Keanu Reeves Does NOT Suck, And I Can Prove It

keanu reeves against an orange backgroundIf I were to tell you about an actor that has worked consistently in major Hollywood movies for over two decades, has worked often with Academy-Award winning writers, actors and directors and has a legion of fans who follow him in all his movies no matter the genre or story, what would your immediate reaction to this person be? Would you think “Wow, this guy must be great. Twenty years of studio movies, he must be talented?” Based solely on the description of the actor written above, with no names attached, would you ever in your right mind assume that the person was bad at his craft; that he sucked? Chances are you wouldn’t. And yet, if after giving you that description I told you the actor was Keanu Reeves, I bet I know what your reaction would be. “He sucks!”

I just don’t get it. In interviews he comes across as an insightful, cerebral, well-rounded person who doesn’t mire himself in the vagaries of stardom and never asks for more than he needs. His co-stars glow about him, and quality directors line up to put him in their movies. And yet, for some inexplicable reason, he is plagued by this notion that he is dumb. And that he is untalented. And I just don’t get it.

How can he suck if he’s still making big movies twenty years into his career? The majority of his early peers are gone and forgotten; actors like Christian Slater, Judd Nelson, Emilio Estevez, Andrew McCarthy, et al, and yet here he is coming out with a huge new movie this Friday (The Lake House). He has survived critical drubbings more severe than he deserves. He has been heckled and flamed and deplored because he has good looks, but a vacant affectation. He is perceived as a flat actor, devoid of charisma, empty of emotional depth. And yet, he’s still here making big movies.

I have been a fan of Keanu since his Bill & Ted days. I have defended my love for the man who would be Neo to every one of my friends and family. I have gotten into screaming matches with people I barely know, just because I heard them bash the man. And I have never lost an argument about him, because no one can prove that he isn’t a gifted, talented performer. They lose, because I can prove that he is.

But my arguing stops now. Once and for all I am going to prove to the world that Keanu Reeves does NOT suck. And I will prove it to you in 40 point list format. I promise when you finish reading this piece you will respect, admire and appreciate the talent that is Keanu Reeves.

Let the proving begin…
 keanu reeves and river phoenix in my own private idaho

1. If you weren’t impressed by Keanu’s mean, Southern Redneck in The Gift or at least agree he was impressively intense, well then we have nothing to talk about. Just click the “X” and leave this site immediately.

2. Contrary to popular belief, has never won a Razzie Award. Which is more than I can say for these actors: Halle Berry, Charlton Heston, John Travolta, Bruce Willis, Kevin Costner, Demi Moore, Marlon Brando, Dennis Hopper, Sylvester Stallone, Sharon Stone, Faye Dunaway, Woody Harrelson and Madonna

3. Without being asked, gave $38 Million dollars to The Wachowski Brothers so they could properly finish the Matrix sequels. $38 Million! Let’s see Tom Cruise drop that much for one of his clunkers.

4. Has worked with the following critically acclaimed directors: Francis Ford Coppola, Ron Howard, Bernardo Bertolucci, Gus Van Sant, Sam Raimi, Taylor Hackford, Lawrence Kasdan, Stephen Frears, Richard Linklater

5. “Whoa”

6. Keanu’s name means “cool breeze over the mountains” in Hawaiian, which is pretty cool. Compare that to Jean Claude Van Damme, which is loosely translated in German as “giant douchebag”.

7. The night before he was to shoot his kissing-heavy love scene for A Walk in the Clouds, Keanu took a hockey puck to his mouth, requiring six stitches. He still showed up the next day for work and shot the scene over the course of six hours. Let’s see a pussyboy like Orlando Bloom do that! Keanu is hardcore.
 keanu reeves in the matrix
8. Showing extreme foresight and good judgment (which is more than I can say for Sandra Bullock), passed on an easy $10 million payday to star in Speed 2, because he didn’t think the script was any good. And he was right. Tell me again why people think he’s stupid?

9. Deferred part of his salary on The Replacements (2000) so Gene Hackman could be cast. Obviously, the man knows what makes a movie great. And that would be the Hack Man.

10. Has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. They don’t just give those out, you know.

11. A personal quote: “I’m a meathead, man. You’ve got smart people, and you’ve got dumb people. I just happen to be dumb.” At least the man is brave enough to admit who he is.

12. Is not nearly as stiff, wooden or stupid as Paul Walker.

13. Has starred in six $100 Million grossing movies. Which is more than the following actors who many claim are “better” than Keanu: Johnny Depp, George Clooney, Russell Crowe, Leonardo DiCaprio, Colin Farrell, Richard Gere, Hugh Grant, Ethan Hawke, Val Kilmer, Jude Law, Matthew McConaughey, Sean Penn, Joaquin Phoenix, Tim Robbins, Kevin Spacey, Vince Vaughn, Dennis Quiad and Al freakin’ Pacino!

14. Almost never shows up in tabloids, an extremely welcome quality considering the glut of media whores we have today (ahem, TomKat!).
keanu reeves in point break
15. Yeah, it gave people the impression he’s an idiot, and no, it’s not Shakespeare, but c’mon, who doesn’t love Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure!

16. “I am an F-B-I Agent!” That line rules.

17. Decided to leave his band “Dogstar” so that the rest of the group would not be held back by his celebrity or by his busy schedule. Which is more than I can say for a few other jackass actors/wannabe rockers (ahem, Russell Crowe).

18. Managed to keep a straight face all the way through the abysmally crappy Sweet November. That takes talent people.

19. Has worked with the following Academy Award winning actors: Al Pacino, Gene Hackman, Rachel Weisz, Charlize Theron, Jack Nicholson, Diane Keaton, Marisa Tomei, Morgan Freeman, Anthony Hopkins, Emma Thompson, Denzel Washington, Anthony Quinn, Kevin Kline, William Hurt, and the guy who played Bill in Bill & Ted’s. I’m pretty sure he’s won a couple Oscars by now.

20. Is “The One”. Warrants mentioning.

21. Knows his acting limitations and in doing so, does not try to overextend himself in roles he couldn’t do; which means not only are his movies better, but so are the ones he turns down. He’s making movies he’s NOT EVEN IN better! Someone please give it up for this man!

22. Does not own a computer. So you know what that means… is not a MySpace whore.
keanu reeves wearing glasses
23. In his review for Speed, Roger Ebert had this to say about Keanu: “Keanu Reeves has never had a role like this before. In fact, in his previous film, he played the mystical Prince Siddhartha, and generally he tends toward dreamy, sensitive characters. That’s why it’s sort of amazing to see him so cool and focused here, a completely convincing action hero who is as centered and resourceful as a Clint Eastwood or Harrison Ford in similar situations.”

24. Has made movies in every single genre.

25. He played Buddha. No, I’m serious, “the” Buddha. Between playing the freaking Buddha and playing a stoner in Bill & Ted’s, why do people think he has no range?

26. Back in the 80’s, he taught stoners of the world something about history (and brought Napoleon to Waterlube). Also, I’d be remiss if I didn’t add that he’s totally non, non non, non non, non, non heinous.

27. And despite being viewed as a “stoner”, has never been pigeonholed on screen. In his various film roles, he has played: an FBI agent, a cop, a serial killer, a lawyer, a doctor, a dentist, the One, a Quarterback, a musician, an ad exec, a nuclear physicist (hello!), a redneck, a soldier, the freakin’ Buddha, a gay hustler, and a Dog Boy.

28. He knows kung fu. So, you know, don’t screw with him.

29. When Keanu decides to do a sequel: Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey. When Keanu decides not to do a sequel: Speed 2. Can this guy pick winners, or what?

30. Is none of the following: a Scientologist (Tom Cruise), a john (Hugh Grant), a drug addict (Robert Downey Jr.), a cheat (Jude Law), a phone-thrower (Russell Crowe), hard to work with (Val Kilmer) or a mean bastard (Sean Penn).

31. Besides his obvious acting talents, Keanu also: surfs, rides motorcycles, was a good enough hockey goalie to earn the nickname “The Wall”, performs Shakespeare, reads philosophy, plays guitar in a slew of rock bands, ballroom dances, horseback rides, and “knows” kung fu. Is there anything he can’t do?
keanu reeves with his hands up
32. His name is actually pronounced “kay-ah-nu”, not “key-ah-nu”, and yet never makes a fuss out of it (ahem, DEMI!).

33. Has romanced on-screen: Charlize Theron (twice), Sandra Bullock (twice), Monica Bellucci (twice), Rachel Weisz (twice), Carrie-Anne Moss (thrice), Diane Lane, Connie Nielson, Dina Meyer and Uma Thurman. This does not necessarily prove his specific level of suckage, but it does prove that hot actresses want to bang him on-screen, which is an important quality in today’s movie stars. For example, nobody wants to nail Adam Sandler, and he’s not nearly as good an actor as Keanu, even if you count Punch-Drunk Love twice.

34. Was in the Pilot episode of the awesome short-lived Jay Mohr show, Action. And since that show ruled all, he in turn, receives a percentage of the ruling. Let’s say 17%.

35. To his everlasting credit, never made a cameo appearance on Will & Grace, which makes him only one of five movie stars in the world never to have done so.

36. Was the host for a documentary show called “Children Remember the Holocaust.” He supports the faith, I support him.

37. Has a college class based around his movies. “The Films of Keanu Reeves” at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA. Name another supposedly “sucky” actor that has a college class named after him? That’s right, you can’t, because Keanu’s the only one. Because he kicks ass AND educates the youth of tomorrow.

38. Turned down the Val Kilmer role in Heat to do a production of Hamlet in Canada. If I haven’t said it before, let me say it now, the man is devoted to his craft. He works on it, he tries new things. He keeps working. Even if you think he’s not getting better, at least he’s trying. How many movie stars keep pushing themselves after they hit it big? How many just coast along on generic roles and unspectacular performances? Keanu pushes himself. Fuck all to his limitations, he pushes himself and I respect him for it.
keanu reeves on the red carpet
39. British theater critic Roger Lewis of the Sunday Times in London (who knows something about Shakespeare, after all he is British) had this to say about Keanu’s Winnipeg-based performance of The Prince of Denmark in Hamlet: “He quite embodied the innocence, the splendid fury, the animal grace of the leaps and bounds, the emotional violence, that form the Prince of Denmark. He is one of the top three Hamlets I have seen, for a simple reason: he ‘is’ Hamlet.”

40. Brought unto the world the phrase “Bogus, dude”, for which we are all eternally grateful.

Now tell me, after reading this piece, do you still think he sucks?

I didn’t think so.


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481 Responses to Keanu Reeves Does NOT Suck, And I Can Prove It

  1. Alice says:

    I stumbled on your site by accident. But your writing is fucking brilliant. I loved this.

  2. Patrick says:

    Wonderful piece on why Keanu does not suck! I, too, have defended my admiration for Keanu since he did My Own Private Idaho. As you say, the man always has an element of class, respect, humor, modesty, intelligence and sweetness when I’ve seen him in the rare interview. He seems like a wonderful, brave actor and a great person! :-)

  3. me says:

    not gonna argue, he’s fun to watch on screen.

    …..but – he wasn’t a a nuclear physicist, he was a mechanical engineer. great movie, though.

  4. The Jay says:

    I just checked the Chain Reaction page on the imdb, and read a few reviews, and as it turns out, he actually played a physics student who worked with machines on energy projects. I’ll admit, I may be stretching a bit to say “nuclear” physicist, but c’mon, Keanu needs all the help he can get.

    Thanks for reading!

  5. Deviant Anomaly says:

    Another great article, written with sincerity and good-natured humor. I’ve been defending my admiration for Keanu since Speed. Not too often you find a genuinely nice guy who is also a good actor in Hollywood these days. I have to believe his due is coming soon. :)


  6. Annonymous says:

    An excellent examination of Keanu’s vast body of work. Bravo.

    And, freakin’ hilarious. If I wasn’t a lesbian I’d be propositioning Jay for a fun evening.

  7. Lisa O' says:

    Nice…I’ve always loved Keanu and his work right from the beginning. Funny I’ve never felt he needed defending…I guess I’ve lucked out and not met the ‘haters’. Lucky me!

    BTW, you left out Diane Keaton as a love interest, and that’s sayin something too!

    Oh, and let’s not forget working with one of the smartest people on the planet: George Carlin.

  8. Me says:

    Indeed, Keanu does not suck.

    However, I would suck Keanu anytime!

  9. ARYA says:

    Wonderful article. You get it. :)

  10. Kdwag says:

    Well I stand corrected then, he does indeed not suck.

  11. Frank says:

    Reeves may well be a nice guy, without pretension. That does not make him a good actor. Neither does starring in blockbusters, earning a huge salary, being a box-office draw, being the idol of millions of teeny boppers, working with good actors, working with good directors, being popular, being good-looking, or being in one of my favorite movies, Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure.

    “Has starred in six $100 Million grossing movies. Which is more than the following actors who many claim are “better? than Keanu: Johnny Depp, …” Christ! Please, just stop there. Depp is such a smart, innovative, versatile and convincing actor, comparing him to Reeves is an insult to actors everywhere.

  12. Nanea says:

    The “Hamlet” production was staged in Winnipeg!;)
    Great list though!

  13. Bella says:

    Thumbs up!

  14. Breeze says:


  15. Rob says:

    No one is debating whether or not Keanu is a good person. Nobody likes him because he gets roles DISPITE the fact that he is a terrible actor. You can’t possibly tell me you thought his “southern accent” in Devil’s Advocate was good. Or that he was animated in any of his other movies (Constantine, Matrix, pretty much everything else). When he does try to show “range” it comes off as overacting.

    Face it, it’s not a great actor.

  16. Nate says:

    Also doesn’t he have have a sister with lukemia that he takes a lot of care of?

    I can only imagine how rough that is.

  17. Bob says:

    Great writing, summary. I’ve always liked watching Keanu, now I know why. Thanks!

  18. Adam Black says:

    You’ve honestly changed my mind about Keanu Reeves. To that, I can only say: “Whoa”.

  19. Legion says:

    The one thing that I’ve always brought up in Keanu’s defense that has never gotten an argument was “The Devil’s Advocate”. The scene towards the end is amazingly powerful and gut-wrenching and its all because of him.

  20. ohshady says:

    rock on!

  21. Andrew says:

    I admire your writing more than I’ve ever admired KR’s acting. But I’ll take a closer look, and have a more open mind, in future.

  22. The Jay says:

    Lisa O’: No, I left her out on purpose. I’ve met her, and she’s a mean, mean lady.

    Frank: You missed what I was going for with the gross comparison. I wasn’t comparing him to Johnny Depp from an acting standpoint. I was merely pointing out that Keanu has had more successful movies than those guys. And that there’s a correlation between success and talent.

    Nanea: I stand corrected. You’re completely right on the Winnipeg thing. I’ve changed the piece to reflect your catch. Thank you.

  23. The Jay says:

    Nate: Yes, he does have a sister with Luekemia. He also had a child who was stillborn, and a girlfriend die in a car accident, both within a year of each other. But I didn’t want to make note of it. Those are sad, personal traumas that should remain private. Though I do respect the fact that he didn’t try to use his grief to further his career (ahem, Teri Hatcher!).

  24. Dude, you are totally not incorrect about the man. I never really put it all together before, but now I understand why my wife digs him, too.

  25. Chris says:

    I found this piece to be well written and very enlightening. I have always like KR but I honestly never considered him to be a talented, well-ranged actor. This article really surprised me and proved me wrong. The man now has my respect.

  26. Eric B says:

    Sorry, doesn’t work for me. The classic counterexample is how he completely ruined Branagh’s Much Ado About Nothing. He was positively awful!

    Yes, I liked him in Bill And Ted. However, I’d have killed for them to switch Hugo Weaving and Keanu Reeves in The Matrix – now Hugo? There’s an actor! (Watch him in The Interview or The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert sometime.)

  27. keanu says:

    This is keanu here.

    I’d just like to say… I really can’t act. I just get ahead because i have a really good agent and had a lucky start,


  28. Bryan Davis says:

    Okay, I actually have also towed the line that Keanu Reeves is in fact not stupid and a good actor, and I’ll go see most any movie he’s in, even Sweet November and a Walk in the Clouds. But your 40 points here are not very good support – I think more than half of them actually beg the proposition that Keanu Reeves is in fact a bad actor and/or stupid. No good. So maybe you have 20 points here. But if these are the 40 points you’re arguing with, your evangelism is not going to be particularly efficacious.

  29. Noir says:

    Is Keanu gay? He seems to never have a woman on his side and the rumor was that he was a bitch-boy for J. Katzenburg back in the day, hence the way he broke into hollywood. Also, years ago, when he had a motorcycle accident in LA, he was supposedly riding around Silver Lake (the gay section of east Hollywood). So what’s up? Is he a closet case, or what? Not that it’s a negative, but he would be eternally awesome if he bucked the trend of trite hollywood and finally came out of the closet as a gay leading man, once and for all.

  30. The Jay says:

    Noir: See my comments above regarding him having a girlfriend and a child.

    The Geffen story is not true. Go here to read more:

    And dude, Silverlake is not the gay section of East Hollywood. It’s the annoying section of East Hollywood.

  31. Serena says:

    I love Keanu, period. I first fell for him and his work when he did “River’s Edge”. I have given up trying to convince people, now I can just send them this! He seems down to earth and not caught up in typical Hollywood b.s.

  32. Evan! says:

    You’re trying just a little too hard to justify your chubby for Kay-auh-nu, I’d say.

    Let’s see…a list of 40 reasons. Many are non-sequitors completely unrelated to whether or not he “sucks”. Many place way too much weight on things that have little bearing on his relative suckitude, like, box office draw (Jeeezus, didn’t “Armageddon” make alot of money? And that’s the suckiest suck factory this side of Sucktown!)

    Look, Jay, your little list of achievements is impressive and all, but it doesn’t speak a word to the actual quality of his acting. My main problem with him, and I would suspect many other people’s problem with him, is that you can always, ALWAYS tell that he’s acting. It’s a shame, yes, but it’s the sad truth. And that takes away from the entire experience of watching a movie, becuase it’s harder to “escape” into the story. That, and he acts really, really gay.

    Lastly, Jay, I wanted to call attention to this little tidbit as exhibit A in my case that you are trying too hard: first, you say that he “knows his limitations” and “passes up movies that he knows he can’t do well”. Then, later, you say, “Fuck all to his limitations, he pushes himself…” Which is it, Jay? Does he “know’ his limitations, or does he say “fuck all” to his limitations.

    I’m beginning to think that Kay-auh-nu could murder your dog, knock up your sister, and rape you in the ass, and you’d STILL be blathering on about how great he is. Ugh. Blind faith is amazing sometimes….

  33. Johnny Memory says:

    I don’t think Keanu is stupid, or unathletic, or mean, or unphotogenic, or unpopular. I do think he’s a horrible actor. And I can prove it with just one scene.

    Go get Jonny Mnemonic (I love the story, which just makes the movie that much more painful). Watch the scene where Ice Cube is going to *saw off Keanu’s head and drop it in a vat of cryogenic liquid*. Watch Keanu’s reaction, and the expression on his face.

    I’m sorry, but anyone who can’t summon more emotion, more expressivity than that for *they’re sawing off your head and dropping it in a vat of cryogenic liquid* may be a nice, smart, athletic, photogenic, popular person, but they aren’t an actor.

  34. The Jay says:

    You know what’s weird, just last week my dog was killed, my sister got pregnant and I got raped in the ass.. Do you think it’s a coincidence? Is it possible Keanu took a break from pimping The Lake House to come give me the love that dare not speak it’s name?

    Maybe I should call my lawyer. Or my proctologist.

  35. Thank you so much for this! I’ve been telling people this for YEARS. Also, he’s quite the avid chess player. Uh, yeah, like all “dumb” people. Geesh!

