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This fell pretty much in line with most people’s predictions, a theme that spread throughout this year’s list of nominees. Of the five, Brokeback Mountain still has the edge, though a surprise win by Crash at this weekend’s SAG awards paints the ensemble drama as a late dark horse. Continue reading

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Forget the Super Bowl (My pick: Steelers +10). Forget Valentine’s Day. Forget pitchers and catchers reporting. Forget the beginnings of spring. None of it matters. For the next five weeks the only thing that matters is the Academy Awards. Everything … Continue reading

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This Friday, Academy Award-winning filmmaker Steven Soderbergh will change the way movies are offered to the public, but not in a good way. It is on that day that his new film “Bubble” will be released simultaneously in theatres and … Continue reading

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It’s human nature for people to let you down. There’s no way that all your friends and family can please you all the time; that someone could be there for you when you need them, every time. And we must … Continue reading

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The next what, you ask? The next Reese Witherspoon? The next Sandra Bullock? The next Meg Ryan? The next Julia Roberts? Here’s the bolder (but true) statement: Rachel McAdams will be bigger than all of them. Tomorrow marks the DVD … Continue reading

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Back in mid-October I predicted that King Kong would tank at the box office. But hold off on combing through my archives, I’ll save you some time; I never put the claim in print. Too much persuasion from too many … Continue reading

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The year of “the slump”. The year nobody cared. The year King Kong was a box office disappointment. The year that finally killed the Star Wars Franchise. The year Tom Cruise literally and metaphorically jumped the couch. Whatever you want … Continue reading

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