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I Saw Fiona Apple At The Wiltern, And You Didn’t!

Here’s how it went down… Had the gang over for Lost night (where they finally put together a good, cohesive episode, despite Michelle Rodriguez’s best attempts to screw it up), when out of nowhere my friend Dimo goes “So I’m … Continue reading

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Turkey Day Movie Choices: 2005

It is a annual tradition to go see a movie on Thanksgiving. Nothing goes better with the best meal of the year than a big, honking, totally entertaining blockbuster. In the past there have been some great choices (Toy … Continue reading

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Mid-Sweeps Network Report Card

We’re now officially two months into the new TV season, and halfway through November sweeps, so it’s time to start taking stock. Networks are making their moves, canceling, rescheduling, and retooling, and viewers have started making their firm decisions. There … Continue reading

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Bits of Business

A quick update to clear some things off the docket… – Last week, in a historic moment in the world of The Jay, I actually enjoyed a product of entertainment that came from the Mother Country. My extreme disdain for … Continue reading

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What Makes The Jay Run

Let me set one thing straight, hoping or aspiring or attempting or even partially succeeding at being an actor, writer, producer, director, or whatever in Hollywood, is not a job. It involves work, yes, but it is not a job. … Continue reading

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Loveline’s Labor Lost

Last night, capped as always with a hearty “Mahalo”, Adam Carolla signed off as host of Loveline, the revolutionary late night radio show on KROQ. His exit marks the end of the most successful era for the show, which reached … Continue reading

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