    I also have it from one of his old friends here in Hollywood (where I’ve lived for nearly 10 years) that he is quite straight. This friend is gay, so believe me he’d know if it were otherwise. ;)

    Thanks again!

  36. Alysson says:

    One problem, he DOES have a Myspace.

  37. The Jay says:

    Yeah Alysson, I’m gonan have to go ahead and call bullshit on that. For one, the profile has a Top 16 setting, which you can only get when you know MySpace well (which I doubt he does). Also, each of his “blog” posts says the same thing, that he’s sorry he can’t answer anyone’s messages. If he doesn’t own his own computer, which he’s stated over and over again (I saw him and Sandra talk about it on ET on Monday), then how can he moderate a MySpace page with 7500+ friends? Trust me, it’s not him.

    But thanks for reading!

  38. Noir says:


    Thanks for the link trying to discredit the rumor of Keanu’s gayness. While I sympathize with Keanu’s history of lost love and stillborn child, I am still not convinced. Yeah, maybe that would turn a person off to having a relationship for a while, but come on! I worked in Hollywood for several years and it was grist for the rumor mill that he was Geffen’s man-whore (my bad, I accidentally implicated J. Katzenburg).

    Oh, and by the way, I lived in Silver Lake for 3 years. Yes, it is annoying, and it’s also quite gay.

    There’s nothing wrong with being gay, but there’s certainly something wrong with being unable to be yourself because of publicity. Keanu is, indeed, the greatest actor on earth, especially when he gets people to champion his heterosexual virility, despite all the evidence that’s to the contrary.

    Keanu: Come out, come out, whoever you are!

  39. Geek Daddy says:

    I think one of the main reasons Keanu was unjustly maligned early on in his career as having no depth is because he could be found giving the head half-cocked, all cheekbone and dimples “Ted ‘Theodore’ Logan, ESQUIRE”, surfer dude grin. Aside from the two B&T movies, you see it in Point Break, Private Idaho, Speed, Parenthood (same character as Ted but in the midwest), Johnny Mnemonic and even in Much Ado About Nothing (I mean, c’mon, a surfer grin when playing a Shakespearean bad guy?). That’s eight of his first big roles in the movies. The time when everyone is looking at him to determine the actor he will be 25-30 years from now (I mean, how many of us don’t still think of Tom Hanks as the goofy everyman he was on Busom Buddies and early film roles?) and he is trying to establish his trademark trait like Clint’s squint and Jack’s eyebrows. Poor choice on his part and it’s followed him throughout the non-Keanu-loving free world.

    Personally, I think he’s a decent actor. He’s in the top three actors my age I’d love to sit down over a cup of coffee or a beer with one day and just pick his brain (Edward Norton and Brenden Frasier being the other two). Yeah, he’s got a bad rap, but his aversion to the press and publicity aren’t helping to alleviate that.

  40. Max Faraday says:

    Dude… Perfectly executed lil piece of education for the masses. I will not stop waisting my breath convincing others that Keanu doesn’t suck and will simply pass on this URL. Great work.

    Be bold the mighty forces will come to your aid.


  41. Daniel Joyce says:

    He also turned a room in his house into a ‘hospital’ for his sister who is battling leukemia. He has a full time nurse for her along with all the equipment needed.

    The fact he manages to keep out of the tabloids and keeps a level head makes him someone to respect.

  42. Thor says:

    Always loved Keanu, Always will… and one addition… He fought demons in constantine man… frikkin deamons!! and satan…!

  43. bina says:

    I never thought he sucked but these 40 points sure make me respect him more.

  44. MrPeepers says:

    Keanu’s best performance was in ‘Parenthood’. How many mothers wanted their daughters to marry That Todd after seeing his sweet touching performance? When he talks about how you need a license to drive, but any old butt-reaming asshole can be a dad? Come ON! that was the best performance ever. And he takes a young Joaquin (then billed as Leaf Phoenix) under his wing and explains what’s goin’ on to the mom (Dianne Weist)

    Please watch this movie again if you love The Keanu.

  45. Tom (and proud of it) says:

    Alright, my friends and I admittedly love Keanu Reeves movies. From his minor roles in such films as Youngblood to his brilliant performances in such films as Point Break he’s one of the most entertainingly bad actors in the history of films. Seeing as how he has worked with such extraordinary talent shouldn’t that have given him at least one opportunity for an acting award?? apparently not… the man plays the same role in every film, or at least his character has the same demeanor and mannerisms… and whoever called jean-claude van damme a douchebag is either gay or really gay… i cant even look at that first picture of keanu reeves without laughing. i assume a guy wrote this “essay” and am now therefore ashamed of being a man… annnnd ill be shocked if the “brilliant” writer even posts this comment

  46. Conrad says:

    11. Frank & 32. Evan both make the point I was thinking myself while reading this piece. While I am impressed with all of this facts about K that I didn’t know, none of them really PROVE that he is a good actor. Maybe all of these points that you make highlighting his Hollywood success just further exemplify the paradox that is Hollywood/popular culture.

  47. Brandon says:

    Here are a few reasons he does suck,
    1) the Matrix 2, and 3 (possibly the biggest decline from a good movie I’ve ever seen)
    2) Speed- no more needed
    3) JUst because he’s in a lot of movies doesn’t mean he’s good. I mean just look at Ben Afflec!
    Matt Damon is clearly more talented and look whose in more movies, the gay one!
    4) He may have been hit in the mouth by a puck and had to get a shizz load of stiches before a kissing scene, but is that realy worse for him or the woman? I mean I wouldn’t want to be the celebrity who had to make out with that leathery faced MOFO.
    5) He may have been able to tell that Speed two was going to suck but who didn’t? I mean it was a bout a boat crashing through the city. I mean the people could have just jumped off ! It’s not like they were going to die from hitting the water! Sandra Bullock must have been high when she agreed.
    6)He may have a star on the walk of fame but so does Bett Midler(aka Satan), Brittney Spears, and thomas Edison(who in fact was the most horrible person in the world! He stole his ideas from other people started an electricity company with Dc electricity, and when one of his workers discovered AC electricity he fired him. The worker then got a pattent . Later when the electric chair was invented Edison bribed the council and got his electricity used to power it. Heres the problem! It took too long and was incredibly painful, and the othere lectricity would have been quick and painless.)
    7)the fact that people want to bang him on screen means nothing. Jnnifer anniston wants to bang Jim carrey in the film Bruce allmighty, and hes a scronny, skeletor bitch. A talented one, but scronny none the less.
    8) You may not be able to proove in words why he sucks but give one example of a movie where he doesn’t. Where he plays his role beutifully with emmotion and charism, where writing doesnt save the movie but he does. Exactly you can’t.
    9) Adam Sandler is not only a talented actor (Spanglish) but also a talented musician, writer, and producer. All of which he is famous for. Whats Keaunu’s band’s name?

  48. Roelof says:

    Jean Claude is belgian, not german. Get your frickin facts straight.

  49. The Jay says:

    Tom… shock me shock me shock me with your deviant behavior.

    Why wouldn’t I post your comment. Your entitled to your opinoin, even if it sucks. But thanks for calling me “brilliant”. I think you’re “awesome”.

    Roelof: I know JCVD was Belgian, it was a joke. Try to remember where you are (that would be an entertainment humor blog).

  50. Noir says:

    Sheesh, sounds like someone’s trying to get a date up in here or something! I suspect Keanu should be calling you around 7 PM PST tonight, once he’s done shooting for the day and wrapped up his Pilates.

    Since we’re on the subject of Keanu’s holiness, is he holding out to play the starring role in the remake of Jesus Christ: Superstar? Or what?!

    He needs to loosen up, maybe develop a fake drug habit or something, shoot a staged drunken porno with Lindsey Lohan and “leak” it to a distributor in the valley.

    Homey obviously needs a better publicist if he can perform all these film miracles and still be percieved as mediocre by so many people (both inside and out of the business).

    He needs some Street Cred and to hone his bad boy image. The whole Queer Eye era is coming to an end. Keanu’s gonna find himself floundering unless he can shed the Metro get-up.

    Keanu, if you need a better publicist … hey, I’m unemployed.

    We’ll change your image from the “dude” every teenage boy wants to BE WITH to the MAN every teenage boy wants to BE.

    Lesson 1: Repeat after me: Bros Before Hos. Say it! Bros Before Hos. Again.

    Phase 1: You buy us frontrow tickets to the next UFC fight. You’re guaranteed face time! Besides, nothing says butch and manly these days better than a good UFC cage match.

    Phase 2: We hire some paparrazzi to take explicit pictures of you leaving a strip club late at night. Hell, we don’t even have to go inside!

    These are just two examples of things we can do to toughen up your image. It took me two minutes to come up with them. Just imagine what I could do if I was on retainer!

    If this sounds like something you might be interested in, Keanu, drop me a line at Seriously!

  51. The Jay says:

    Brandon: Sigh… here we go.

    1. Matrix 2 and 3 were directed by The Wachowski Bros. You got a problem with em, take it up with those clowns. Keanu played his part well.

    2. Speed kicked ass. I don’t know what you’re talking about.

    3. Being in a lot of movies means you’re worth the studio spending the money on you. It means you’re valuable.

    4. I would imagine it would suck for both of them, but that wasn’t the OBVIOUS point for that one.

    5. Who didn’t know Speed 2 sucked? Sandra Bullock, Jason Patrick, Willem Dafoe, Glenn Plummer, Jan De Bont, 20th Century Fox, I could keep going…

    7. The first thing I said in that one was that it had nothing to do with proving his worth. Man, can you read? Watch some Sesame Street before you front on my site.

    8. I thought he was great in Walk in the Clouds. I thought he anchored Point Break and The Matrix. I thought he was the best thing about Thumbsucker (besides D’Onofrio)

    9. Keanu’s band was Dogstar. As far as actual “acting” goes, let’s not get too far on the side of Sandler. After all, he was the star of Eight Crazy Nights.

  52. PixieGal26 says:

    Keanu seems like a wonderful person and I do notice that no one who is defending him has said that he’s a good actor, because he’s wooden and emotionless.

    By the way, success of a film has no correlation with the talent of the actors. Titanic, E.T., Star Wars Episodes I, II & III, Spider-Man, The Lion King, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, and Independence Day are nine of the top 20 grossing movies of all time. People who starred in them who are crappy actors: Billy Zane, Drew Barrymore, Jake Lloyd, Hayden Christensen, Tobey Maguire, Jonathan Taylor Thomas, Emma Watson, Daniel Radcliffe, and Will Smith. The only reason why they did well was because there was assloads of hype put around them and, in the case of Harry Potter and Star Wars, had huge fan bases already built in.

    Anyway, I just found it hilarious that Geek Daddy wants to pick Keanu’s brain and Edward Norton’s and then throws in Brendan Fraiser, quite possibly one of the biggest meathead actors ever with the emotional range of a piece of cardboard. And no one dare cite Blast From the Past as a movie that he showed range in because that is a horrible, horrible film.

  53. Val Kilmer says:

    Dude! i am a way better actor than keano reeves. he is like 2000 years old. he cant even do kung fu. i wooped his ass on the opening of the matrix because he bought the last sprite. VAL KILMER RULES!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. The Jay says:

    PixieGal26: Dude, don’t be bashing Billy Zane. Seriously, that’s not cool. He was The Phantom. He’s friends with Derek Zoolander. He’s bald. You leave him alone!

  55. Noir says:

    Incidentally, I have to agree: Val Kilmer is a better actor. Don’t believe me? The Wide Sargaso Sea is r0xx0r.

    Don’t f*** with the Lizard King, bitches!

    And Billy Zane IS awesome too. Survival Island was on cable just last week! He rocked it. But come on: purple tights? Really?

    Too bad these guys have lame-ass agents and pick crappy roles.

    I’m afraid Keanu wins this round.

  56. Aaron says:

    I’ve always thought he did good movies. Devil’s Advocate (even though his accent was bad), Constantine, All three Matrii, and of course The Gift. Love the post.

  57. Yetused says:

    God, I love Keanu so much!

    He’s my favorite actor AND persona. He’s such a gentle, kind, nice and honest person. No “red carpet whore”, no narcissist.

    And that people really think that he is as goofy and dumb as Ted, shows to me that he is a great actor!

  58. Hap Arnold says:

    Reeves is a fun actor to watch. The Matrix, despite being a comedy, was an awesome movie. Speed was terrific! And “As Good As It Gets” he was only in a minor role, a doctor wooing Diane Keaton, but performed his part well and was a very likeable person.

  59. Ben W. says:

    I think the reason most don’t appreciate Keanu is that they don’t understand his appeal.

    Keanu is, in his action movies anyway, the everyman. The blank slate with just enough personality to make himself real, but not enough to prevent the viewer from inserting theirself in his place. Protagonists with strong personalities end up overpowering the viewer. It’s much easier to see myself in the role of Keanu in a crazy movie like the Matrix than it is to see myself as Russell Crowe or with Leonardo diCaprio’s smirk in a much more normal movie,

    That’s my theory, anyway.

  60. Cherry Picker says:

    Pixie: nice cherry picking on the movies:

    Titanic: Leo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet

    Star Wars 123 (awful scripts): First, HC is a good actor (see anything else); Natalie Portman, Liam Neeson, Ewan MacGregor, Samuel Jackson, etc,…

    Lion King: Matthew Broderick, Jeremy Irons, Nathan Lane, James Earl Jones

    Spider Man: Tobey Maguire also a good actor (Dunst ok), Defoe and Molina spectacular.

    There is a difference btw a great actor and a great MOVIE STAR. Keanu is the latter; limited range, but awesome within that range. Some stars, from Cary Grant through Tom Cruise, are better when their own personality is packaged right and shines through as part of the role.

  61. Asshair says:

    41. His left nutt is larger than his right nutt.

  62. Alex says:

    hey hey!!!

  63. Mike the Lion says:

    Dear The Jay,

    Despite the fact that I consider you article to be well written (as it has been stated previously), there is a simple fact: you’re wrong.

    You are so, painfully wrong.

    Keanu is a bad actor–thats what it comes down to. Buddha and Point Break don’t change much–he does not convey emotions well or at all. All of his characters appear to be the same person: whether his part is ‘the one’ or a cop, he comes off as a stoner.

    The fact that he recognized Speed 2 to be a bad movie is canceled out, and overwhelmed by the fact that he didn’t see Matrix 2 or 3 as shit. which they were.

    The reason studios invest in him is because he has been established as a big name, not because he is talented.

    While he may be somewhat more masculine than Orlando Bloom (who is quite a fairy, if I may say so myself), that doesn’t matter very much. He is not talented whatsoever. He may know kung-fu, but he’s still a joke.

    I don’t expect you to agree with anything I wrote, I’m just explaining to you the simple truth.


    Mike the Lion

  64. vinnie says:

    great commentary, very funny. thanks for stopping by my blog, you picked it up quick.

  65. Felix says:

    Awesome post.

  66. Toby says:

    You changed, my fucking MIND MAN!

  67. Joe says:

    He also bought each of his stutment a black Harley after finishing the Matrix.

  68. AkumAPRIME says:

    You make a great case man. I’m linking this!

  69. Annie says:


    I Love your comments about Keanu Reeves
    If he really sucks I wouldn’t watch his Movie
    I love some of his movies
    my favorite is Constantine
    I also Love Speed, A walk in the Clouds, the Replacement, The Matrix, I would Love Lake House too! As soon as I get my salary I’ll go and watch it!

    He’s a Talented Dude ever! His Versatile!
    A Cool, Good Looking Dude!
    Down to earth and Drop Dead Gorgeous!


  70. Annie says:

    Well if others think he sucks

    you just can’t please everybody

  71. Bareftgal says:

    Loved your article!! I have loved Keanu ever since the first time I saw him. Glad to see that there are some others out there that think he definitely does NOT suck! Totally Not bogus!

  72. Blanca says:

    Hi everyone,

    Excellent article, although not too impartial. It’s like blindly defending a one side of the story without even taking in account the other. I mean, everyone’s got a dark side.

    Does anyone here know Keanu personally? I don’t. All I know is what I find written in the web. Most of you seem to launch hypothetical personality values for the guy.

    About whether he is or not a good actor. I must confess that I really never had taken notice of Keanu before, in spite of having watched most part of his work.

    Recently, I’ve been watching the Matrix series again and here is when it hit me. I found him excellent in his part and have been analysing his “acting”. He was very good and quite convincing.

    He’s got a beautiful childish smile and I think that’s what may ruin his performance.

  73. Mark says:

    I really like your article, and i like Reeves too, but one of your points is incorrect.

    Reeves is on myspace!


  74. And in another comment... says:

    I can’t help but love this whole thing for the comments. People are so much fun to watch… and read. ((Kinda like zoo animals, as long as there’s something between me and them…))

    I’ve also spent years watching Keanu. From a weird, disinterested (I’m a chick and wouldn’t have him if you paid me) yet fascinated stance. The man has something… the same something that Cher has, and I can’t put my finger on it. You either love ‘em, or hate them. ((My mother hates them. You even mention the name ‘Cher’ and she wrinkles her nose and growls ‘pig!’)) Like that. It’s like they’ve escaped a box, and for that the world flogs them… yet the floggings seem to miss them, as if they’re made of air.

    Having said, I still can’t figure him out. He’s the most generous, feeling, caring actor out there… I’ve read what you’ve written about his donations and such, and heard he even took up the house payments for Syme’s mother when she was having financial difficulties. The man is admirable – hardly the ‘meathead’ he once claimed to be. Yet… he comes *so close* to the truth, and then he swerves. He’ll get so close to dropping my jaw, and then dodge for a move that leaves me sputtering. (Like this ‘I want a family’ business… just as everyone else in tinseltown is getting knocked up in rapid succession. So unlike Keanu to jump on a bandwagon!) Things like that make me go from ‘wOw’ to ‘oh, c’MON!’ ((I’m trying to blame it on his therapist.))

    But thank you for the list. It was incredible – I may even be pointing to it in a future blog of my own (paring it down easily to 20, since “Whoa” isn’t exactly my idea of a real reason he doesn’t suck… but then I’m a realist housewife with a penchant for logic.) Still, there is much here I never thought about.

    And thanks to your commenters for the laugh. I’ve been needing one.

  75. kmylove says:

    I was a fan before reading this and people thought I was weird! Now I can proove them they’re weird!

  76. Juan says:

    There is another actor with a class named after him, in Cornell there is a class called “Shakespeare and Schwarzeneger movies”

  77. Johnnn says:

    Two words: Johnny Pneumonic

  78. Bill says:

    Dude, you are mad gay…and apparently for Keanu Reeves. I want the hour back of my life I wasted on the second matrix flick…I know, it was more than an hour long. That is how far I got into it before I turned it off. That techno dance scene was insulting.

  79. SVG says:

    I too have always thought he wasn’t the best actor around but i do love alot of the movies he’s in. However, like alot of actors he’s got his limits and he doesn’t always pick the right roles either. Check out Bram Stoker’s Dracula if you want to see a truly bad performance by Reeves. I still love the movie, but he sucked REALLY bad!!

  80. Hope says:

    I have always know Keanu was an awesome actor. I have loved all but one of his movies. Even though people don’t give him credit, I do believe he is smart, he’s just not the type to go around showing off. I like how he is private. Out of all of Hollywood, he’s by far one of the smartest stars. Other stars could deffinately take some classes from him. Paris Hilton…..

  81. sihTdaeRtnaCuoY says:

    I agree that Keanu Reeves is great, but really you shouldn’t have included Johnny Depp there, he is one of the best actors in the history of time. Some say he is the best actor in the last 30 years and I tend to agree.

  82. Nik says:

    I loove Keanu and I have been a fan of his for 20 years or more …But why hate on Paul?

