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The Case For: American Idol – The Best Show on Television?

The question has always been: what decides the best show on Television? Is it the show with the highest ratings, or the show with the most critical acclaim? Few would argue that some combination of The Sopranos, Deadwood, 24 and … Continue reading

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1 Thing I Like About 40 Movies I Hate

I’m a hater. That’s what I am. Try as I might to just sit idly by and let bad movies wash right over me, I just plainly refuse to abide by mediocre, wasteful cinema. Purposefully bad movies are one thing; … Continue reading

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My Top 5

The other night I sat down to write a new piece that was about anything but the Oscars (finally). So I checked my usual sites, looking for a subject, looking for inspiration. As it turns out, inspiration is hard to … Continue reading

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Things Overheard on the Oscar Red Carpet, 2006

Alright, so here’s the deal… a day after the Oscars I got bad dash of stomach flu. Up until this afternoon, I hadn’t been out of bed since Monday night. And it sucked. If you think for a second it … Continue reading

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As my impeachable moral code dictates, I am the first to admit when I’m wrong. So… I was wrong. Despite overwhelming evidence that Brokeback Mountain was the best picture of the year (Golden Globe, DGA, PGA, WGA, dozens of critics … Continue reading

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The Jay’s Official Oscar Predictions

Best Picture – BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN – GOOD NIGHT, AND GOOD LUCK. – CRASH – CAPOTE – MUNICH Will Win: Brokeback Mountain – If my previous post about Brokeback Mountain winning the Best Picture Oscar wasn’t enough to convince you of … Continue reading

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