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Things that Scare the Bejeezus Out of Me

I hate me some scary movies. This is unfortunate, because The Lady and the best friend can’t get enough of them. I just never saw the point in watching a movie just so you can scream, or jump in your … Continue reading

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Where Did All The Movie Stars Go?

There used to be a time, round about ten years ago or so, when we had royalty in this country. That royalty was a group of seven or eight people who were admired by all. People from all across the … Continue reading

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Rocky VI… Really? … REALLY?

My prediction for the movie: pain. Sometimes you get a movie that comes out that you love so much and when you watch it you wish the film would never end. Some time later you are elated to find out … Continue reading

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The Case Against: Charlize Theron, Two-Time Oscar Winner?

Does Charlize Theron deserve to win a second Academy Award? More importantly, for the good of the movies, do we even want her to? Let’s get to the case. Ching-Ching! That was a Law & Order sound effect, just by … Continue reading

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Us Magazine’s Head Just Exploded

This is what we get for lasting through a year chock full of crappy movies. This is the reward for an entire news cycle built around Brangelina. This is the pay off for the summer of Britney’s hell spawn. This … Continue reading

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