  83. ezb says:

    It’s kind of like believing the color of the sky is red your whole life then someone telling you it’s actuall blue. I give it up to you though, Keanu does indeed NOT suck!

  84. rockwilder says:

    Keanu’s last band’s name was Becky. They just released a new CD and some of Keanu’s songs are on it.
    Keanu lent his voice to a narrative on global warming, called “The Great Warming.”
    He designed a t-shirt for angelwear to benefit The City of Hope.
    He stated he’d been acting 15 years prior to his role in Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure.
    Like Popeye..”IAM WAT I AM”..Keanu is what he is!

  85. Lacey says:

    That summed him up well….great actor, non-bogus dude.

  86. Kathlynn says:

    WOW!You covered all the corners with this one Jay.I’ve been defending Keanu since I saw him in the Matrix. It’s great to read someone elses writings of all the wonderful qualities he posseses. He’s so much more than a gorgeous face!!His talent and the right look have kept him working. I only hope he will continue to believe in himself and keep making more films for us to enjoy.

  87. Leah says:

    Loved the list. I wish it could have been accomplished without bashing other actors though (no matter what we think of their talent or temperament). I’ve given up arguing with others and have decided that not everyone “gets” everything so Keanu is my (our) little secret. I kinda like that.

  88. Angela says:

    When I was younger I was a Clint Eastwood fan and everyone made fun of him in his westerns and early work. Now Hollywood deifies him. I hope I can live long enough to see Keanu get the same recognition after all his hard work.

  89. The Jay says:

    Mark: See my comments above about MySpace.

    And in another comment…: You are welcome to link to the piece with an excerpt, but don’t take the whole thing. And especially do NOT parse it down. Scroll to the bottom of the site and check the Creative Commons Liscense. Please don’t violate my copyright. But do party on!

    Johnnn: It’s spelled “Mnemonic”. Run the spellcheck before you front on

  90. Gemma [Die Hard Keanu Fan] ;-) says:

    WELL SAID! This article NEEDS to be broadcasted!


    How can he suck if he’s still making big movies twenty years into his career?

    Loads of people want him in their movies so how can he suck!

    Brilliant article.

  91. The Jay says:

    Nik: I hate on Paul Walker because he’s essentially Keanu Reeves 2.0, but with better abs, and I don’t like that he’s aping my boy’s routine. But I’ll back off as long as he keeps making those sled dog movies I so love to avoid.

    Angela: How awesome would that be if Keanu became the next Clint? “Whoa, you totally made my day. Punk dude!” Cool. Except I doubt KR would ever make the awful Million Dollar Baby. Mystic River maybe. “IS THAT MY DAUGHTER IN THERE, DUUUDE?”

  92. anonymousmom says:

    I don’t think Jay was comparing Keanu’s talent to Johnny Depp’s talent. Are people missing the point, that Keanu “doesn’t suck”?

    What the hell is “scronny”?

    I never even noticed before, when I watched every movie Keanu’s been in, that he doesn’t suck. Couldn’t tear my eyes away from his pretty, pretty face long enough to notice his acting.

  93. The Jay says:

    THANK YOU ANONYMOUS MOM!!! I’m glad somebody finally got the point that I wasn’t comparing Depp’s acting abilities to Keanu.

    I feel like I’m taking crazy pills here!

  94. Nick says:

    The Matrix sequals were fucking horrible. The fact that his money enabled the Wachowski brother and sister to finish those turds is proof enough that Keanu is a curse upon the earth.

  95. margaret says:

    I just love reading this article and comments. I have loved KR forever.
    No one has ever said anything bab about him except (ashton Kutcher I mean where is he now???)
    Keanu have never said anything bad about anyone.
    He is very generous, agreed to be paid less in the devil’s advocate & the replacements. Not to mention all the Motorcycles he gave away.
    Doesn’t demand to be the only leading role. He would be happy with a small role if the movie script is good.
    Also he seems to be very well liked and importantly he is well respected by people he works with and his producers and directors. I actualyy listen to most of the commentaries on the movies.
    Did anyone see diane Keaton on Oprah just before the 2006 oscars. She had nice things to say about everyone but when Al pacino’s photo came up she had no comment. Maybe she was taught that if she had nothing nice to saw don’t say it at all. She adored KR though.
    Sandra, charlize, carrie anne and Rachael Weiz must enjoy working with him as they have been in his movies as leading ladies twice.
    You forgot about Denzel Washington(much ado about nothing) and the actress who played Steve martin’s wife in parenthood. They too are oscar winners.
    I liked him in Hardball. A lot of actors turned that role down because they didn’t want to be upstaged by all those kids. Keanu just love the script and contacted the producers and directors himself after reading it.

    I don’t think he is gay. But so what if he is. Look at Angelina Jolie didn’t she admit she was romantically involved with another actress and then she also planted a wet kiss on her brother. Look at how everyone looks up to her now (yuck)

    I can go on and on too

    Keep up the good work Jay

  96. Lena says:

    Heheh awsome :) I love Keanu and I love you :P you’re genius man! I gave this link to all my friends :)

  97. Precious says:

    Okay! He doesn’t suck. There, I have changed the opinion I have held for…well…forever. He rules! He is the greatest! My eyes are open now, and I am going to pay money to see “Lake House” tonight. For real, I mean it.

  98. Connie says:

    Jay, I just want to thank you sooo much for this article. It brought tears to my eyes and a lump to my throat because you became my voice to the Keanu haters out there who just don’t get it… That Keanu Reeves is a gifted actor who’s been in the bussiness 20yrs which is more than most of the actors out there today and he keeps on going. Critics can knock Keanu down but he’ll just keep on getting back up and get only stronger. He has two movies coming out this summer so take that, Keanu bashers. Keanu isn’t going away anytime soon! He’s here to stay!!!

  99. crazed keanu fan says:

    It really bugs me how “critics” are stuck in a Keanu-bashing rut without giving him credit for all he has accomplished over the years. I wish they would look at each of his performances rather than dragging out the same old Ted Logan clichees. And, I must say, he has very definite charisma such that I can’t take my eyes off his male super-model good looks when he is on screen.

  100. jude says:

    In defense of Keanu — I have often wondered why the vitriolic hatred of Keanu Reeves? I just don’t understand it — I do believe he is a thoughtful actor who finds nuances in the roles he chooses to do. He is neither blatant nor does he chew the scenery, but rather delivers quiet performances which requires of the audience a degree of work. You must both listen and watch. He uses his body beautifully, both when moving and at repose. As for the critics, I believe there might be a degee of reconsideration about Keanu from that direction. Critics do not form my opinions about what I will see, but I am none the less interested in what some of them have to say. I would encourage the nay sayers to read the review of The Lake House in addition to reading Jays forthright defense of Keanu.

  101. Silarius says:


    “Has romanced on-screen: Charlize Theron (twice), Sandra Bullock (twice), Monica Bellucci, Rachel Weisz, Carrie-Anne Moss, Diane Lane, Connie Nielson, Dina Meyer and Uma Thurman.”

    If Monica Belluci deserves to be on that list (presumably for the single kiss in “Matrix: Reloaded”), she deserves a “twice” for being one of the brides of Dracula in “Bram Stoker’s Dracula.” Or vice versa.

  102. Connie says:

    Oh, by the way Keanu fans, if you’d love to see Keanu’s movie scenes and interviews put into music videos with good songs and cool effects, check out my friend Tina Gough’s website A place where Keanu fans have expressed their creativity and love of Keanu through making movie-music videos. You’ll see Matrix videos, videos on his other movies and personal videos about him as a person made by Tina, myself and other Keanu fans. It’s a wonderful site for any Keanu fan who wants to treat their eyes and ears…lol.

  103. O Alogoprikismenos says:

    Jay, that’s a well written and thought-provoking article.

    I initially was sceptical at your (num. 13) argument that how much money the movies make can determine the talent of the starring actor, until I thought that Arnold Schwarzenegger has starred in more blockbusters that Keanu and that walking-and-austrian-accent-talking blob of muscles is indeed a better actor than Keanu. Also E.T is the (or one of the) biggest money-earning movie of all times and that puppet has a wider emotional spectrum and a lot better acting skills than Keanu.

    You wonder why people think he’s stupid and make good points on Keanu’s intelligence, but you ruin everything with this statement:

    “Without being asked, gave $38 Million dollars to The Wachowski Brothers so that they could properly finish the Matrix sequels. $38 Million!”

    Now, THAT’s stupid.

    In my opinion, the reason people underestimate Keanu and doesn’t appreciate him as an actor, is simply because the roles that he plays aren’t suitable to his acting potential. I’m still waiting for the movie that will have Keanu Reeves starring with a role that will let his true acting talents to unfold; the role of a comatose patient.

    -O Alogoprikismenos

  104. Joanna says:

    I’ve never thought he sucked, he’s so underrated and misunderstood. These are such good points. He seems like a really genuine, sweet, misunderstood man who has been disowned as a member of the human race because they just don’t like him. He’s Sandra Bullocks’ best friend or something too since Speed and she has a better reputation then him, right? Doesn’t her liking him give him credit by association? People have no taste. Keep spreadin’ the truth my friend!! :)

  105. Uncle Kurt says:

    Well Jay, Why do you have to say Keanu does not suck. That’s like the girl who says “does my butt look fat?” I think you are right the man has done some great roles, and put a great strength into most of his roles.-Buddah is some peoples God- Some people hate Jews and some people voted for Al Gore. As long as we have our freedom people will still express narrow minded opinions, like the great actor sucks. I have thought that before, but I came to think and believe otherwise many years ago. You are a little obsessed with him aren’t you? Have a nice day and thank you for your blog.

  106. zey says:

    that was an excellent piece. now i’m all hot and bothered for keanu reeves. :P

  107. Sab says:

    Totally agree.

  108. Ally says:

    I love it! Wonderful. I have so many friends who talk about how they ‘heard he was an asshole’, think he’s boring or not that good looking and it just baffles me, I’ve been defending him for years, next time I hear Keanu bashing, I’m making them read your article.

  109. Dan Jolt says:

    I’d drop the second part of #6

    >Compare that to Jean Claude Van Damme, which >is loosely translated in German as “giant >douchebag?.

    That doesn’t work in German loosely or not. Maybe you have your languages mixed up.

  110. Daniela says:

    Somehow i`ve got the slight impression that he is supernatural, just not a faulty human being as I am,f.ex.. What makes him so interesting and extraordinary seems to be simple in real: following your own course with trust and grace. That is why I admire him: he will ever be himself even if he would fail…and he is so beautiful…this view and his hands…

  111. Sheila says:

    He is a good actor but not always consistant. To say he acts comatose is ridiculous. If he were chewing the scenery you would be bitching about that, O Aprickfacedidiot. You can see the feelings of the characters in his face…just watch Somethings Got To Give. Perhaps it’s not Keanu’s acting that’s the problems but your powers of observation?

  112. Matt says:

    I never thought he “sucked”,but your well written list made me appreciate him more than before.

  113. Dear the Jay says:

    i’m pretty sure none of your 40 points here prove anything about Keanu’s acting ability. Sure he may be a great guy in person, but that doesn’t make him a great actor. you should try coming up with 40 points that actually have to do with his ACTING SKILLS and don’t include what his name means or how it’s pronounced, etcetera, etcetera.

    i also noticed that when someone ACTUALLY proves you wrong, the only thing you do is correct their spelling errors or not respond at all. for example, Rob or O Alogoprikismenos

    nice job jackass

  114. Steve says:

    Awesome list! Hilarious AND insightful.

    I’ve always been a huge fan of Keanu as an actor. Nice to see that others don’t just automatically jump on the “he has no range” bandwagon.

    On another note, in response to #16, I personally prefer this line better:

    “I just caught my first tube today. Sir.”

    Either way, “Point Break” rules!

  115. latina says:

    “Probably admirors of Johnny Depp didn’t see him “acting” in Don Juan de Marco, maybe that’s why the guy didn’t get the Oscar so far. Captain Sparrow should be proud of being compared to Mr. Reeves. Excepting Jack Nicholson, Dustin Hoffman, Robert de Niro, Al Pacino and Anthonny Hoppkins who are really talented, all the rest are just acting like Keanu Reeves, the only difference between them is that Reeves performs his talent with Dignity, the rest, do this just for money, haven’t seen them in Forbes, People, Empire magazines all the time? is not exactly because they are talented.
    Face it, talent plus gorgeous looking in just one Keanu is called ENVY, it’s just the way it is…

  116. Shana says:

    Nice post, very well written. I learned a lot of surpsising things about Reeves, and I would say that I respect him more now as a person.

    But really now… why hate on Paul Walker? He may not have much more acting talent than Keanu, but I’d say Paul is several times more attractive. Plus, he was in The Fast and the Furious. That has to count for something.

  117. This article, as well as all other related articles pertaining to Keanu Reeves you have published, should be printed. I feel that it is such a good idea that we have already made a mock up for the cover. Check it out and let me know what you think.

  118. Myrilath says:

    I have noticed that a lot of people are saying that high grossing and successful films do not make Keanu a great actor… Forgive me if I am wrong but isn’t the title of the article “Keanu Reeves Does NOT Suck, And I Can Prove It” NOT “Keanu CAN act, and I can Prove it”?

    To actually take a standpoint, I have enjoyed pretty much everything I have seen Keanu in. Do I think he is a good actor? Yes. Do I think he is a great actor? Sometimes. Everyone is going to have their own opinion about his acting skills but he does try a wide variety of roles and theatre. He doesn’t claim to be a genious at acting but unlike other actors, he does keep trying new things.

  119. Luca says:

    I’ve seen his movies before but at that time I wans’t so much into movies -has other interests and concerns. Then one day I borrowed from a friend the Matrix trilogy, sat down in front of the TV and watched it. again. and again and again. at the end , a question was left ” But who is this guy, anyway ?”.
    so for a few months now I’m gahtering and watching all his movies – well, those I can get my hands on , I live in Europe, so have to rely a lot on the Amazon site there – and…it’s a hell of a ride !! and I’ve seen only half of the movies….
    I’m not a ” acknowledged critic” ( good for me !), I look at the movies with the eyes of the average moviegoer. and in my personal opinion, this man CAN act, and does it whenever he gets the chance. just watch River’s Edge, Feeling Minnesota, Little Buddha, My Own Private Idaho, Speed , Something’s gotta Give, Thumbsucker…to name only a few . ( haven’t seen yet The Gift, but it’s next on my list !) but I’ve noticed that there’s something about Keanu’s acting. he’s never overdoing it. and that’s something even – or especially- Al Pacino does…( The Heat, anybody ? ) Keanu just keeps it apparently simple, calm, detached…it’s something he brings in any role he plays. I mean, imagine Bruce Willis in Speed … no way !!! some people say he lacks facial expression. no, he doesn’t. all is there, you just have to use your eyes and see it. but he’s no Jim Carrey either . and that’s good, ’cause one is just enough, thank you …
    what I admire about him is that he tried so many different roles, different approaches…and he’s got a special something for comedy, although it’s not visible right away..
    it’s just that one has to watch each of his movies / acting with an open mind. there’s always something to be seen, just be pacient enought and actually watch. don’t just label.
    I just hope he’s keep on trying new approaches and find the thing that really defines him. after all, being an actor is not a job, it’s a state of mind.

    jay, congratulation for the article. you’ve really summed it up. and even if “whoa” is not such a good argument, it always brings a smile…if not a grin…

  120. Luca says:

    just finished watching “The Gift ” . there would be a lot to say about this movie, but this is not the place.( I’ll praise it on IMDb) .
    As for Keanu’s acting in this movie… I completely agree with your first line :
    “If you weren’t impressed by Keanu’s mean, Southern Redneck in The Gift or at least agree he was impressively intense, well then we have nothing to talk about. Just click the “X? and leave this site immediately”.

  121. Adriane says:

    This is an interesting link… I know very little about the art of acting… in fact, I have no desire to dissect a movie. I watch simply to be entertained.

    I’ve seen many of Keanu’s movies, chosen for various reasons. I’m a sucker for arty flicks (hence my interest in Constantine, which is based on a series of graphic novels, and await with anticipation Dick’s A Scanner Darkly) as well as most action flicks (I love the Matrix triology, though I’d missed the first movie when it was released in the theatres, and most of my sci-fi compadres sneered at my ignorance when they quizzed me as to whether or not I’d seen the movie).

    So… Keanu’s acting… well, whether it’s good or not, he pulls off the roles in a believable fashion, and I am able to fully immerse myself into the movie(s). I’m not a critic… I just want to be entertained. Not all successful actors have a huge range… think Clint Eastwood (who was always cast in similar roles…). I always wonder about actors who have too much of a range… should they be on anti-psychotic meds? Just how many personalities are *in* there? I’ve always thought that if I had to act, I would “play” a character from my point of reference, funnelling it through my personality, my point of reference, my life experience. Perhaps it would make me a lousy actor, because I wouldn’t have “range” (and of course, I lack the “eye-candy” factor-see below).

    Then there’s always the eye-candy factor… it’s amusing to me to hear male actors get bashed on “range” and yet I hardly ever hear men critique female actors on their range or lack thereof… it’s a beautiful world in Hollywood, ain’t it? :D

    And, well, he’s Canadian… he’s *nice*… eh?

  122. Burgy says:

    Rock on dude!

    I’ve been a huge fan since day one.

    Only one small mistake in your reasons.

    Number 10

    “Has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. They don’t just give those out, you know.”

    Anyone who has been in showbiz and has $10,000 to spare can have one.

    But the other 39 reasons are rock steady on!

  123. Peter Brady says:

    You didn’t have to give us 40 points as to why he doesn’t suck, we alreday know he rocks, I’d like to see someone get 40 good points for Billy Zane, that man is a giant tool. Do you see him on red carpets he has this 1 pose he always strikes where he raises 1 eyebrow and looks confused.
    If you like Billy Zane you deserve to be sent to the tenth level of hell and be eternally ass raped by an office support beam.

  124. Canadian Darling says:

    Everyone from Canada is nice! I just saw “The Lake House” it was probably my favorite Keanu movie yet, I cried like a baby at the end…

  125. Nola says:

    I was trying to be polite and read all the posts before mine to avoid repeating others, but I got to 47 and… it’s late and… I’m lazy and … well, lazy about covers it.

    I think Keanu is a much better actor than people give him credit for. Sure, I think there are some roles that were not his ideal milieu, but not every actor is perfect for every part. I don’t care if we’re talking about Pacino or freaking Pauly Shore. Anyone who expects any actor to be great in absolutely every role needs to take the red pill…

    Loved him in Parenthood. It was an underrated performance. And while I don’t think that how much money a film makes is always a true indicator of the talent of the cast, I think the frequency/consistency of an actor’s films doing this IS. Or at the very least? It’s an indicator that the majority of people paying to see his films DON’T think he sucks as an actor. And I guess that trumps the minority of self-congratulatory, supercilious malcontents that like to piss and moan about the injustice of it all.

    But that’s just me.

  126. goldenboyaf says:

    Im sorry there is no number of reasons anyone could give me that would make me believe keanu reeves is a good actor despite that i have seen most of his movies and he is the same character in every single one no matter what the role is he acts exactly the same just to a slightly different degree. None of his roles are ever believable to me I have seen movies that cause me to sit there and fifteen minutes after words and wonder if what I saw really happened to those people in keanu’s movies I leave fifteen minutes early. Keanu Reeves may be a good person but he is not a good actor.

  127. Pliskin says:

    He took a friend of mine out on a date (she was a model), and he bought his own dinner, didn’t let her order, and told her she could eat off his plate….
    she left shortly thereafter. (and then he tried to get another date with her.

  128. Nairi says:

    After having read this, I love Keanu even more… if that’s possible. *Sigh, daydream*

  129. Beth says:

    #26 I think the park was “Warterloo” not waterlube.

