Forget the Super Bowl (My pick: Steelers +10). Forget Valentine’s Day. Forget pitchers and catchers reporting. Forget the beginnings of spring. None of it matters. For the next five weeks the only thing that matters is the Academy Awards.

Everything gears up to that night. Magazines, websites, television shows; the media coverage for the Oscars goes into overdrive starting from the announcements of the Oscars tomorrow morning at 5a.m. (My favorite bit of procedure as it always leads to the inevitable bogus, yet good times stories of actors being woken up by their agents to tell them that they’d been nominated. Yeah right, like you would sleep if you thought your name was going to be called.), all the way up to show time on Monday, March 6th, and then through all the post-event coverage from Joan and Melissa to the E! Fashion Police to Entertainment Weekly’s next week wrap-up. All of Hollywood is now on a month long bated breath, waiting to see who will win, who will lose, who will look terrible on the red carpet, and most of all, whose price tag will skyrocket. Yes, it is Oscar time, and The Jay is ready.

Tomorrow marks the beginning of the extensive coverage of the 2006 Academy Awards. Since nothing else of note happens in entertainment in February, I’m going to put all my attention on the Oscars. So, you’ll see no regular poster review, no Actor’s Life pictures, no fawning pieces on Rachel McAdams. For the next five weeks, it’s all Oscars, all the time.

Here is the official schedule of my Oscar coverage, so you can plan your reading, appropriately.

Tuesday, January 31st – Oscar Nomination Reactions

- Immediate thoughts on who got nominated, who got dissed, and how this all affects the show itself.

Friday, February 3rd – Oscar Movie Poster Review

- Reviewing the posters for the five Best Picture nominees, as well as a look back on my favorite Oscar winning movie posters.

Tuesday, February 7th – Oscar, I.O.U.

- The top ten list of actors, writers, directors and movies that in hindsight, should probably give back their Oscar. We’re talking the people and films that failed to live up to their Oscar hype (Mira Sorvino, I’m looking directly at you).

Friday, February 10th – The Jay’s Bizarro Oscars

- This is how the Oscars would look if The Jay was in charge. I’ll give you a hint: Lifetime Achievement Award Winner, Sylvester Stallone.

Tuesday, February 14th – Special Valentine’s Day Surprise

- This may be about the Oscars, it may not (Most likely not, if I’m in trouble and need to post a big love letter to The Lady to apologize for something, like, forcing her to watch American Idol).

Friday, February 17th – The Biggest Oscar Travesties

- I’ll catalog the actors who should have won, the films that deserved to win and all the other ways that Oscar has gotten it wrong.

Tuesday, February 21st – Oscar and The Jay, Through The Years

- A look back at where I was and what I was thinking during each Oscar show of the last fifteen years. This is gonna be a good one, not to be missed.

Friday, February 24th – How To Win An Academy Award

- The official guide to manipulating your way to Oscar gold.

Tuesday, February 28th – The Paul Newman Never Won List

- I’ll breakdown the list of all the best actors and actresses still working today who have never won an Academy Award.

Friday, March 3rd – The Jay’s Official 2006 Oscar Predictions

- I’m going to breakdown who will win, who should win, and my picks for the people who might give the best potential Oscar speeches.

Tuesday, March 7th – Immediate Oscar Breakdown

- Expect my traditional “Things Overheard on the Red Carpet��?, as well as my thoughts on how the night went down, and how my predictions panned out (Expect me to gloat about my Brokeback Mountain Best Picture prediction).

Friday, March 10th – Final 2006 Academy Awards Spectacular

- My final wrap up of the best and worst from Oscar night, and how the awards will shake up the power scales in Hollywood.

I hope you join me throughout the next month, I promise the Oscar overload won’t stop me from doing what I do best: making fun of celebrities.


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