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… actually, on second thought, yeah she does. In searching for some constructive criticism of the site from my friends and family, I was given an interesting observational note. That note being that my calling Renee Zellweger Bitch Face was … Continue reading

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I had the day off yesterday. Now this is a truly wondrous thing in its own right, as I get to see the weekday sun about as often as my pale, Casper-white backside. But even better than the mere fact … Continue reading

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It’s a slow news day. When I check my ten or so movie, TV and celebrity news sites and the biggest story is the wedding of Ashton and Demi, you know you’re having a hangover-Monday. Apparently, absolutely no one in … Continue reading

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I am a geek. That’s a powerful statement, one that should not be taken lightly, but instead, examined more carefully. After years of research and study, I’ve concluded that there are varying levels of geekery, varying hierarchies of geek allegiance, … Continue reading

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I love movie posters. Count me firmly in the camp that believe that movie posters can be, and sometimes are, art. From Hitchcock’s Vertigo, to Spielberg’s Jaws, even to the recent Napolean Dynamite, a good one sheet can transcend marketing … Continue reading

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There’s nothing like hearing the news that a former favorite celebrity freak is coming back into the limelight. They give you so much pleasure, both with their art and their nutso personality, that when they decide to return to the … Continue reading

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I know the Emmy’s happened last night, and I should probably talk about them in-depth. But the thing is, the Emmy’s are boring, useless, and are run by dinosaurs that wouldn’t know good TV if the casts of Veronica Mars … Continue reading

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