  130. Noctanter says:

    “Has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. They don’t just give those out, you know.”

    As a matter of fact they do, his publicity company jsut had to fill out an application and pony up the dough.

  131. The Jay says:

    Man, ok, for all the people that have problems with the Star on the H-Wood Walk of Fame point, I was being ironical. I know you can buy your way into it. I was (trying to be) being funny. Wow jeebus some of you take this so literally.

  132. The Jay says:

    Can I just say big ups to Myrilath who noticed the title of this piece and you know, made the correlation. I never said he was better than Johnny Depp, that he was deserving of the Oscar, or that acting students should use his work as a way to learn their craft. I just sought out to prove he doesn’t suck.

    HOWEVER, since people seem to think I didn’t provide examples of his acting abilities, go back and reread points 1, 18, 23, 27, 34, 38, and 39.

  133. CW says:

    He definitely has a fan in me :) Love your site :)

  134. Clif Weatherford says:

    I cannot speak for the rest of his critics only myself. My criticism is this: He’s a bad actor – period. Nothing more and nothing less. I will not criticize his intelligence, his professionalism, or his character. I just think he’s a rotten actor.

    Someone can be a really great person and still stink at their job. My office had a really hot secretary once that was really sweet but she was a horrible secretary. I used to come in every morning excited to be greeted by her. Keanu is the same way. He may be an intelligent, perceptive, insightful, generous, caring person who just…can’t…act.

    Personally, I believe his popularity stems from several things:
    1) He picks decent scripts. Not great, but decent.
    2) He’s good looking which, in itself, brings alot of people to his films.
    3) He’s very athletic. Thus, his poor acting can often be offset by his physical skills. Matrix is a prime example. Aweful acting but great martial arts.
    4) He has good supporting casts (people who CAN act).

    Nuf said. Peace out.

  135. KeanuWho says:

    Keanu Reeves doesn’t suck. He is sublimely mediocre. So is the music of Bon Jovi.

    He’s the anchorman of movies—he shows up, looks great, reads his lines, and there you go.

    A LOT of people buy and eat cheese whiz, but that doesn’t make it great cheese.

    Finally, the list of people who think he sucks is probably equal to the people who want to fuck him. But he’s not controversial. He just doesn’t deserve all his fame. It’s a reflection of the stupid taste of the masses—the same sort of stupidity that makes rap popular.

    I mean, does anybody out there really think America for the most part is a land of high taste for genius? Or are we an obese, stupid, tv-watching bunch of slack jawed morons failing to signal as we change lanes while jabbering on our cell phones?

  136. The Jay says:

    Keanu as the Anchorman of actors? That’s so awesome! 60% of the time, Keanu works every time!

  137. Toronto Dude...Eh! says:

    I can’t qualify any of the character issues you touched on, as far as him offering money for the film to be finished correctly, or any money given to anyone…For example – in order to get another actor onto the film set.; Limiting his own salary..

    If he offers money and does it for his own personal reasons, those are his to live with.. Which he hasn’t really shown in the press…..I believe that he really wants to keep most if not all of his personal life private, and will only put in the press what he wants people to know or think of him at the time…

    I personally believe Keanu has been grabbing roles that haven’t offered him much range -in the display of his own abilities as an actor.. These roles have been limited to his own interest in the films he has chosen..

    Keanu has the ability to act out several other actors, and has studied many of his favourites.. As displayed in many interviews over the past week… He is in no way monotone, or limited in his abilities as an actor..

    I personally feel that if he was more confident in his own abilities, he would shine in any role that he decided to do.. His acting ability should never be in question. He is also more intelligent than that of what he shows, in any interview…He is a deep thinker, and very analytical…. He has the ability to play any and all parts well that he has decided on doing..

    We watched him when he was young, and now have the ability to watch him while he is growing old…One thing for certain.. He is still on demand.. I hope the next role that he takes allows everyone to see him as the actor he is.. Not as the person, he portrays to be……I believe there is more to Keanu, than what the press or any of us really have had the chance to know or to see…. NO one can be that private.. And no one can be that limited.. In anything that they do in life….Once he gets that Oscar… He will than be seen, as the actor he really is…..Next year…. Hopefully…..

  138. KeanuWho says:

    “Keanu as the Anchorman of actors? That’s so awesome! 60% of the time, Keanu works every time!”

    It wasn’t a compliment, dear :)

    “anchorman” meant those blow-dried, bland, square jawed cats who sit there and read the news. If that’s your idea of deep, bless you.

    Also, Paulie Shore has a freaking star on Hollywood Blvd. Doesn’t mean anything.

  139. keanuschic says:

    OMG! Keanu is sooo fucking sexy! He is sex on a stick and you have to honestly admit most people, especially women go to see his movies because he’s so gorgeous. And KeanuWho, count me as one of the poeple who want to fuck him! I bet he has a lot of stamina as well. OMG! OMG!

  140. Mike says:

    Is Keanu gay? If so, that’s great news. He’s so damn good looking, it hurts. I lust him so bad.

  141. I saw The Lake House on opening night. Although it received mixed reviews, I really thought Keanu did a great job in this movie. There was a point in the movie that his character had to truly break down in tears. Talk about convincing. I wanted to jump through the screen to console him. I haven’t really given much thought to him over the years but he’s had my attention now.

  142. Paulo says:

    Thanks for this interesting read. I am one who thinks Keanu is a good actor and doesn’t deserve the ridicule he gets. I like a lot of his movies. He seems cool too.

  143. Katie says:

    Wow! Why all the rude, obscene stuff about wanting to screw Keanu? I know he’s handsome and all but give him some repsect. He isn’t a piece of meat, he’s a person just like the rest of us.

    Now, myself, I think Keanu is a great actor with a lot of emotional range. Anyone who has seen The Gift and The Devil’s Advocate should know that Keanu can act.

  144. Toronto Dude...Eh! says:

    Hot sexy and not limited….What a talent in itself.. Everyone wants a piece of this man..

    If it wasn’t for his good looks and talent…no one would have known anything about him…He would have been just a regular type of guy… Out there doing whatever, maybe even a roofer..

    However, talent and sex is good… OMG.. I would want a good bottle of wine and some light dinner talking happening, with a little candle light going on.. Before I jumped in the sex moves with him.. Call it crazy, but I would want to remember it well.. Not just as a fuck….Could get that fuck.. anywhere… why waste a guy like that .. on a fuck.. Not me.. OMG.. Is it really him… Yes, say yes….LOL..

  145. Krystel says:

    Wow! Today I decided to look up my favorite actor’s(Keanu Reeves) life. Very interested. I already knew things about his career and have his songs on my ipod. He is a actor, his job is to touch your heart or brain. Well he got mine. I found out about his girlfriend,baby,and sister today.Very bad news,I cried knowing that as a person that affects ones self. I hope he can find the happiness and marry someone he loves. Keanu is a person,just like us,so dont treat him different. Keanu you are great actor in millions of eyes. The one’s that don’t like his art,LEAVE him alone with your hurtfull words. Its called respect!

    Good job to the writer. I bet Keanu is glad your one of the many that keep him going. I hope you watch the sexy star in his new movie The Lakehouse!

  146. Eleonora says:

    I’m Keanu’s fan from Poland. I’ve loved him (not literally, guys) since I saw The Matrix part 1 (6 years after it was made!). It really blew my mind and since then I’ve watched every film with him they give on TV or in cinemas. There haven’t been many of these films seen by me, though; I cannot yet say a word about My Own Private Idaho or so. I do not watch many films because I’m not a film junky and when I eventually do so, I do it to entertain myself, to escape into the story.
    And yes, Keanu is perfect at giving me good time. Even if the film is a disaster (Johnny Mnemonic) or totally tateless(Sweet November), I cannot say I wasted time – since he was there. I enjoy looking at him, his aesthetic mode of playing, his subtlety. Is it bad that an actor is like that? He is good at his own style! And his smile simply makes me smile, too.
    Of course I have friends who call him pathetic and then I object, but it seems useless. Everyone has his taste and opinions, which I, in turn, cannot understand and so leave them that way (I’m not a fighter, sorry). Someone above said they would keep Keanu as his own small secret and that others don’t get his manner. I agree, I will do the same – at first I wanted to post a link to this site to my fellow students, but I’ve changed my mind – it’s no use, too. Only one friend understands me, but it is because she also has her favourite actor – Gerard Butler (not so famous and totally different, but also good, I’ve come to liking him and she’s come to liking Keanu).
    Of course much of my…feeling towards Keanu is from his personality, keeping privacy away from media, being just so normal. This is what he brings into films and this is his style. Many here say: ok, he’s a good man, but not a good actor…And you know what, I DO NOT separate these. I like him, so I watch him and so? Is it his fault that he is so sexy and likeable and that helps him become famous? I’d even risk saying that this makes him characteristic in his own way.
    And The Jay, whenever he’s gay or not, has a right to write such article, as well as we have a right to respond here. He’s right in saying that he proves Keanu’s not sucking – NOT his being a good actor. And if we remember this, the 40 points are of value – they’re spontaneous, they just say why he likes him, and here I’ve just said why I like him. Such websites are subjective by definition.
    Still, The Jay – good job, I’ve got to know a few new thinghs about Keanu.
    And some people here: please save from us your vulgar words about how you’d blow Keanu. I read all the posts and the three last ones spoiled the impression of a good, energetic dispute. It’s not the place for it, in my view (but I’m not saying I haven’t noticed his appeal myself – I have, and you got it written lines above).
    The Jay – keep up the good work, strong feelings about things make the world colorful.
    KEANU – go on with yourself, you’ve got a fan in me. Big kiss on your sweet face!

    Eleonora (NEO), student, Poland

  147. Ruined Much Ado About Nothing? I thought he was positively brilliant in it.

  148. Toronto Dude...Eh! says:

    The Man Can Act-

    Keanu has Range- Skill and Success in all that he does..

    In the roles that he has chosen to play… IT would seem that he does like to challenge himself.. Not necessarily choosing roles, for the monetary factor…Or for the fame factor…But for his own personal reasons…And the excitement he finds , maybe in the writing..-Or in the character.. Itself..

    He is human, and has suffered, emotional trauma, in his life.. I don’t feel that should be a factor, when deciding his abilities as an actor…However, I feel deeply for his pain and suffering.. No one likes to see other human beings having to go through unnecessary pain and suffering.. We are human after all…. Aren’t we?

    Perception is a funny thing.. We all can decide what we like and don’t like..

    Each one of us, can have our own opinion…

    The Jay, excellent writing and you have brought more of the person Mr. Reeves is, with his facts…Which, doesn’t really matter if we are trying to prove his abilities as an actor…

    I haven’t seen The Lake House, as I am waiting for a date.. To take me to view this emotionally charged role…that Mr. Reeves, is in…. Maybe just maybe this one movie will bring him the OSCAR.. That is so deserving of..

    Like him, or not.. People… We all make our own decisions.. On what to like or not…. Peace out….People…!!!!Love Ya.. Keanu..

  149. Eleonora says:

    You know, now that I’ve read my post published here, I thought I sound in it as if I was afraid to simply admit that I consider Keanu a good actor… So here I go: Keanu is a great actor to me and, most of all, the unique one in his style. Every actor has (at least should have) some unrepeated manner and Keanu has one. Who does not like it – it’s their business.
    …and of course my friend and I are going to see The Lake House. You know, Keanu, you could star in a film together with Gerard Butler – we both would be pleased as punch!!!

    Eleonora, Poland

  150. KeanuWho says:

    “Every actor has (at least should have) some unrepeated manner and Keanu has one.”

    What on earth is an “unrepeated manner”?

  151. Stacie says:

    Okay Jay, you can add a #41 to your list also

    41)Keanu’s phenominal acting in The Lake House. Enough said.

    God, how I admire this man. He’s a great actor and man. Now that he publically said he’s finally ready to get married, the woman who is lucky enough to get him will be the luckiest woman on the face of the earth! Damn, how I wish I was that woman.

    And might I ask something? How is it this man is almost 42yrs old but still looks as youthful and goodlooking as the day he first set foot in Hollywood? I want whatever age-defying pills he’s

  152. Mark says:

    Who says he’ll marry a woman? Especially since the dude is obviously gay. How else do you explain a rich, great looking guy who is still single at 41 years of age? Either the dude has some serious commitment issues or he’s gay. It’s that simple.

  153. Crystal says:

    Keanu Reeves is not Gay. He was married before and had a daughter but, his wife died of a car crash and his daughter died four months of age. He had faced a lot of deaths in his life and he’s afraid to be in love again because of the heart ache he’s been through. If you do not believe me read the article of the Chicagos parade magazine.

  154. keanu's girl says:

    please dont ask me how i got here … oh yeah i was as always looking up keanu on the web … gee and i thought i was a defender of ‘the one’ … by the way … you mad rock!

  155. Lumpy Rock says:

    At the end of the forty, you still didn’t have me. My personal belief was that although he has the greatest agent in Hollywood, I could not forgive him for the momentum stoppage, that occured in several of the better movies he’s been in, by his mere presence (many examples but to crap on your “shakespeare” references: much ado about nothing almost went into reverse each time he opened his mouth). So I read your whole article, and was thoroughly unconvinced. But any guy’s argument is worth a second thought when he has the balls to end it with a victorious “bangarang.” So yes I like many of his flicks. But I still ain’t gonna miss him when he’s gone.

  156. The Jay says:

    Lumpy Rock: I end all my posts with “Bangarang”! It’s my signature close. Just a little something I like to say to my prey. Also, “Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moon light” was taken.

    Thanks for reading, I’ll convince you next time.

  157. Eleonora says:

    KeanuWho: that’s right, I was in a hurry and “unrepeatable” went into some odd “unrepeated”. English is my second language, guys… So once again:
    Keanu has unrepeatable manner (that is style, behaviour) – well, as far as I know from his films and from the internet, too. And this is one of the things I like him for.

    Eleonora, Poland

  158. Clare says:

    I agree Stacie, Keanu seems to never age. He still has that baby face and boyish smile we all know and have come to love. I’m 32 and Keanu looks more my age, the lucky bastard…lol. He must have found the fountain of youth. I only hope I can age as well as he has, not that he’s old to begin with. They always say life begins at 40.

    And about his acting, he’s just as good as the rest of actors out there and his movies are even better, so leave the man alone for Christ sakes!

  159. KeanuWho says:

    Bless Keanu his success; in 50 years we will be talking about him as much as we talk about Tab Hunter.

    All together now: TAB WHO?

  160. The Jay says:

    Oooh Oooh, I know the answer to this one. Tab Hunter was that really bad soda from the 80′s, right? The one people sad was a labratory accident. I don’t get it, why would we compare Keanu Reeves to an 80′s-era soda? That’s just dumb.

  161. mei says:

    I became a Keanu’s fan instantly after viewing “Matrix Part 1″ three years ago. He keeps his unique style without being influenced by the craves for popularity or publicity in the “Hollyweired”. He is REAL as a very talented actor. I appreciated your writing to speak out for many of us, especially those whose mother language is not English, like myself.

    Thanks, Jay!

  162. Tracy says:

    You know what I think is funny? For someone who supposedly sucks according to some people, he sure IS popular! I mean, just look how many comments this Keanu article has gotten. I think this is the one of the most comments Jay has ever gotten on a article he wrote. So why all the comments? Appearantly he has STAR appeal that gets people’s attention. He is a strong presence in Hollywood whether you want to admit it or not. Everyone knows who he is and he sure can spark discussions so to me that means Keanu is a huge success. Way to go, Keanu!

  163. Lisa says:

    Keanu is beautiful inside and out! : )

    And yes, he’s an excellent actor no matter what anyone says.

  164. Eleonora says:

    Bull’s eye, Tracy. Now we only lack “Bangarang” here to seal it all – Keanu rules!

    Eleonora, Poland

  165. KeanuWho says:

    “For someone who supposedly sucks according to some people, he sure IS popular!”

    Tracy, a LOT of things that suck are popular. Look at cigarettes, Arby’s or Bon Jovi.

    Does anyone think the American public are a bunch of geniuses with good taste? Walk through any mall! ;)

  166. jenniferrose says:

    After reading all of this, and I mean all the way through, there are alot of great points. Keanu is a powerful actor, and I think made all the right decisions that brings him to where he is today. I cant wait to see the Lake House. I just hope Sandra doesn’t suck. But no matter where you go, online or in real life, CRITICISM is everywhere. No one wants to think someone is better than them.

    Jay, great work! =)

  167. Tracy says:

    KeanuWho, you have posted quite a few times here. Now if you don’t like Keanu, why is it so important for you to be checking out this article all the time? You seem to have, pardon the expression, “a hardon” for trying to get your point across but just as we can’t change your mind, you damn well aren’t going to change the minds of Keanu lovers everywhere. KEANU IS THE BEST!!!

  168. Julie says:

    Has anyone else read or heard that back in early 2005, around the time Keanu was promoting Constantine, some crazed male fan was stalking Keanu? He hung around Keanu’s Hollywood Hills home while it was being remodeled in hopes of seeing Keanu and he followed Keanu to different movie premieres. He tried to get into contact with Keanu numerous times and even found out Keanu’s cell phone number so Keanu had to change it. This was in the news and I saw it on The Insider. Apparently Keanu tried to keep the news private but it got leaked out. And as usual the police said nothing could be done unless the guy came into contact with Keanu. But the police finally did something about it when the guy was found trying to break into Keanu’s house. The police researched into the guy’s background and he had a prior conviction for theft. The police later found a shrine of Keanu’s pictures along with handcuffs, weapons and gay pornography at the man’s apartment, appearantly he had sick plans for Keanu. God, I’m glad he never got the chance to carry out those plans. Keanu has been through so much in his life and he coertainly doesn’t need some sicko trying to hurt him. Thank God he’s okay. Sandra Bullock too, had a stalker after her and she recently pleaded with the courts to extend the restraining order against him. Man, there are some sick people out there!

  169. jordon says:

    im glad that someone shares my admiration about Keanu Reeves, i’ve been a fan since bill and ted too…lets face it he is one hot mother f-er!

  170. Mandy says:

    Wow! I didn’t hear about the stalker story, Julie. That is so scary! I bet Keanu sure was scared but since he’s such a private person, he didn’t let on that anything was going on. I’m glad they caught the guy before he was able to get to Keanu. Who knows what would have happened if that sicko did get his hands on Keanu. I don’t even what to think about it. :(

  171. Tracy says:

    Hey Jay, would that crazed male fan be you? hahaha…just kidding of course. :D

  172. The Jay says:

    Legally I’m not allowed to talk about it. But I will say this… up close, he smells like Wildberry Skittles.

  173. Jason says:

    I can’t believe that somebody actually wrote this garbage and thought that it had any meaning to it. First off, wow he hasn’t won a Razzie…wow i’m so impressed (lame). Next, his name has a meaning about breezes which is not cool at all. That is really something to brag about (not). What a man i mean wow he got some stiches in his mouth and then he had to kiss a girl. oh my goodness i think he deserves a pulitzer prize, and man of the year honors (please..weak lame weak). I forgot also that he’s the genius that read the line from a script that said “whoa”, how f@#$$& rediculous is that. Joey from the show “Blossom” used to say “whoa” also, so should we suck him off to for that (pathetic and sad u are). Your opinion about Paul Walker is meaningless (non-factual) Next, getting your name on the walk of fame must mean your great especially since David Hasselhoff, Britney Spears, Pee-Wee Herman Judge Judy, Tim Allen, and Vana White all have stars also (ha ha such meaning with receiving a star huh? ha). He has such great range huh? From Buddha to a “stoner”…enough said. Turned down a role in “Heat.” You bragging about this? In Bill and Teds’ Excellent Adventure he taught me absolutely nothing. I’m cool with that, but don’t act like i didn’t already know who Abe Lincoln was (dumbass). He’s romanced with ladies on-screen and so have 80,000 other men…next… Jay Mohr is very very unfunny (so is another Jay and that would be you and Jay Leno) Sorry because i’m positive u love Jay Leno also. Finally, somebody wrote a script (not Reeves) and cast him as “Neo” and in the movie he is called “The One” It’s a MOVIE and they can call people whatever they want and they can script anybody to play his role and call them “The One” also. I can’t believe somebody is bragging about him being called “The One” in a Movie and that he said “Bogus, dude” also in a Movie that somebody else WROTE(so that person was the first to bring it to our attention and not him) I could go on forever, but i never really disliked “Kay-ah-nu”(ass-rod-ish) that much until u wrote this and now he makes me utterly sick…….Thanks dumbass

  174. bill says:

    I enjoy Keanu. But as for the star on the Walk Of Fame goes, Ryan Seacrest also has one.

