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Happy Holidays From The Jay!

Merry, Happy, Jolly, Good Times to you, my wonderful, loyal readers. Please associate whichever adjective works with whichever holiday you celebrate during the last weeks of December. I’m not going anywhere near religion, and have no interest in starting a … Continue reading

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An Actor’s Life: Model Edition

I did this photo shoot a couple weeks back as a portfolio peice for an AFI Institute-hopeful named Matt Henderson. We shot it at this cool two story condo in Hollywood. The bottom floor was a recording studio, and the … Continue reading

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I Serve At The Pleasure Of John Spencer

I feel like I have lost a friend. It’s always weird when a well-known actor dies. You’ve seen their face so much, heard their voice, shared laughs and cries; you “know” them so well that their passing hits you as … Continue reading

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Royal Rumble: Movies vs. Marketing

Just under two weeks ago, after a year that can only be described as dismal (and that would be a nice way of putting it), Sony Pictures Entertainment fired Geoffrey Ammer, their president of worldwide marketing. Insider tongues have waved … Continue reading

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Holiday Movie Poster Review

The last month of the year is upon us, which means that we have one final big movie day of the year: Christmas. All the studios are releasing their holiday guns, hoping for one last glory at the box office- … Continue reading

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