escape wire occasion, a shadow suddenly fall from the sky, a harsh blow fly ground, immediately extracted directly, and in their hands, a struggling soul force,Coach Outlet Store Online, faint Room emerge Han Feng And suddenly poison that hideous face.
‘Brother … Now is the case, how many worthy gift I sent you?’
hope that road name in the hands of soul force, Xiao Yan smiled, a smile, but we have to do is as razor sharp dark intention to kill.
зZcn fiction
Mobile Q: Http: //Wap.зZсnp,Coach Outlet; coM computer access: http: //Www.зZсn.coM eight hundred and ninetieth chapters Treasure
glimpse of the invisible power of the soul in the hands of Xiao Yan, struggling desperately, but it has always been able to escape the shackles of the bird palm, between struggling faintly heard viciously angry roar.
Xiao Yan eyes looked cold this road a soul, which is also a decisive Feng Han people ‘actually willing to abandon most of the power of the soul, and only leaving a trace of the run, so little _ silk soul energy, even unusual were strong fighting is difficult to detect, if Xiao Yan was not present, I am afraid today really is this guy to slip again.
in front of Xiao Yan has an extraordinarily keen perception of the soul, Han Feng’s this trick, almost undetected trace of soul force fled into the ground, not only was he not so hidden. Stature,Coach Outlet, but its traces, give exposure to the under Xiao Yan perception. above
palms, green wisp of flame rising into the sky, the soul force that wire wrap and into Xiao Yan immediately took out a Yuping,Coach Outlet Store, which will be thrown

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dressed in black standing Ta,Coach Bags On Sale, a supreme world seemed like atmosphere, from the human body sailed spread out under such a breath ‘Even the huge towering Bodhi trees, all seemed quite tiny’ Doudou Di ‘
Xiao Yan’s eyes, glowing deep horror,Coach Outlet, keeping a close eye black that road back, thoughJust an image, but the kind of atmosphere, but it is to get his soul has a kind of trembling feeling, this feeling between heaven and earth, in addition to that, such as exist only just outside the ancient legend of fighting among the powerful emperor, what people can have? Negative emotions 1400th chapter fighting Emperor Among
light group, that road black figure, standing before a huge Bodhi lofty trees, suddenly,Coach Outlet Store Online, this road figure Bodhi trees began to attack, but the face of his attacks, within that Bodhi trees, the Unit also filled out a monstrous terrible energy, in this terrible battle,Coach Outlet, even this world are collapsed down, cross boom within Xiao Yan Zhen 囦 looked scared light group, it is a bit unable confidence that Bodhi trees, actually also had played against the strong tumble emperor. Within the group of light, video acceleration dancing, and finally, a pause in the final scene,Coach Outlet, a black figure who, in a sudden storm swept from outside the group came under light winds destroyed, was severely boom in the last Even with its body Yuan body and this world are blasting Yuan blasted a nothingness ‘hiss.’
looked 囦 explosion blasted black shadow of nothingness, Xiao Yan heart suddenly bitter hop, obviously, sudden attack earlier that road, it should be a strength is not weaker than the struggle that black bucket Emperor Emperor strong were issued, and in the joint Bodhi trees and another fighting a mysterious Emperor,Cheap Coach, the Emperor that black bucket, just Pizhen into nothingness. ‘Two bucket

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a bit, some of the low strength of the two sides of the people directly is thunder by this sudden road sound, shook the slightest ear spill blood.
huge colorful energy, like clouds in the sky above the general cohesion, finally crossing slow the spread, at the proliferation of space,Coach Outlet Store, such as a calm lake was put rock in general, set off over the stormy sea, and is also rippling out of a Road to the naked eye visible energy ripples.
Xiao Yan Zi research under the arm to stay on top of the sky, turning the previously cast Haiyin, consume almost all of his body grudge, though, Emperor of India decided to display their demand for power of the soul is not Qiao, So he did not like that used similar coma after Lin Buddhist anger.
Even so,Coach Outlet Online, at the moment, Xiao Yan state or not to go, pale,Coach Outlet Online, weary breath,Coach Factory Outlet, with his strength now turn haiyin cast,Coach Outlet Store, they are still somewhat reluctant. Xiao Yan Zi research and eyes are all closely watching the moment
colorful energy that spread to the sky, and that law enforcement sturdy iron Medusa so aggressive suffered a blow, I’m afraid that will not be good to get there go, but no matter what, this guy must Xiao Yan is holding the heart, but now he also recognized his cast by Indian decision, in order to relieve some trouble later, then it must not be allowed to leave his safe gather in harvest mind flashed so the idea, but also in the eyes of Xiao Yan Sen passing touch mushroom hi Italy, who can not stay in that light, watching numerous road together,Coach Factory Outlet, colorful energy is increasingly spread, a moment ‘like a cloud-like Colorful sudden fluctuations in energy up, and soon an awkward shadow Shanlue out.
a shadow appeared, is not life-like toward the northern sky fled away, looking embarrassed look like that, did not the previousPrestige point, obviously,