  175. Sassy says:

    I stumbled in here half drunk…..wait, I don’t drink but I did stumble in here from surfing the world wide web…anyhooo, I didn’t really think Keanu sucked persay but I didn’t really take him seriously either. However, I can happily say, that you have proved your point. Booyah! Great writing!

  176. Eleonora says:

    Post 177: “I just hope Sandra doesn’t suck” (in “The Lake House”).
    Me too.
    Never really liked Sandra, doesn’t matter if she can act or not – just so. But I hope they all knew what they did by putting these two together again on the screen and I’m looking forward to seeing the movie. Mainly due to Keanu’s presence…

    Eleonora, Poland

  177. Jack says:



  178. KeanuWho says:

    To Tracy:


    That’s simply an untrue statement. The best in the business are honored with awards and generally win the respect of critics.

    Keanu is eye candy. People laugh at his acting.

    No one laughs at Pacino in “The Godfather” or Sean Penn in “The Falcon and the Snowman” .

    You think he’s the best because you simply have no taste, darling! :)

  179. Peanut says:

    Okay…Walk in the Clouds was fucking terrible! He has the emotional range of a fucking walnut! The only reason that Point Break and the Bill & Ted movies were good was because the guy didn’t have to act at all. He was type-casted for those roles. I’m just curious…Have you seen him in Bram Stoker’s Dracula? He’s supposed to be British, right? Or did I miss something in the story line where Harker is actually from the beaches of California?

    Keanu Reeves does have some good movies. It’s not because he’s in them, he’s just really good at felatio. That’s how a lot of people get as far as they have in Tinsle Town. Like some people have pointed out already, Ben Affleck, Josh Hartnett, Vin Diesel, and Mark Wahlberg (Marky Mark for Christ’s Sake!) are terrible fucking actors but the keep getting work!

    If you want to see good actors, look to people like John Cusack, Johnny Depp, Sean Connery, and Mel Gibson. These are people who actually earned their place in Hollywood history for their great achievements, not for the being the “Best-Worst Actor” of all time.

    You might have changed the impressionable people who’ve read your retarded post, but there are still a lot more people who understand what makes a good actor. Reeves is a pretty face that will die out when the mentally handicapped that run Hollywood realize that they’ve been stageringly stupid to give the man work in the first place.

    As for some of your “Reasons” he’s a good actor:


    2) Using quotes from his movies is just blind idiocy. He didn’t write the goddamned script…He read the thing. He read the thing pretty fucking terribly.

    3) My dog can recite Shakespear better than your perfect Keanu Reeves. I saw Much Ado About Nothing and his actually caused me pain…physical fucking agony!

    4) Roger Ebert is a moron! Speed was by far one of the worst movies on the planet. It might have grossed a ton of money, but so did Home Alone 2. Absolute crap!

    5) Johnny Mnemonic…enough said!

    6) So his sister has leukimia…that sucks. Sure he might be a good person for looking after her and fronting the money for it all, but that DOES NOT MAKE HIS ACTING ANY BETTER! It makes him a person who cares about his family. I respect the hell out of that, but, it doesn’t defeat the fact that his acting is about as poor as MC Hammer!

    I’m sure you’ll come back with some “valid” reason why I’m wrong in all my points, but that just goes to prove that sexual infatuation can be a harsh mistress. It can be blinding sometimes. You really wonder why people say he’s a terrible actor? To quote Keanu in ANY movie he’s been in, “Whoa!”

  180. Tracy says:

    -quote:”Legally I’m not allowed to talk about it. But I will say this… up close, he smells like Wildberry Skittles.”

    LOL…That’s a good one, Jay. So when did they let you out of the slammer? Should Keanu seek a restraining order? hahaha

    Mmmmm…and I love Skittles too. Keanu, come to me baby so I can nibble on you. lol

  181. Chelsea says:

    I say he’s a good actor with great movies and astounding popularity. He’s made his mark and he’s an icon. People either love him or hate him. So what? He’s still going to be laughing all the way to the bank while his critics pop veins in their foreheads trying to convince people he’s a lousy actor so what’s the point?

  182. David says:

    The question shouldn’t be whether Keanu can act or not, the bigger question is does Keanu prefer fish or sausage? I say sausage.

  183. Eleonora says:

    The point is that critics do their job (with hardly anybody taking care of what they say) and we kind of indulge ourselves by coming here and leaving posts. It’s visible that it’s no longer about The Jay’s 40 points, but Keanu fans love expressing their…affectation to him, regardless of Keanu sceptics who also come here.
    All in all, The Jay you’d better close the strain of replys… or are we all to beat some Guiness record? ;)

    Eleonora, Poland

  184. Annie says:

    Awsome!!Keanu rocks!!!! ahhahah my friends can’t tell that he sucks now!

  185. Tara says:

    Oh my God! I saw The Lake House last night and Keanu was amazing in it! You damn skeptics think Keanu can’t act? Well, you can eat your words because he was the soul of the movie. There was a scene where he had to cry and he did it so convincingly that their wasn’t a dry eye in the entire viewing audience. Keanu has such a genuine, charming likeability about him. I think that’s a big part of his appeal. Sandra was amazing as well. This movie was brilliant and beautiful!

  186. Niero says:

    A friend of mine met Keanu, who was meeting up Pablo Francisco at the airport for a weekend in Miami. He went on and on about some mineral water company he was investing in and once they got past being starstruck he ultimately put the entire car full of people to sleep. Awesomest Keanu story ever, and know the world knows.

  187. Eleonora says:

    “Keanu has such a genuine, charming likeability about him. I think that’s a big part of his appeal.”
    Exactly, Tara you read my mind :)
    And now I can’t wait to “The Lake House” premiere in my country!

    Eleonora, Poland

  188. Patty says:

    I think 3 things have prevented Keanu from being taken seriously…
    1) Ted: His role as dim-witted Ted in The Bill & Ted movies. People think Keanu is just like his character Ted when nothing can be further than the truth. I guess that shows Keanu is a great actor afterall, since people can’t seem to differenciate his character from him.
    2) His good looks: He was blessed with exotic beauty because of his Hawaiian, Asian blood and because of his pretty face, it’s been hard for him to prove that he didn’t get movie roles just because of his good looks.
    3) His voice: While some women, including me, find his soft-spoken husky voice sexy, it has been ridiculed as being monotone and boring in movies.

    So no matter how well he acts in a movie, he’ll always not be taken seriously by some people. Oh well, it hasn’t affected him getting work in any way so I guess Keanu gets the last laugh.

  189. Jennifer says:

    The thing that gets me is people like to poke fun of the fact that Keanu has yet to win an Oscar award. Who the fuck cares? Do you think Keanu really cares about that? I don’t think the man is sitting home moping because he never won an Oscar. That’s not important to Keanu. I’ll tell you what’s important to Keanu.
    *Waking up another day healthy and happy
    *Seeing his sick sister Kim healthy and smiling
    *Enjoying life with family and friends
    *Riding one of his many prized motorcyles
    *Traveling to different parts of the world discovering it’s beauty
    *Looking forward to another exciting movie role
    *Being able to use his wealth for good like contributing to cancer research
    And I can go on and on. That’s what makes Keanu happy and fullfilled, not an Oscar. He doesn’t need that to know that he’s a good actor, what’s more important to him is that the people who really count, like his millions of fans, enjoy his work. He is completely fullfilled…well, except for the companion he’s longing for and I am more than willing to fill that

  190. Pete says:

    I think the guy is pretty convincing as an actor and he seems like a nice guy as well. I happen to like him myself, and have always found it surreal that he gets so much undeserved flack. He’s one of the most underrated actors in Hollywood in my oppinion. There I said it, now let’s see how many people diss my statement. For some reason people get pleasure out of putting Mr. Reeves down and as I said before, I find it surreal.

  191. nomad says:

    Keanu has an exotic countenance who can play Indian Buddha, Danish Prince and British lawyer. He is also one of the few bankable actors who has global popularity and this can be shown in the box office records. Like Constantine, Matrix Trilogy and Speed, the worldwide gross showed 2/3 of overseas market while 1/3 of the domestic.

    I’ve seen most of Keanu’s movies and my favorite is “Little Buddha”. He made me think he’s the real Buddha or his previous life was. Keanu looked beautiful in this film, seductive and talented.

  192. RustedParadox says:

    The Lake House? Screw that, I can’t WAIT for “A Scanner Darkly”!!!

    Keanu would have to be one of my favourite actors. Sure he can sometimes fit into a typecast role but who would you rather act as Neo? Keanu Reeves or a more ‘expressive’ actor like, say, Owen Wilson!

    Sometimes you need actors that act their own part better than anybody else. I’d still call them an actor.

  193. Shellly says:

    Hi Jay!! Came across your site while surfing for…. Keanu! (suprise). Found it to be one of the most entertaining things I’ve read on the web for a while. But anyway, I honestly didn’t think there was anyone else out there whose love and adoration for Keanu could be matched to my own (I think I have!!) I love him because he DOES stay out of the limelight of HOLLYWOOD, does keep the “man” and the “actor” separated, and I don’t read about him every 5 minutes in the gossip rags. As to his acting, the man has TALENT ( although his SINFULLY good looks has nothing to do with my opinion). Thanks for continuing to educate the masses!

  194. SBWorking says:

    OHMYGAWD! You must have been in my head! I completely agree with you. Thanks for the article.

  195. The Jay says:

    I am in your head, SBWorking. And I must say, you should be ashamed of yourself. The things you did to poor Keanu! Table saws and glue sticks are not to be used in that fashion.

    That’s just wrong. WROOOONG!

  196. Tracy says:

    Holy shit, Jay. Did you ever think your article expressing your admiration for Keanu would generate responses of mass proportion? I guess “The One” has powers afterall! It’s called loveability! sighhhhhh

  197. The Jay says:

    To be honest, no. But it helps that a bunch of Keanu fansites have been sending me traffic for the last week and a half. Nothing like crazed, Keanu-obsessed fans/stalkers to boost your mid-week blog traffic.

    As always, it’s “The Internet as a tool for good”!

  198. Tracy says:

    Okay Jay, I don’t want to sound dumb or anything but I don’t know what you mean about a table saw and glue stick and how Keanu fits into all that. I would understand handcuffs, whips, chains and warming lubricant…lol..but I don’t get where the table saw and glue stick come in. Care to clue me in or is that too X-rated for this blog? LOL

  199. The Jay says:

    I was just putting down the most outlandish, nonsensical things I could think of. It doesn’t mean anything, I was just rolling on SBWorking a bit.

  200. Tracy says:

    Oh…lol…I get it now. It’s because SBworking said you were in his/her head and you responded that you could read his/her mind and the naughty thoughts he/she had about Keanu. hahaha

    Geez, I hope you can’t read my mind because my thoughts about Keanu are triple X-rated and require lots of whipped cream…hehehe…ME BAD!

  201. jamie says:

    i love keanu reeves and this just made me love him more. this rocks!! good job.

  202. jenne says:

    Dear The Jay,

    you are my new hero.
    you have taught me a new respect for Senor Reeves.

    also, you have a lot of homophobes commenting here, and that sucks. I still think you rock hardcore brother.

    all the best,
    jenne the niftywench

  203. Kimberly says:

    Keanu is one sexy man!

  204. Scott says:

    I never had a problem with Keanu. I always thought he was a good actor and I enjoy his movies.

    I have to say this was a clever piece in defense for “the One”. I was entertained when I read it and you had some real good points that made me gain a new respect for Mr. Reeves. I didn’t know he gave part of his own paycheck away to help fund The Matrix sequels. That’s real cool! He’s seems like a decent guy.

    I think A Scanner Darkly looks cool so I’m looking forward to checking that out. One thing people must give credit to Keanu, he sure knows how to pick cool looking movies to be in.

  205. Mike says:

    Yes, all is good.. All I can say is…


    Somewhat of a old Phil Collins song….

  206. Melanie A says:

    I thank you so much for doing this, all my friends are like omg Johnny Depp, Tom Cruise, Jude Law, Brad Pitt, George Cloony. i mean c’mon way to be like everybody else. All my friends think im insane for liking Keanu Reeves. They always put me down for liking him by saying he is such a bad actor…now i totally have something to prove them wrong with. I completely agreed with everything you said about him. I have been going through watching literally all his movies latlely. I have loved him since i saw hardball. but since then i have come to the conclusion…all his movies are great!

    and P.S.- the guy who played Bill in “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure” ‘s name is Alex Winter

  207. Jonathan says:

    I happen to think Keanu is a good actor. And as he gets older, he seems to get better with his acting, like more mature and genuine. He was quite funny and gave a convincing performance in Thumbsucker. I caught The Lake House this past weekend and was impressed by his performance in that as well. He might not be as good as some of the verteran actors out there, but I think the guy can hold his own.

  208. Keanufan says:

    Has anyone seen The Lake House yet? Keanu acted really well and the movie was good. I can’t wait to see A Scanner Darkly too. People who’ve been to screenings of it said it was really good.

  209. Matt says:

    Awesome list. I agree with you completely that Keanu Reeves doesn’t suck like so many idiots claim he does.

    However, I’ve gotta disagree with point #10, because of the simple fact that they gave that doofus Ryan Seacrest a star.

  210. Ron says:

    Keanu is good in action sci fi movies but don’t have him in any movie where he has to fake an English accent because he painfully sucks at it.

  211. kami says:

    I didn’t have a strong opiniom before but im going for a solid does not suck

  212. Denise says:

    The Jay,

    I am actually greatful to have found this site. I agree there is something intriguing and wonderful in the way Keanu potrays himself on screen and off.

    To the “Nay Sayers”:

    You have issues with Keanu. Maybe jealousy, or maybe your too bored with your life you have nothing better to do than to insult him.

    Either way…PLEASE get over yourself:-)

  213. I was reading the Parade magazine article online on Mr. Reeves and stumbled onto The Jay site. I am the same age as Keanu and can speak with impunity on THIS ISSUE HAVING LOST MY ONLY SON LAST YEAR. GRIEF IS A BITCH!!! YOU DON’T EVER GET OVER THE LOSS OF A CHILD. I’m an Oncology Nurse an was never prepared for that loss in my own family.


    From what I’ve read, this man appears to have more integrity in his little finger than the rest of the “beautiful silicone mob” who fight for every second of camera time in Hollywood.

    If you don’t care for his films, by all means,conserve gas,reduce carbon emmissions,help the ozone layer,stay at home,SHUT THE F_ _K UP and LEAVE THE MAN ALONE!!!!

  214. aliraza says:

    I realy want to worked in holloywood as acter .I already performed in india as theater acter in childeren festival 2005

  215. Pingback: The Jay » 25 Birthday Wishes

  216. Bianca says:

    Keanu Reeves is the most stunning creature alive. He burns up the screen with his sizzling hot looks. If I could bed him just once, I’d be most satisfied for sure.

  217. Ann says:

    I guess I must be one of the very few people out there who properly pronounced Keanu Reeves name correctly as his career was growing.

    I remember when Halle Berry was up-and-coming.

    Many people pronounced her name: “Hailey”.

    I knew better enough than to go with the crowd, and I also pronounced her name correctly: “Hal-lee”.

    Whatever anyone says about a person, I always say pronounce and spell a person’s name right.

    Glad to know that I knew that I was ahead of the pack on the name pronunciation.

  218. Mark says:

    Keanu Reaves doesn’t suck, but he’s made some pretty sucky movies…Chain Reaction to this day is the worst movie I have ever seen…It is sorta amazing that he’s still around after all these years…I think he is appreciated by many for his artistic values and not necessarily his acting abilities–But there’s very obviously a lot going on beneath the surface with this guy…Greater minds look at the big picture and don’t judge a man by his movie–He’s seems like an all-around decent & captivating human-being…If he wants to be, I’m sure he’ll be around for a while

  219. all hollywood movies would be a great deal more awe enciting and so on.. would they not have the same 30 famous people cast over and over. keanude is a tool, a pawn in the mainstream mass media playing statistical margins on most of you. piss on the box office.

  220. Brian says:

    Does anyone know for sure whether Keanu is gay or not? Sometimes I think he is just by the way he acts and because he doesn’t date but then other times I think he’s not. With him, you can’t tell. Maybe he’s bi. That would be good news for both men and women since he appeals to both sexes.

  221. Jen says:

    “Pussyboy”? Orlando Bloom has broken his back, ribs, nose, both legs, arm, wrist, a finger, a toe and cracked his skull three times. He got a tattoo with his fellow LOTR actors, suffered through his dad dying when he was only 4, and was almost paralyzed at one point. He got the LOTR part only 2 days after having a back brace removed.

    Orlando cracked a rib on the set of LOTR, and if I recall correctly, the LOTR commentaries say that he filmed a scene where he had to do a lot of running – with the cracked rib – along with Viggo Mortensen, who himself had a broken foot.

  222. Patricia says:

    Okay, why do people keep asking whether Keanu is gay or not? How is that relevant to this article? Commenting on his good looks, his sexuality, who he dates or doesn’t date, or what you would like to do to him has nothing to do with what Jay’s article was all about. Jay’s intention was to try to get people to realise the excellent actor Keanu really is and I think his intentions were good and right on target. I never needed convincing since I already thought Keanu was a good actor but Jay’s argument was good and clever. I’m glad someone has finally stuck up for Keanu. He seems to get such a bad rap and it is so undeserving.

  223. The Jay says:

    Jen: I tried to post a comment on your brilliant retort to me on your tiny blog, but comments seem to be disabled for anyone not in your group. So here’s what I wrote:

    Ok, I get it, NO! I! GET! IT, you didn’t like the piece.

    But apparently it did strike a chord with you, because you spent time writing the longest rebuttal of all the 47,000 people that have read the piece since it first went up.

    Did you ever consider that I was just trying to write a fun, funny piece about Keanu Reeves? Also, if you read close, or you know, read it at all, I never claimed that I would prove he was a great actor, just that he doesn’t suck.

    Try to keep some perspective when you’re on a humor site. But thanks for reading, nonetheless.

    - The Jay

  224. Chacha says:

    Thanks for the essay. I agree with your points. “A Scanner Darkly” is a great mive and Keanu shines with Winiona, Robert, Rory and Woody.

    Orlando Bloom only does well with long hair and a sword. He’s always the dullest one in the movie. Keanu has star presences.

  225. Tonia says:

    You know what is a true fact. Keanu is almost twice the age of Orlando Bloom and yet Keanu is just as sexy(sexier in my oppinion),athletic and popular as Orlando. I like to see if Orlando is still as sexy, athletic and popular when he reaches his 40′s, that is if he’s even still around. Unlike the many young actors who have come and gone, Keanu is still around which goes to prove he has longevity. And that alone, proves he doesn’t suck.

  226. JG12345 says:

    Keanu isn’t that great of an actor. He always sounds like he should be on a surf board. And as for #10 on your list…they gave Ryan Seacrest a star on Hollywood Blvd.

