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Ah, the summer movie season… a time for giant big head posters, eight character poster sets and every once in a while, an iconic image or two. My love for movie posters is well documented (HERE, HEREAND HERE), and that … Continue reading

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With the summer movie season fast approaching will be going into blockbuster movie critique mode for a while. But before I do, I wanted to touch base in the world of television. May sweeps are just around the corner; … Continue reading

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We here at (and by we I mean “me“) would like to extend our deepest congratulations to Suri Cruise, the newest member of the Church of Scientology. May her rise of the levels of Thetan be quick and clean, … Continue reading

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People don’t like to play trivia games with me. I don’t know if it’s my lightning quick reflexes (The answer is Joanie Loves Chachi. Oh, it was your turn? Eh, you didn’t have the answer anyway. My roll…). I don’t … Continue reading

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Is the other half of the only great actress rivalry we have today; Renee and her Cold Mountain co-star Nicole Kidman. Kidman beat her out for the lead in Moulin Rouge, and then beat her for the Best Actress Oscar in 2002. But Renee bounced back by stealing Cold Mountain from Nicole and winning an Oscar while Nicole wasn’t even nominated! That was a BURN. Continue reading

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I love me some sequels. I love them when they’re done well, I love them when they’re cheesy. Heck, I even love them when they’re downright sacrilegious. There’s just something about the idea of “getting the band back together” that … Continue reading

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Spring is a bad time for the movies. It has the unfortunate combination of battling the leftover blockbusters from the Christmas and the glut of awards season, culminating in late-February with the Academy Awards. Added to this, the studios are … Continue reading

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