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out of gas, is suddenly in the presence of condensed into Banchi laugh dark ghost hand.
Blade terribly dull color, chi dense,Coach Outlet, just as it climbed out of hell from the palm of death in general, seems to make people have a covered pan too cold feeling. ‘Nine ghost hand!’ Dark ghost hand shape, Notting old devil face more and more ferocious, directed Xiao Yan Lenghe shout,Coach Factory Outlet, soon no ghost handUnsparing waving down, a front of Xiao Yan Yu is severely beat his chest in the past.
stardom old devil attack this time, almost all of vindictive move with the body, and that ghost hand is not large, but the off, the space instantly collapse, exposing the black paint empty, and in these empty rendering, it looks eerie ghost hand. ‘Laugh!’
ghost hand speed is very fast, flash between, is ripped through the void, appeared in front of Xiao Yan, implied that the ghost hand dense winds,Coach Outlet, so Xiao Yan felt a breath of extreme danger.
this nick moment, no one has been able to save enough time to Xiao Yan, at this moment, Xiao Yan like their situation is clear, looking at the Notting old devil that hideous face,Coach Outlet Store Online, dark eyes, is suddenly in my madness color. ‘I want to die, you come buried!’
crazy color surge eye, Xiao Yan Lin no longer ignore the fire that destroyed not completely stable energy,Coach Outlet Online, arms startled, fire lotus is the sell out, into a fire Mountain, on the TV drama nearby Abstract Star storm swept away the old devil. ‘Bang!’
shaking giant sound, fire lotus sell out that Yi Sha, is crashing resounded this Yisha,Coach Outlet Online, like the destruction of the power surge from the sky as the storm swept out of the ordinary, the whole piece of the mountains ‘are in this moment like an earthquake shake up a section of a huge crack in the center of the valley, facing the spread out in all directions, and that

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he had seen several of the strength andHe was almost the same for hundreds of people besieged the strong, and made the final fight these weekdays lofty respect for the strong,cheap coach bags, but also the only panic and flee.
direct Zhentui foot statue that were a star,Coach Bags Outlet, Xiao Yan hand over the pages, once again recovered sodium ring Genju feet, hands shook slightly, a kind of numb feeling faint, my heart could not help but respect for the man’s a star strength surprised these years,Coach Outlet Store Online, he take a lot of material to treasure, causing abnormal physical force tyrannical, although can not be compared with purple research, but at the same rank among its forces looking for a similar strong who fear is somewhat difficult.
Zhentui this highway tiger, Xiao Yan quickly turned crimson sun lies at the reel, this thing is extremely agile, in many of the strong forces, still spared most of joy,Coach Outlet, until now, have never been able to truly be someone Xie to the touch, but because some people rely on it too long, was another strong joint injuries.
see this scene,Coach Outlet Online, Xiao Yan Meng Yi Duo void feet again into a purple-brown dragon, facing away Shanlue reel, some roadblocks along the way at the person directly by his life and Zhuangfei Western Cape, and in his In this outrageous act, almost between several blink, broke into the reel is the nearest place. ‘Boy, you killed!’
saw Xiao Yan broke reel in deep crimson twenty feet away, surrounded by those blood red eyes suddenly shouted issued a strong voice thundered, the powerful storm surge out of vindictiveness, immediately overwhelming front of Xiao Yan detonation away , with the shot that nearly one hundred strong, that momentum, it is an extremely spectacular.
such a massive grudge boom years,Coach Outlet, even Xiao Yan is looking slightly changed, but he has not turned around,

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it is at a slow pace to gradually rise, though it seems so speed slow, but it is in front of the spans between the imperial struggle and fight were the days that road gully, quietly climbing, according to this rate, arrived to break even,Coach Factory Outlet, it is only a matter of time … ‘And when reached – is so Sharp’s time,Coach Outlet Online, they will struggle to break the power will be Xiaoyan Cheng Huang, were fighting to reach the moment! nine hundred and eighty second chapter refinement effect of the soul Bottom
dark fiery lake of blood, silent. Everything is carried out quietly in solitude, in this place, it seems that even the time lost its proper role. ” Red among the little Bi ‘looming green color, but it is particularly prominent, closer to the line of sight, had just revealed out of a figure sitting cross-legged, is naturally that sneak into the bottom of the blood pool Qianxiu Xiao Yan.
from state into practice up to now, ‘Yes XiaoYan almost always never withdraw from, so if you like a monk, kept motionless posture. That steady stream of absorbing the majestic surroundingsEnergy. Then used to temper the body’s meridians, bones, muscles and even cells.
surge of dark red color, Xiao Yan drought cage every inch of the body, that even the faces are covered with color, looked faint, has promised some hideous taste terrible,Coach Outlet Store, but fortunately he’s here in addition to outside and no one else,Coach Factory Outlet, so did someone down to see such a scene.
calculate the time, Xiao ‘inflammation should be spent here lasts two days, within two days, he never had a moment’s rest, a’ straight ‘are among the absorption of non-stop around that majestic Bloody energy,Coach Outlet Store, and in such a rapid absorption between, Xiao Yan body of a grudge is gradually becoming more and more powerful,Coach Outlet, like a river in general, constantly flowing in the