    ‘Nuf said.

  227. Christy says:

    I’d like to nibble on every part of Keanu! Grrrrrrowwwwllllll!

  228. Corey says:

    Slate published a piece by Dana Stevens today that speaks very highly of Keanu, citing many of the same reasons you did:

  229. sanna says:

    Ok, I let you battle it out if he’s seen as a good actor or not – I don’t really care – I’ve enjoyed all of his films I’ve seen so far immensely (well almost all…)

    To the Jay: your article was indeed very enjoyable to read – great style!
    I’ve got one question for you: if I was to write a letter to Keanu; which would be the best address – the most likely that he might acctually read the letter himself and not one of his staff?

  230. anna lyn says:

    The first time i saw keanu on screen was on devil’s advocate and i surely fall inlove with this guy. His acting was great,every scene was amazing..

    Definitely keanu is one the best actor in hollywood…


  231. Yetused says:

    @Brian: No, Keanu is not gay. He had a lot of girlfriends, almost got a baby girl. He just said that he has nothing against homosexuality.

    But the yellow press even married him to an actor once! They only started the rumors about his sexuality as he has such a ‘gentle’ face, due to his Asian heritage.

    @sanna: As far as know there is no adress as he definitely doesn’t read fan post. And as he owns no computer he won’t even read this post here :)

  232. Jen says:

    Hi, Jay – I’m sorry, I turned the comments off of my tiny blog – all I ever get is spam.

    So, you read my rebuttal? “Perspective” right back at you: I had fun writing a response. Hope you enjoyed reading it.

    Back on the Orlando Bloom subject, with “Dead Man’s Chest” he’s now ranked the #1 top male actor for average box office gross per movie. Keanu is #56. Keanu ranks #29 for total all-time box office gross, but Orlando still beats him at #28.

  233. Nikki says:

    This was fun to read, Keanu isn’t the greatest actor we’ve ever seen but he’s not as fucking terrible as it has be come popular to say. I never understood why he gets so much shit. Leave the guy alone people!

  234. The Jay says:

    Jen: Orlando’s numbers are inflated, and have nothing to do with him as an actor or star. The 3 Lord of the Rings movies weren’t his. Neither was Black Hawk Down, Troy, or either Pirates movie (they belong, of course, to Johnny Depp). He’s the right guy in the right place for big budget, high grossing movies. That says nothing about his abilities, talent or drawing power. To measure those things, let’s take a look at Orlando’s lead roles in movies: Elizabethtown, Kingdom of Heaven… that’s it. And they were both big flops. Talk to me again when HE carries a movie past 100 mil.

  235. Tonia says:

    LMAO! RIGHT ON, JAY! You put this Jen girl right in her place! Let her have her Orlando obsession while his popularity lasts but like I said in my previous post, he won’t have a 20yr career like Keanu has! So tell me, Jen if Keanu is so unbankable how has he been in the bussiness for 20yrs still making successful movies? I doubt your Orlando, who rides on other big stars’ coat tails, will be around that long. Enjoy it while it lasts.

  236. Dawn says:

    OMG! What can you say about Keanu other than he puts all other men to shame. He is a fuckin God! You Orlando Bloom fans can have your boy. But Keanu is ALL man and he’s ALL mine!

  237. Robert says:

    One thing I’ve noticed is that all your favorite, top Hollywood male movie stars are in their 40s. Keanu of course, and there’s Johnny Depp, Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, George Clooney, etc. They still have what is takes to rake in the bucks at the box office and make the women swoon which is very encouraging for us men who are approaching 40 ourselves.

  238. k.c. says:

    Interesting…. none of the above are making that kind of $ nor giving it away! I am a virgo as well… not into signs, but know the generalities. Keanu is a unique, extraordinarily talented individual who deeply feels and thinks… elipsis for those who are unaware. He is “real” and “really” a person with their own belief system and values. None of us are in a position to judge. He is a wonderful actor and it easier to criticize than to try and do the same thing!

    So sad…. Individuals who are always so critical. I am glad he doesn’t have a computer. Who would want to read all this indelicate garbage… Kudos to those who are positive. I suppose the others are in a category by themselves.

    From: tired of reading insults

  239. Nick says:

    Keanu will be nothing more than a pretty face. Once his looks fade, let’s see how many movie roles he’ll get then.

  240. Stephanie says:

    I LOVE Keanu! He is so hot!

  241. AJB says:

    Keanu Reeves rules. He is a great person. So some of his roles have been duds? He’s a good guy, so people need to leave him alone. He’s one of the only Hollywood giants who isn’t a complete douchebag or media whore.

    Oh, and as for his looks fading. I don’t think it will happen any time soon. He’s almost 42 and could still easily pass for much much younger (in his 30s). Keanu drinks from the fountain of eternal youth.

    And as for his movies, they’re amazing. I admit, he’s not the greatest actor ever (understatement), but he tries his best, and mostly picks movies that are really good watches. The only thing wrong with Keanu is that people need to lighten up about him. People (critics especially) watch Keanu movies just waiting for him to screw up, and when he doesn’t screw up (yes, Keanu sometimes doesn’t screw up) then they give him a bad review anyway. BIASED AND UNFAIR.

    BTW I’ve heard he’s doing good things with The Lake House and A Scanner Darkly (I haven’t seen them yet).

    In conclusion, people take Keanu’s acting ability too seriously, when they should just sit back and enjoy the movies (except critics, which it’s their job they’re paid to do). Keanu Charles Reeves seems like a good guy, and I’m proud to be a fan.

    Thank you for posting this, whoever did, but I didn’t need convincing. I knew all of this ;)

  242. Natalie says:

    Keanu may be sexy as hell, charming and I’m sure he is a good lay but he has and always will suck as an actor. I will admit though, his sexiness still gets me to watch his movies even if I think he sucks acting. So I’ll give him kudos for being eye-candy and having charisma.

  243. Nick says:

    I read this Keanu defense and it is a large number of things irrelevant to my opinion of his acting ability.

    All of the 40 points can be categorized into the following groups:

    “Keanu is a nice, cool, attractive, interesting guy.” —

    That’s nice, but that has no bearing on his work. I never thought he was stupid, a jerk, or even unattractive, he just can’t act. He probably would be a really cool guy to hang with. I mean, he likes Philip K Dick, he can’t be all bad.

    “Keanu makes lots of box office therefore he is good.” —

    There are tons of movies that make tons of money that suck. There are many good movies that make no ducats. Quality and box office are not remotely related to me. Therefore this doesn’t help Keanu’s case at all.

    “He’s worked with lots of good people and knows how to pick scripts.” —

    I’ll give him kudos for his script taste, but that doesn’t mean he can act in them. Frankly he probably works with big names because he will make them money. Secondly, it sounds like he is fun/not stressful to work with. I bet if you get most of the directors in private and asked them what they REALLY think, they’d say he sucks…as he does.

    “Other people think he can act therefore you should think so, despite your own perceptions.” —

    This is the lemming theory of personal taste – no thanks.

    The unsaid truth – His career is heavily supported, kinda like training wheels on a bike, by women (and gay men) who will see him in any role because he is cute/attractive/sexy or whatever other adjective they use. Being a hetero guy this is irrelevant to me. They are largely blindly devoted admirers.

    Oddly men do not do this. We do not convince ourselves that J-Lo (or whoever the starlett dejour) can act, we just leer & move on.

    His acting is 100% not believable. I see Keanu talking, I never see the character and forget the actor. This is my opinion forged by my own observations. I am not some authority, just one schmuck in the universe with my own opinion not based upon what everyone says en masse or in any particular clique.

    Peace & watch Keanu as you will.

  244. Nick says:

    Oh I forgot to mention, that Speed was a horrible fricking movie. I don’t blame Keanu for this in particular, it was the script & the very story idea itself that sucked.

    Speed = “Die Hard” on a bus with worse acting and script.

  245. The Jay says:

    Nick: Read the comments before you leave a repetitive one I already covered. At what point did you read the title of the piece and ASSUME I was going to prove he was a great actor? Point me to the place in the actual column where I said this. I stated that I would prove he doesn’t suck, I said nothing about acting. But seriously, how am I gonna take you seriously if you didn’t like Speed? That movie is awesome. I officially ban you from reading my site. Get the fuck out of here. Non-Speed lover!

  246. Nick says:

    Sorry about the repetitiveness, but I read the last 100-something comments afterwards I wrote that. The damage done.

    But when people talk about Keanu sucking aren’t they talking about his acting? The public doesn’t know the guy personally and so they really can’t draw rational conclusions about Keanu as a person. He sounds like a nice guy and all, but people are generally talking about his acting when they say he sucks. So it’s a fair assumption you were trying to defend his acting ability, based on that piece.

    I can only imagine Speed being good as uber-camp, sorry.

  247. The Jay says:

    Nick: You’re right to an extent, people do judge Keanu based on his acting. However, as far as Keanu the person, there’s this misconception that he’s a stoner, he’s an idiot, he’s yada yada yada. And that perception carries over into his film identity. When people watch a Keanu movei they’re thinking he’s a bad actor and a stoner and an idiot because of a few roles he played (a bit too well) in his youth. If we removed those misconceptions about him, it would probably go along way to altering the way people think of him as an actor. To which, by the way, I think he’s somewhat underrated. Check out Permanent Record, River’s Edge, The Gift and Constantine to see highlights of his work.

  248. Nick says:

    I’ve seen The Gift and Constantine. I’d say he’s getting better, but he’s still mediocre at best. I do agree The Gift is the best performance I’ve ever seen from him. I think I’ve offically flogged the horse cadaver. I’m done.

    Peace, love and chicken grease.

  249. Greg says:

    I might not think Keanu is a great actor but he sure is pretty and any movie with Keanu in it can only be watched with one hand, if you get my drift.

  250. Jill says:

    I get so sick of people saying that Keanu is gay just because he isn’t seen dating much. People should know more about Keanu before they judge him. It’s been said in many articles that Keanu had a ready-set family but it was all taken away when his ex-girlfriend delivered their baby daughter stillborn and then only a year-and-a-half later his girlfriend was killed in an auto wreck. So it’s no wonder he doesn’t date much. He must be still hurting over losing his daugher and girlfriend so give the poor man a break, will you. People can be so cruel.

  251. shirley says:

    To whom it may concern:
    I know that Keanu is the greatest.
    He strives to keep up the good work.
    He is brave and also handsome.
    Strong work ethic.
    Cares about people
    What a hunk
    Keep on making those movies hope to see him sometime.

  252. The Jay says:

    I will no longer be approving any comments that revolve around Keanu’s sexuality or sexual preference. That’s not the point of this piece. And not the type of discourse I want on my site. Take it to the fan site boards.

  253. Becky says:

    Oh, is that why my comment didn’t get posted? Hey, you write this stuff about Keanu and exploit your freedom of speech so you expect people to just agree with you or else you won’t post it? What about our rights of freedom of speech? Hey, if you can’t take people talking about Keanu being gay or not, then don’t write an article about him. I said nice things about him otherwise and I, myself like him a lot but you can’t deny that Keanu isn’t gay. Not posting people’s comments about it isn’t going to change that fact…so whatever!

  254. Becky says:

    Oh, and another thing. You can go and post Greg’s comment about him jerking off to Keanu’s movies but you can’t post mine…pffft…whatever!

  255. Lori says:

    It’s about time someone publically defended Keanu Reeves. I just don’t get why the critics and people alike get their thrills at putting him down. What has this man ever done to provoke such hatred? To me, he seems like a really decent guy. You rarely read about him in the tabloids, which is a high standard in my book. And whenever you do read anything, it’s always about how humble and generous he is. He’s a good actor who sure is smart at picking the right roles. He has had such diverse roles which shows his versatility. I don’t get how anyone can call him “wooden” when he has given outstanding performances such as in The Gift, Hardball and The Devil’s Advocate to name a few. I just don’t get it. The only explaination I can think of about this pure hatred for Keanu is that he’s an easy target because he is so vulnerable. That’s his downfall. He doesn’t fight back. He has never said a bad word about anyone. When the critics continually throw their crushing critism towards Keanu, he catches them on his strong shoulders and just replies in a soft tone, “I know i’m the critics whipping boy.” Never once has he lashed back, so the critics are free to ridicule him all they like knowing they won’t get threatened to be sued for slander like…ehem…Tom Cruise did when the media said he was gay. So it’s the age old saying, “Nice guys finish last.” When you are incredibly beautiful inside and out, famous, talented, and filthy rich you’re bound to be hated. But the ironic thing is in the end, Keanu gets the last laugh because he’ll continue to make good movies, rake in more money, continue to be nauseatingly kind, continued to be loved by his millions of fans and continue to drive haters completly insane with envy! AMEN!

  256. The Jay says:

    Why do you think I said I wasn’t going to allow it anymore? Your comment came in after I made the decision and posted about it. Yes, you have freedom of speech, but no you don’t get to say anything you want on my boards. This is not a place to discuss whether or not Keanu os gay, and moreover, I don’t want to hear it. This is an entertainment humor site. So talk about that. Why is it so important for you to talk about Keanu’s sexual preference?

    Jeebus, I feel like I’m taking crazy pills!

  257. Judy says:

    Wow! Why is there so much bickering going on? You know, I have to agree with Jay. He is a loyal fan of Keanu’s and he wrote a piece defending him because people always say Keanu sucks. No where in Jay’s piece did he talk about Keanu’s sexuality. Why when the name “KEANU” gets mentioned people always associate the word “gay” with his name? So maybe his face is too pretty because of his perfectly arched eyebrows, his almond-shaped soulful eyes, and his high cheekbones. Maybe he is too vunerable because he wears his heart on his sleeve and can display tears in interviews. So maybe he doesn’t date much, because after all, he has had to go into therapy to get over the pain of losing his girlfriend and baby daughter. So with all that, he’s gotta be gay…yeah right, and I got a huge condo overseeing the ocean I want to sell you. Give me a break! Why can’t everyone just leave this poor man alone? Jay, keep doing what you’re doing. I loved this article. You had some great points and Keanu would be proud to have a loyal fan such as you. Who knows, maybe someday you’ll be able to meet “the one” himself and tell him in person!

  258. Rachael says:

    Hey Jay, I think you should hire Lori as your co-editor. Her post was as convincing as your article as to why Keanu doesn’t suck.

    Lori, I agree with you completely. I think people pick on Keanu so much because it mainly comes down to pure envy, like you said. And you’re right again when you say he’s too much of a nice person to defend himself. I can see no other reason for it because Keanu IS A GOOD ACTOR!

  259. Debbie says:


    I will remind you all again that this is not the forum to discuss Keanu’s sexuality. So please STOP!

  260. Kevin says:

    Did anyone see A Scanner Darkly? It’s a total trip! It blew my mind! If it’s playing wherever you are, go see it! I’ll admit, even Keanu was good in this.

  261. Debbie says:

    Jay, please tell me when did I mention Keanu’s sexuality in my post? All I said was Keanu said in an interview that he wants a family and I kiddingly said that he might need restraining orders to keep all the obsessed women away. What was wrong with that? I didn’t once mention his sexual preference in my post. I’m sorry if I offended you or Keanu.

  262. The Jay says:

    Debbie: I have been forced to become strict about the content of my comments. Too many negative associations and connotations. Yours wasn’t overtly crossing the line; I’m just more strict about the comments on THIS post. I don’t want to see the discussion warp into a “How hot is Keanu-Fest”. That’s not what this piece or these boards are about.

  263. Debbie says:

    Okay Jay, I’m sorry. No hard feelings? One just can’t help when talking about Keanu to mention his great looks but I’ll try to control my womanly urges from now on.

  264. Corey says:

    Jay, could it be because you know Keanu’s pretty face is the only reason he gets movie roles and you just don’t want to hear about it?

  265. Billie Joe's Domintated Love Slave says:

    Alright to you stupid fucktards who think Keanu Reeves isn’t a good actor…

    He has had previous achievements in the show business and we should all give him credit for that. For instance, in Something’s Gotta Give, he is a doctor who has a tender personality, he’s giving and is ultimately selfless. He’s simply irresistible. His performance in the ‘Gift’ was brilliant. He outshone Hilary Swank and Cate Blanchett. I may also add that Blockbusters ‘Constantine’ and the ‘Matrix’ trilogy was also some of his best work. If not then how did these movies hit big at the box office??? AND he has the guts to go ahead and play different roles, whether he’s the bad guy or not. I mean can you see Tom Cruise or what have you, to play a villain? No, I think not. Because they’re just such vain actors who are afraid they might get the reputation of the character they are playing.

    This man can act and damn it he is good at it. Sure he had some shitty movies but hey didn’t so many other actors before they became big? We don’t really know his as a person but he isn’t at all bigheaded and doesn’t show off about himself. He’s very low-key and has achieved a got reputation in Hollywood!

    I feel that some of you are really underestimating Keanu and his abilities because of his good looks. The man is just doing his job and he shouldn’t be sorry for that. I’m not saying he’s the most amazing actor and you know, maybe he isn’t the GREATEST actor in the world, but he does his best and never does anything half-assed. You people just expect too much. And besides if you don’t like him then you have come to the wrong place. Do you think he even gives a shit if you hate him? He’s got other things to worry about…

    Oh and something else…

    PILSKIN: Get real now please. Snap the fuck out of it and come back to reality. You’re talking big time shit.

    PEANUT: You are a one track-minded son of a bitch. You can’t just go saying that he’s the worst actor because of some movies he’s made that didn’t hit the box office. That’s just retarded and fucked up. You don’t know shit of what you’re saying. He knows Kung Fu because he practiced martial arts before he did the Matrix trilogy. And if you didn’t like Much Ado About Nothing then WHY THE HELL DID YOU WATCH IT??? You could have just turned the TV off when you were in ‘physical agony’! You just can’t be pleased… Tell you what, lighten the fuck up and go rant about all your shit somewhere else. This also goes for all the people who are being one-track minded about Keanu Reeves. Oh and by the way Speed was a great movie. Speed 2 was the one that sucked.

    Also, I read some of the comments about you people saying he was gay just because he happened to be driving on the gay side of Hollywood. I’ve never heard such bullshit in my life! Who in hell would assume something like that?!?! It’s not a valid reason. There’s no such thing as a GAY part and a STRAIGHT part in Hollywood. You people seriously have some loose nuts in your heads. And even if the man was gay, who the fuck cares?! He has the right to be what he wants; it’s not going to change my opinion of him.

    If you have a problem with Keanu Reeves then avoid watching his movies. Simple as that. Ranting about him won’t help and it’s just making your lives difficult. Just back the fuck off and leave him at peace.

    Nuff Said…

  266. Jessica says:

    Right on! Keanu is charmismic, lovely to watch, and he’s totally cool! He DOES NOT suck! He RULES! So haters just go away!

  267. Josh says:

    Keanu was really good in football comedy The Replacements. I read that he bulked up and put on 35lbs for the role as the quarterback. He trained on how to throw the ball and how to do special movements. He was pretty convincing. His throwing aim was dead on and he happened to be quite likeable in the movie. I myself, think he’s a decent enough actor and he seems like a cool guy offscreen. I don’t get why he always gets shit on either. The critics are fucked up. I never agree with them anyway. Their tastes suck most of the time. They like movies I hate and don’t like movies I happen to like so what the fuck do they know?

  268. Evren says:

    I changed my mind. Admittedly, I was not committed to the “he sucks” camp but still. A very good argument.

  269. Trevor says:

    I never thought Keanu sucked in the first place but this article made me respect and like the guy. I didn’t know much about him as a person. That is really cool of him for buying the stuntmen Harley motorbikes and giving portions of his own money away. That’s so unheard of in Hollywood where most of your actors/actresses are spoiled rich selfish idiots. Keanu is in a league of his own and it’s a refreshing change to see an actor realises that he was just like one of us before he hit it big. Keanu never forgets the little people or and doesn’t have an ego as big as Texas. And this is why he DOES NOT suck people!

  270. Bill says:

    The problem with Keanu is that he has the dreaded “monotone voice” syndrome. What I mean by that is he can’t be viewed as a good actor because of his low-monotone-surfer-voice. In every movie he stars in, his voice sounds the same whether he’s displaying anger, sadness, excitedness, ect. It’s a problem other actors have as well. Look at Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sly Stallone and even the legendary Clint Eastwood. Their voices might be distinct & memorable but they also displayed the same monotone voice no matter what they were playing. None of the mentioned actors have received an Oscar for their acting, right? They may be likeable in some ways, but they won’t be ever considered Oscar material.

    I don’t have anything against Keanu, but this is just my honest opinion on why he isn’t considered a great actor. He needs to try and change the tone of that monotone drawl of his when doing different emotions.

  271. Cathy says:

    Well Bill, I happen to think Keanu’s voice is sexy and smokey and instead of it hampering him as you say, I happen to think his voice adds to his studly, masculine appeal.

    Well written article by the way, Jay.

  272. Dean says:

    Someone on a messageboard said it best about Keanu:

    “He’s like an attractive piece of firewood – Pretty in appearance but as wooden as a doornob.”

  273. Britney says:

    For the last fuckin’ time, Keanu did not get where he is just because of his pretty face. When you say that, you are also insulting the talented directors and producers that put Keanu in their movies. So basically you idiots are saying all these widely repsected directors cast Keanu in their movies just because he’s pretty? Give me a fuckin’ break! They cast him because they saw talent. You stupid people would rather naw off your own foot than to admit that. Why does everyone get so much pleasure by putting him down, I’ll never know.

  274. caroline says:

    wonderful article, yess you get it!.
    i just LOVE KEANU, and i love all of his films.
    yeah, i think his a great person. but his different keanu is very intelligent about every steps he takes.
    and after this article.. i love him even more.
    My favourite film is constantine, christ! there we have the most beautiful men in the earth!!!!
    keanu has a fan in meee,
    lov him

  275. Krystel says:

    Britney I agree with you totally. For any Keanu fans that want to totally talk about him! Email me! I love Keanu, so I hope someone would like to totally chill about Keanu.

  276. Lee says:

    I went to see The Lake House with the wifey who has the hots for the Matrix dude. I was basically dragged there by the wifey but I have to admit, even though it was a chic flick, it was pretty good. I was quite impressed with Keanu. He actually can act. Who would have thought? While the wifey was drooling over him, I surprisingly was seeing him in a new light. He was actually likeable in this role, very different from his serious stone-face role as Neo. In The Lake House, he seemed mature, human and quite charismic. This “mature” Keanu really seems to suit him and his acting well. Looks like Mr. Reeves has finally shed the “Ted Theodore” tag once and for all.

  277. Ben says:

    Amen. I have also gotten into shouting matches defending Keanu. I thought I was the only one. He is a good actor. It’s funny that almost no one I argue this point with will ever deny that he’s made some great movies. Not only made them, he’s had the lead role in them. How do you carry a masterpiece like the Matrix when you supposedly suck? How do you even hold your own against Lawrence Fishburn if you suck?

    Another thing I admire about Keanu is that he seems so unselfish. He never seems like he is ever trying to steal a movie. He is never distracting. He always seems like he is totally buying into what the director wants to accomplish. He understands when it’s his turn to have the stage and when it’s time to let someone else have the stage. And he always gels with everyone else in his movies perfectly. I don’t think thats as easy as it sounds. I can think of many other actors who don’t know how to do this and always seem to bring their own agenda to the movie and it ends up ruining the movie.

    Anyway, thanks for writing this. There is no other actor I can think of who gets as much undeserved critism as this guy.

  278. Phillip says:

    WOW! Keanu and River Pheonix going at it! HOT!

  279. Sara says:

    Derek, are you trying to imply that Keanu is gay? He did that role a long time ago with his then best friend River Pheonix. Keanu & River were comfortable doing those scenes together because they were close friends. It’s called ACTING, not real life so everyone just stop implying that Keanu is gay. He’s not with a woman because of the tragedy of losing his girlfriend and baby. That’s a lot for a sensitive man like Keanu to get over. When he finally does, he’ll suprise everyone and get married to a WOMAN!

  280. Derek says:

    I wasn’t implying that Keanu was gay, Sara. I meant that Keanu was good in that role. As YOU stated he seemed very comfortable. He was actually funny, seductive and sexual all at the same time in this role. I was giving the guy a compliment. Jesus, everyone is so on the offensive. I know Keanu has been feilding gay rumors for most of his career but why does it even matter if he’s gay or not? What’s the big issue? Are you women going to stop liking him if he’s gay? If so, you weren’t fans in the first place. That is what is wrong with this world..people are judged by their sexual orientation instead of their character which is truly sad.

  281. Kelly says:

    Whoo-hoo! The Lake House will be released onto DVD Sept. 28th. This is so great! Anyone who hasn’t seen it yet must get the DVD. It is such a beautiful movie & Keanu’s acting was top notch and he looked so handsome. Girls, make sure you have tissues next to you when you watch

  282. isabella says:

    he is really good loking!!!!he is fucking cool!!!i like him more then a lot!!!!

  283. ISABELLA says:

    he’s the best!!he doesen’t suck and he never did!!and by the way the peopke that think he suck’s can’t drown them self in atlantic!!!!WE LOVE U KEANU!!!

  284. Tracy says:

    lol..Isabella, I like your spunk. And I agree with you 100 percent. But better yet, instead of drowning themselves, all Keanu haters can just go straight to hell!.lol

  285. Dana says:

    Keanu doesn’t have much going on upstairs so it’s a good thing for him that he’s so fucking good looking.

  286. Dana says:

    I forgot to add, check out this article because it explains it all about Keanu

  287. LIDA says:


  288. Gina says:

    I love Keanu Reeves. He’s not only handsome and a great actor he’s also very nice person.

  289. Tracy says:


    That article you gave the link to doesn’t prove anything. It’s just the opinion of two ditsy, imature female eidtors who don’t appreciate Keanu beyond his good looks. All they talk about is how goodlooking he is and how he sucks at acting but yet they still see every one of his movies. One even admitted that although she cringes while watching Keanu act, she’ll still go to every one of his movies just to admire the eye candy and laugh at his lack of acting abilities. Now how stupid is that? I guess she doesn’t lead too much of an exciting life if that’s how she amuses herself. I’m not going to take an article written by two dumb bimbos seriously. Now when an article is written intelligently and has good points to back up an oppinion, then I’ll take it seriously.

    And for your imformation, Keanu has a lot going on upstairs. He’s very intelligent and reads all kinds of books, such as books on philosophy. He is very deep and thoughtful in interviews, especially his more recent ones. Maybe if you just gave Keanu a chance and watched a few of his more recent interviews you would find he is actually an articulate and likeable guy, instead of just being influenced by what Keanu bashers always say.

  290. YBne1 says:

    I can’t believe someone actually thinks Keanu hasn’t got much upstairs?! Obviously this person knows nothing about Keanu. Most people aren’t as well read as Keanu is, let alone actors.

  291. Tracy says:

    Well said, YBne 1! thumbs up

  292. Sam says:

    Absolutely 100% true – man you are great!

  293. LIDA says:


  294. Laurin says:

    I think Keanu is the most handsome man I have ever seen. Peace.

  295. Sophie says:

    I just bought the Lake house and I must say after watching it I think Keanu is the handsomest man alive. And for those of you who thinks he sucks as an actor, this movie proves you wrong.

  296. MFEMFE says:

    I admire his skills because doesn’t over act. I just wish he played more roles like the hard/red-neck in “The Gift” rather than the sappy love stories. He’s a hella sexy when he plays the bad guy.

  297. Laurin says:

    I love him, I want to marry him and have his children. xxoo

  298. Sophie says:

    What woman doesn’t, Laurin?lol

  299. Laurin says:

    Very True Sophie!!!!!!lol

  300. will says:

    He does too suck @$$. He is not a good actor.

  301. Tina from Chicago says:

    The Jay, DAT wuz EXCELLENT!

    I am a renewed fan after watching The Lake House– what a sweet, tender, romantic, old-fashioned, different movie! A must for non-cynics!! No one else could have played his role (and the soundtrack is so memorable!)… watching it made me realize how charismatic, likable, graceful and irresistibly mysterious the man still is after 20+ years of acting…

    Loved you, lovin’ you, love you Keanu!!

  302. Tabby From Maine says:

    I bought the Lake House and I agree it is all that Tima says it is and more:)

  303. Brandy says:

    What beautiful words, Tina. I so agree with you. :o D

  304. Mary Alice says:

    I love the movie, he’s my favorite actor of all time. MA

  305. Elizabeth says:

    Hi, is it true Keanu is getting married?

  306. Brandy says:

    No, Keanu is not getting married. It was just a rumor. Keanu said so himself.

  307. Elizabeth says:

    He’s so sweet, he deserves to get married:)

  308. Brandy says:

    I agree Elizabeth. Whoever eventually ends up being his wife will be the luckiest lady in the world!

  309. Elizabeth says:

    How do you pronounce his name? Is it Kayanu or Keyanu?

  310. Brandy says:

    It’s Keyanu(Key-ah-new)

  311. Laurin says:

    I still love him, want to marry him and have his children. Maybe he’ll read this and I’ll get lucky

  312. UK admirer says:

    I always knew my admiration of the Reeves was justified

  313. Appreciate the man says:

    Ya he just is those one of those unappreicated forgetten poor dude out there that doesn’t give a shit about fame( ahem* paris slut hilton*). He doesn’t get into muich trouble(Hugh suck my dick Grant) and he can be pretty intense( so hard-core in Speed, much better than sleaze bag Farrell). Come on lets all give him a hand.

  314. aok says:

    i loved this post – found this accidentally – keep writing – you’re talented and based on this great post on keanu – very observant. look forward to more!

  315. Disheartened says:

    Simply working with top-notch actors does not make you a top-notch actor in turn. Keanu Reeves was great in the Bill & Ted movies, and that is the ONLY entirely convincing performance that he has ever given.

    No one is debating the claims that he’s a good person, or has a cool name, or that he has romanced several of Hollywood’s leading ladies on and off screen. But all of these facts do NOT a good actor make! You want to know why so many people dislike Keanu Reeves? It comes down to talent (or lack thereof), plain and simple. He is not bad in his range. Unfortunately, that range is unforgiveably small. His acting is simply not believable.

    And I half expect him to say “dude” every 5 seconds in every role of his, excepting Neo. His Don John in Much Ado, for instance? Painful.

    He does well financially and commercially because his roles don’t require anything extraordinary. But it honestly pains me when people list Keanu Reeves as a favorite actor, and then say “James Stewart? Laurence Olivier? Gene Hackman? Michael Caine? WHO??” #$%^&*

  316. the roof is on fire says:

    wow nice post there
    just like most ppl i have come across this by accident but i gotta say i found it great! keep it up!

  317. marina says:

    interesting how enraged detractors become about Keanu’s acting skills. Wonder why?
    Personally, I think it is because Keanu has an air about him of existing a couple miles above mere mortals, possibly just a Virgo trait.
    Maybe he just is, you know, better than most. And that has got to sting when you are greedy, small minded …etc etc.
    (Me, I just wish I was him.)
    Also, since Keanu himself put a posting saying that he cant act, just had some fortune and so on…, you dont mean it do you?
    An actor does not need to be all over the screen to deliver a strong, intense, passionate performance. Keanu is zen – in acting too.
    Wonderful guy, Keanu, all the best.

  318. The Master says:

    Keanu is my favorite actor, he has a smile that could light up the world.

  319. stacey says:

    keanu is my dream man.I loved every single movie he made. My greatest wish is to meet him. That would be my ultimate dream come true.KEANU if you ever read this, love you man.

  320. LIDA says:


  321. halfie says:

    PLUS I think it’s great that he’s half-asian like meeeeeeeeee <3 well, i’m half-vietnamese and he’s half chinese if i recall correctly but more power to him. did anyone ever notice that, whenever they put asian men in movies, they are always portrayed as either: 1) incompetent in getting women, 2) kung fu masters, 3) doctors, or 4) foreigners? Thank you Keanu for representing the AZN population (even though i’m like, the only one who knows you’re a halfie <3…)

    <3 a half-asian sistah

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  323. LIDA says:


  324. stacey says:

    merry christmas and happy new year, keanu

  325. Sam says:

    i actually think you may be the greatest person on earth!
    I get persucuted so much for being a extreme keanu lover, espicially over here in England for some reason people here are extremely blind and dumb to his talent.
    I dont care what anyone says you are right, after all this great guy has been through and how he is a generally great guy i dont know how anyone can say a bad word against him.
    If people dont like keanu reeves they should just go on myspace and chat about “great actors” like tom cruise :s

    THE best thing ive ever read. amazing and true.

  326. Suzie says:

    Any one person who can play Ted, the Buddha, and Uno can act. When I heard Reeves was going to play the Buddha, I felt frightened for him the way I felt frightened for Mel Gibson when I heard he was going to do “Hamlet.” With Gibson I was…relieved that he didn’t embarrass himself. (Of course, he’s disgraced himself since, but that’s a different discussion.)

    But seeing Reeves’s portrait of the Biddha, I was dumbfounded. He is astonishing in this film; there is one particular moment of grace in which he radiates compassion…which is what the Buddha is all about. It’s a magical performance in a gorgeous, fairy tale-like telling of the founding story of one of the world’s great religions. Anyone who wants to hold a valid opinion about Reeves’s talent should see it.

    The film starts with a second storyline set in the present day that is sweet and interesting if a little leisurely, but don’t let that discourage you. If you haven’t seen this movie, you haven’t seen Keanu Reeves, so rent it, be patient, and you’ll be rewarded.

    (And BTW, though his English accent has occasionally left something to be desired — a problem not unique to him among American film actors — he absolutely nails the Indian accent this role called for; never once did it throw me out of the spell of the movie.)

    It was a courageous act to accept the role of the Buddha — it’s just like playing Jesus, and how scary is that? — and I was so happy for Reeves that he was rewarded for taking the risk: the performance of a lifetime is captured on film. That it was a quirky little independent movie meant that not many people saw it; if more had, there wouldn’t be these silly conversations about whether or not he — or his acting — sucks.

    Although, Jay, if you’re still reading this thread — I thought your column was hilarious. I was looking for the text of a London Times review of Reeves’s Hamlet…and found something very different!


  327. Ashlie says:

    Orlando Bloom is not a pussy hes the best to like Keanu Reeves so dont sau or write that

  328. Phoebe says:

    Keanu is HOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  329. Me says:

    Keanu does not suck. Jay Mohr sucks. Royally.
    That is all.

  330. becky says:

    keanu is absolutly the most sexy man eva

  331. Keanu's Serenity says:

    Do you know what I love about this man? Do you really want to know?

    He KNOWS he sucked in Dracula. He KNOWS he’s not Olivier. He has said as much in interviews, but he’s trying (and IMO succeeding) to improve all the time. He is the most self-aware actor I know. And THIS, ladies and gentlemen, is also one of the MANY reasons he does not suck.

    And so many people have such high praise about the person he is, as well as the dedication he puts into his acting. Even people who have said negative things about him in the past have done 180′s once they met him.

    And yes, he is a good actor and, at times, a great actor. Not necessarily the best actor but still good. How can he not be when he looked at Erica JANE Barry’s wrinkled, stupid, yes-I’ll-take-the-creepy-womanizing-old-fart-who-would-rather-fuck-my-daughter-than-me-even-though-he’s-older-than-me-over-the-young-studly-sweet-gorgeous-doctor-who-adores-me-for-$200-Alex, ignorant ass with such tenderness and admiration in his eyes and kiss her with a straight face? THAT takes acting!

  332. tess says:

    hi ho,
    was surfing the net to find out the latest about Kim (his sister) when i came across your site…excellently passionate and good-humoured piece of writing there. i enjoyed it immensely and could not avoid scrolling down to read some of the responses. seems like you pushed many, many “buttons’, my man.
    have always enjoyed Keanu in all the multiple roles. was keenly interested because i have Eurasian children (i am Chinese and my husband is Irish) and i wanted some good role models for them after an incident when one of them got a very hard time from some of his school-chums about his ethnicity…sucky experience for my boy! am also interested in news about Tiger Woods, for example, for similar reasons.
    however, because i am a movie buff, Keanu is one of my favourites. i am also an Elvis fan and i see a lot of commonalities between them.
    anyhow, power to you for finding a practical way to say your piece and it is people like you who prove that this whole internet democratic scene is liberating, informative, inclusive, cathartic, therapeutic, empowering and educational.
    trust you are enjoying your new year so far, The Jay, and may someone perform as great as service for you as you have done for us Keanu fans.
    arohanui e hoa,
    tess :-)

  333. Luxie says:

    Nice article Jay.

    I think people either get Keanu or they dont. Those of us who appreciate him have plenty to enjoy. He is gorgeous and talented (no wonder so many people hate him)

    Those who dont like him – why even bother to post/respond to something like this?
    I have never known a guy who gets bitched about so much by people who consistently choose to watch him time and time again.

    Give us all a break – stop watching his movies if you dislike his style of acting!

  334. holloywood says:

    I do not know why peoples only said Keanu’s acting is suck. I like his most movies. His movies are good entertainment and eye candy like some of your said. From your article, I learn more about his mankind personal. I like his movies more. Thank you. Talking about acting, I think none of Hollywood movie star can acting or said all of their acting are suck. Even the judgers of Oscar, due to lack of knowlegde, they can not judge right. So Jay, why you choose the acting topic, can you find anyone can act in Hollywood? Answer is NONE! But Hollywood movies make money.

  335. JoBaby says:

    Dear Jay:

    Wow – terrific writing; fun, energetic, and well-written. Do you write professionally? Nice tone.

    Of course I live for my dream life each night in which the big K and I live happily ever after… but that won’t distort my view on your article!! He is all you mentioned, and more.

    Living some time in Canada makes you different than an American, and as an actor, that shows too. K grew up here (not far from me but alas far enough that we never shared a grade school…sigh) and perhaps that’s where he learned to be understated as an actor – when portraying “real” people on screen one must realize that normal people don’t pull faces and rant and rave in their lives, even in most crises! To play a normal person as an actor, you should let it be internal – and if you watch K. closely in nearly every role, even the early ones, you see he is IN there, he is plugged into his character and I for one, can hear his thoughts as he not only reads his lines but internalizes them. Don’t we all have placid faces when we are raging quietly about something, or feeling wistful? We don’t wear our emotions on our sleeves like many American ‘ACTORS’ love to do. Watch Meryl Streep sometime… most of her acting is internal too. OK, that was one WILD comparison, I agree – but still! K’s not there yet but don’t be surprised in 10 years when he IS!

    Something else about K – he’s never really had supporting roles. From early on, he has been discovered and put in the starring role and maybe sometimes he has not been ready for them, ex. “Tune in Tomorrow” in which he tries mightily but doesn’t succeed. What K has never had is the opportunity to learn while in the sidelines of little alternative films… everything he has done has had a big push from the studio and he has always tried to carry the film on his young and somewhat inexperienced shoulders. So when he hasn’t pulled it off to perfection, it seems to be a big deal and everyone sees it. But if you go back and research any other actor’s career, they have all had years of learning in little roles in little films that nobody saw.

    Obviously this is changing with age and I am watching him every step of the way.

    The man is so admirable I can barely stand it. Don’t forget he turns down $$$$ of swag at every award show and festival, politely telling the shillers that it’s “just not his thing, thanks”.

    Oh, before I forget, Jay, you forgot to mention Cameron Diaz in his list of leading ladies from “Feeling Minnasota”.

    Re some other posts about his big, beautiful goofy innocent grin — I live for it and wish he could just relax and smile more…it’s heartwarming and I wish he know how much all of us loved him, I think he’s really a lonely person.


  336. The Jay says:

    No, I didn’t forget Cameron. I skipped her on purpose. Don’t forget, the piece was about making Keanu Reeves look good. Cameron Diaz makes no one look good. NO ONE.

  337. RZ says:

    Honestly, I loved Point Break and loved Constantine (don’t care if you agree with me), but between the two movies *which I have seen a really large portion of Reeves movies) I would say he has evolved somewhat. He was a surfer, and this still kinda shows through, but he has a dirty intensity. You actually look at him and think “Wow, hat a bad-a$$”. Well, at least I do.

  338. JoBaby says:

    Hey Jay:

    I tried to go back and edit my reply but to no avail! When I connected to your article is was directly through googling my head off for a while… so I went straight to your K. piece and had no idea you had a big fat professional website where your insights,POV and writing obviously have a healthy following! So I started laughing my butt off after I couldn’t go back to alter my “do you write professionally” question…. :)

    So no offense intended, actually the reverse. If you didn’t have a professional gig, I was suggesting you deserved one!

    Oh and that pic of you I saw — hey; you are a little on the cute side too! ;)


  339. The Jay says:

    Don’t worry, I didn’t take it personally.

    I’m only a little cute? Now THAT’S the suspect sentence in the comment.


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  341. Lyre (female) says:

    Hi Jay,
    I’m from another part of the world and YES I truly appreciate who KR is.

    It’s not the matter whether he’s a good actor or not but yet being a great actor could actually cause them certain mental problem, such as Rober D. (won’t name too many as it will seem no respect to these real good actors). Thus, I’d rather be glad that KR is not that great in acting; which it proves that he’s such a true person.

    Master: I totally agree with you that KR’s smile can light up ppl’s life, it’s the most sweetest & innocent smile that I ever seen; not to mention that I have the same type of smile. ;)

    May God bless KR and all of us.

  342. Dylan says:

    Amazing! You are right, he does not suck! He may have some denseness going on but he is not dumb. He’s a grand man!

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  345. pam says:

    love you anyway, keanu. I don’t even know why.

  346. nichapat says:

    a gay or a good actor or not, i don’t know and i don’t even care. I love you just the way you are and your soul is inspiring..

  347. Hadeer says:

    i love keanu so much ,he is my best actor,the matrix is my best movies and i wish that the website put more pics for him .

  348. Grace says:

    You are so right! Keanu is great and damn sexy too! love him, he is absolutely gorgeous and seems like a really good person too. I respect him for keeping his private life private and dealing with the tragedies in his life with such dignity.

    Ok, some of his films arent classics but every actor/actress has a few duds on their CV. As for his acting, Ive seen plenty worse. The Matrix, the Gift and devils advocate are brilliant films so we know he can act. As you say, why would he still be famous after nearly 20 years if he was that bad?

    Not sure if you’ll read the 350th comment Jay, but just wanted to say came across your website by accident, its really good, youre v.funny! will have to read some more articles.
    I agree with you about Orlando, yuk!

  349. sula says:

    I read every single comment in this run. For me, Keanu Reeves simply has a transcendent beauty of soul. He sees into the far beyond and has an intelligence most people cannot touch upon. He knows who and what he isn’t,and gets on with who he is here to be, with absolute personal integrity. Our business is to watch him if we want to and not to watch him if we don’t. The rest is totally his private business
    Keanu is sincere and tender, and goes for challenges he wants to set himself. Good on him. One beautiful being.

  350. KeanuFan4Life says:

    Reading some of the messages on this site, and am glad to hear there are many other fans of this gifted actor. Everything great about him has been pretty much said by everyone else here on this site. I have been a die-hard fan since I was 12 years old, watching him in “River’s Edge” and have followed his career since. I have been extremely lucky as my dream came true when I met him at 2005′s Toronto Film Festival for “Thumbsucker”. What an amazing experience and to finally meet my favorite actor!!! There will always be HATERS, but I am one to always defend!!!

    I am also from Toronto, where Keanu grew up, and am extremely disappointed that he has not yet been inducted in “Canada’s Walk of Fame”. I have nominated him 3 years in a row now, but if others can go on the site below and PLEASE nominate him for the 2007 and support Keanu!!!!

    Thanks!!! :)

  351. See'r says:

    Highly entertaining piece you’ve got yourself here – and still active after eight months. I expect that is a comment on Keanu’s talents in itself (or yours, or both), he certainly appears to inspire continued response.

    JoBaby has made an interesting point, learning your craft is certainly influenced by the environment you learn it in. Like him or not, like what he does or not, he’ll be with us for the duration, I think – if he’ll quit cracking up on bikes that is.

    Oh, and not owning a computer doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s not scoping out the ether along with the rest of us ;) .

    Myself, I enjoy the chameleon that the man is, I’ve enjoyed his work from The River’s Edge on, and look forward to more of the same. He does indeed NOT suck…

  352. Coral says:

    What a brilliant review of Keanu’s work! Not only was it very amusing, but really captured the extensive talent that Keano has shown as an actor in his varied roles.

    I have always enjoyed Keanu’s films, I have not seen all of them and have only just recently watched Matrix Reloaded and Revolutions!

    From what I have witnessed in the odd article that I have read over the years, he does seem to acquire some quite harsh and unjust critical reviews.

    Keano in my view is a Winner, and as you correctly pointed out, never gives up, even when experiencing emotional upheavals in his personal life.

    Jay – I have to agree with almost all of the 40 points that you have raised, and I look forward to hopefully many more films from this very talented and sincere actor.

    Coral from London

  353. adnyl says:

    well of course he doesn’t suck life can sometimes suck but not keanu! (lol) there are countless things about this man that i admire including that smile. i look forward in seeing a lot more of him. he’s great!!

  354. angelique says:

    Keanu is a GREAT actor! Thanks The Jay!
    I must agree with Brandon,not about Keanu though, but about Thomas Edison.And the scientist he mentioned was Nikola Tesla.Try to read something about him.You’ll be surprised.And someone said well:if you don’t like Keanu don’t watch his movies!

  355. lara sweety-girl says:

    i like u too much nd i like ur type of ur face cause its so cute i want to talk to u on e-mail im from palestine if u want to add me moonbright_14@hotmail.comid like to talk to u on e-mail plz accept my request nd thak u

  356. KEANU REEVES FAN!!! says:

    ABSOLUTLY AGREE!!!! He is a great actor and we can’t forget then he had a lot of tragedies with effect on his acting… EVEN MARLON BEANDO when he lost his daughter and son goes to prison he didn’t act well.

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  358. ray says:

    we saw him at the troubador a coupla years ago . my friends girlfriend started to stalk him. which kinda sucked for him but he was totally cool about it. we stopped her before it got serious. he,s a nice guy. and come on guys him a break. what have you done in hollywood lately?

  359. See'r says:

    Hey The Jay!

    Speaking of your one year old birthday piece – when are we going to see the Estevez/Bobby write up? Or did I miss it?

    Otherwise, I know, no deadlines ;)

    Oh, to make this Keanu related since it’s his piece ; have been cruising some fan sites through the night (what can I say, I’m on a Keanu kick).

    Growing awareness of why the man tries so damn hard to keep his private life private. Some of that fan stuff out there (and some of it lies here-in, above) is just plain scary…

    And yet, he appears to manage to remain gracious in spite of the more-than-personal intrusions.

    ‘K, kick the depression…

    throw a Penn fit…
    (you being you, make it a civilized one, no need to end up behind bars)

    could be fun…
    (better than 60 plus in the dark ;)

  360. The Jay says:

    I’m waiting for Emilio to do anything worth writing about. I could theoretically just writer something up on the former Young Gun, but I prefer to time it with the release of a project. So maybe when Bobby gets released on DVD. We’ll see…

  361. sarah says:

    Keanu is so underrated for his talent and that’s a shame. Great piece, I agree wholeheartedly with it all

  362. Jane says:

    There are tons of goodlooking, talented male actors in Hollywood but there is only one Keanu! I don’t know what it is about him that sets him apart but all I know is that he’s got that special something to keep me interested after all these years.

  363. Donna Berk says:


  364. Ken says:

    Two movies come to mind whenever I hear Keanu’s name and they aren’t Bill and Ted nor The Matrix. I think of Hardball which had a heart-tugging twist and I think of The Replacements. Keanu very successfully played an everyman who was given a one-in-a-lifetime opportunity and took advantage of it. He played it in a very understated manner that made the movie all the more believeable. I go to movies to escape everyday life and his movies allow me to do it successfully.

  365. autumn says:

    I think you can go on and on. But 40 is good enough to be the last stop any way. Each of the previous is cool. My biggest applause is for No 38.

    I have learnt somthing from the man: his commitment to whatever he does, his behaviors to the press, his trying… Still remember him saying “I give my thanks everyday”. That means a lot.

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  367. Barney Gumball says:

    I don’t have anything against Keanu Reeves, but he must be sucking Satans cock to have done so many movies. I don’t know how Hollywood works, but he is one wooden actor. As another post on here states: He just doesn’t have the vocal emotion to pull off a convincing job. They’re right. Even Arnold can kinda do that…

  368. See'r says:

    Yep, the relationship is there.

    Maybe it’s something in the water in Canada?

    Now there’s a subject..

    Transplanted Canadians as American Icons


  369. Nancy says:

    I’m always amazed how many people say Keanu sucks at acting but they can’t come up with an answer when I ask, “then why has he been acting for over 20 years?” Keanu is the most under-rated actor ever and he gets the most undeserving critism. I just don’t get it. Why? Why does the media hate him so much, besides the fact that he’s the most goodlooking man on the planet, full of talent and has more money than he’ll be able to spend in his lifetime? There’s got to be more. I have a suspicion they hate that dispite their nagging efforts to pull private information out of him, he’s still unwilling to share his private life. Nothing pisses the media off more than not being able to get juicy stories out of a celebrity. Keanu has always been able to keep a decent reputation and so there’s no controversy on him. So in retaliation, I believe the media started this whole “Keanu can’t act” and “Keanu is gay” stuff because there’s nothing else bad they could write about him. So what does that tell me? tells me, I should hold my head up high and proudly proclaim that I’m a huge Keanu fan because he’s not only a great actor, he’s also a decent man.

    Thank you Jay for paying tribute to the most under-rated actor in Hollywood. Your piece was brilliant and Keanu would be proud to call you his fan. ;)

  370. Michele says:

    There are 2 sorts of great actors. One sort is the kind Keanu is. He makes interesting movies and he is interesting to watch and is believable in all the parts he plays. But you always know its him in the film, but that is part of his charm. Jimmy Stewart was another like that.

    Then the other sort is like Johnny Depp. Again, interesting movies and believable. But you can sometimes watch almost the whole film and then suddenly you think – that’s Johnny Depp, I hadn’t recognised him until now. Because he disappears into the character.

    Keanu makes the character his, Johnny makes himself become the character.

    They are two different styles but they are both great.

    They are both intelligent men with muti-layered personalities and great integrity and musical ability.

    I think they are both fantastic and I appreciate the work they both do.

    Those people who look down on Keanu have no appreciation of the quality of his work because he makes it look effortless and they don’t understand his style. That’s their problem not his. No point sweating it.

  371. Brandy says:

    Everyone who is a Keanu fan MUST see this video. It is so sad, touching and beautiful that you’ll be reminded why you’re a Keanu fan in the first place. He really has gone through so much in his personal life. Even the biggest Keanu critic would have to be moved in some way by this video. You can view it here

  372. heather says:

    I like Keanu. His early films were some of the best he’d done. Permanent Record was brilliant – as was rivers edge.

  373. Amy says:

    Wow! That Keanu video tribute you posted the link to Brandy was intense! I knew he had gone through a lot but there’s a difference between reading it and actually watching it. Poor Keanu. I really hope he finds happiness someday soon. It’s good he has so many people that care for him.

    Great piece, by the way Jay. I really didn’t need any convincing since I already know Keanu is great but it was an excellent read anyway.

  374. See'r says:

    Thanks for the link Brandy, good video :)

    But I think I liked the family tribute and the tribute to Kim as much or more.

    Keanu detractors.. Pfffttt…..

    In ‘the day’ the Studios polished and promoted – and protected – their stars. Today, they survive on their own, against a somewhat fickle public and rumor hungry media. It’s a wonder any of them survive at all. Keanu has passed any accepted ‘expiration date’ and continues on unhindered.

    There ya go.

  375. Em says:

    K Reeves rocks and you say it like it is!


  376. Kati says:

    Keep preaching, J! We fans love him no matter what.

  377. Sarah says:

    Dispite what critics say, they can’t deny that Keanu has incredible screen presence. He appeals to the women AND men because he has so many cool action/scifi movies that attract the men and a pretty face plus charisma that attracts the women and…ehem…gay men. Like it has been said, Keanu has been in the movie business for over 20yrs, so he has to have something that’s attacting moviegoers to his movies and directors wanting him in their movies. Whether he’s a good actor or not is irrelavant..some of the best male moviestar legends weren’t great actors but were loved for their great screen presence and cool factor. And that’s exactly what Keanu has..screen presence and cool the truth is Keanu DOES NOT SUCK! Critics will have to get used to the fact that they’ll be seeing more of Keanu’s face on the big screen and that he’s not going away anytime soon.

  378. Priscilla says:

    Keanu Reeves is great eye candy! [[[drool]]]

  379. JoBaby says:

    Aww man, tell me you got my last comment so I don’t have to type it all again!!

    It’s re See’r's comment on Canadians as American Icons… did you get it? Arrgh.

  380. See'r says:


    Try again JoBaby, I wanna see, I wanna see!

    You guys have sent us some really good stuff!

    Of course our comments will probably cross in the ether now ;)

    (boy, I hope this doesn’t double, I’m gonna hit it again)

  381. JoBaby says:

    OK since you’re gonna cry!!

    Hmm where was I? Transplanted Canadians as American Icons, right. I think you are onto something there, See’r.

    Canadians are so similar in cultural references and general knowledge and somewhat in lifestyle, that we are adept at infiltrating, impersonating and reflecting your own “AMERICAN” way of life back at you in such a way that you seem to find really appealing!

    It is more specifically, I think, our lack of blinding self-patriotism, unassuming demeanor (for the most part!) and quirky ‘Outsider’ mentality that brings the unique, cutting edge and frame of reference to the Canadian talent that comes your way seeking fame and fortune. We seem like you, sound like you, look like you, BUT are different enough to bring something fresh and skewed to your entertainment scene. And somehow they become icons… of the USA?

    Another entire subject is why these talented performers don’t get enough love and support at home in the beginning of their careers that they seek to find it with you. Granted, your population is so massive that a small success is enough to garner a staggering amount of fame & fortune which is simply unattainable in our smaller populated country. But still – why we don’t support them fully until they ‘Make It’ there is baffling to me.

    Cases in point –

    Canadians who are US Icons:

    Keanu (baby baby come back, I love you)
    William Shatner
    Jim Carrey
    Mike Myers
    Kiefer Sutherland
    Michael J. Fox
    Pamela Anderson
    Celine Dion

    And maybe not Icons but definately Stars:

    Martin Short
    Eugene Levy
    Eric McCormack
    Howie Mandel
    Avril Levine
    Alanis Morrisette
    Rachel McAdams
    Evangeline Lilly
    the Bare Naked Ladies
    The Kids In the Hall (Dave Foley, Mark McKinney, Scott Thompson, Kevin McDonald)
    Will Arnett
    Ryan Reynolds

    I don’t know if that’s everyone but it’s certainly a starting point!! So yeah, where a performer comes from has alot to do with their cultural references and sensibilites and goes a long way in making them the individual they become, no matter how long they decide to live somewhere else.

    Thoughts? Comments? Objections?

  382. JoBaby says:

    OK since you’re gonna cry!!

    Hmm where was I? Transplanted Canadians as American Icons, right. I think you are onto something there, See’r.

    Canadians are so similar in cultural references and general knowledge and somewhat in lifestyle, that we are adept at infiltrating, impersonating and reflecting your own “AMERICAN” way of life back at you in such a way that you seem to find really appealing!

    It is more specifically, I think, our lack of blinding self-patriotism, unassuming demeanor (for the most part!) and quirky ‘Outsider’ mentality that brings the unique, cutting edge and frame of reference to the Canadian talent that comes your way seeking fame and fortune. We seem like you, sound like you, look like you, BUT are different enough to bring something fresh and skewed to your entertainment scene. And somehow they become icons… of the USA?!

    Another subject entirely is why these talented performers don’t get enough love and support at home in the beginning of their careers that they seek to find it with you. Granted, your population is so massive that a small success is enough to garner a staggering amount of fame & fortune which is simply unattainable in our smaller populated country. But still – why we don’t support them fully until they ‘Make It’ there is baffling to me.

    Cases in point –

    Canadians who are US Icons:

    Keanu (baby baby come back, I love you)
    William Shatner
    Jim Carrey
    Mike Myers
    Kiefer Sutherland
    Michael J. Fox
    Pamela Anderson
    Celine Dion

    And maybe not Icons but definately Stars:

    Martin Short
    Eugene Levy
    Eric McCormack
    Howie Mandel
    Avril Levine
    Alanis Morrisette
    Rachel McAdams
    Evangeline Lilly
    the Bare Naked Ladies
    The Kids In the Hall (Dave Foley, Mark McKinney, Scott Thompson, Kevin McDonald)
    Will Arnett
    Ryan Reynolds

    I don’t know if that’s everyone but it’s certainly a starting point!! So yeah, where a performer comes from has alot to do with their cultural references and sensibilites and goes a long way in making them the individual they become, no matter how long they decide to live somewhere else.

    Thoughts? Comments? Objections?

  383. See'r says:

    No objections here :)

    Well thought out, good points – BUT – one glaring omission ;)

    Peter Jennings.

    I especially like the lack of blinding self patriotism comment. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m born and bred American, and I love this country. But. Blindly self patriotic I’m not. At this moment in time at least, for me, patriotism is too tied into the political ‘wind’ in the U.S., and I’m not happy with the way it’s been blowing for the last several years.

    ‘Nough said about that, I suppose ;)

    Now I can’t plumb the depths of reasons as to why the transplants aren’t appreciated prior to their accomplishments here, because I don’t understand that either. Would seem that talent is, wherever it is born and exercised.

    <<< that we are adept at infiltrating, impersonating and reflecting your own “AMERICAN” way of life back at you >>>

    I think you’ve hit the nail right on it’s head :) Maybe Americans are too close to it, and it takes the ‘quirky outsider’ to illustrate the various points?

    I will always find it interesting – and telling – that those who so appreciate what America is really about are usually those who are transplanted from elsewhere.

    That means something…

    (Time to shut up before I get myself in real trouble here!)

    To make it Keanu related : I’m glad he came South!

    (Here we go again – Jay, something is going on with the board here, it seems to be ‘burping’.)

  384. Lovely to read your stuff.KR is great. Not only for his work but for his integraty, kindness and sheer beauty.

  385. JoBaby says:

    Oh well if you want to talk news, there’s also John Roberts – he was just JD Roberts up here and hosted our version of MTV!!!

    I think you also took Thalia Assuras (sp?) too and I’m certain some others.

    I knew I’d get it for that patriotism comment, you were actually nice about it. I kinda meant that we so absolutely DON’T have it, it makes for a significant distinction. I won’t say whether it’s good or bad, I once had a fight in Vegas with a bunch of off-duty pit boys about it and they wanted to punch me and one left nearly in tears of frustration that he couldn’t hit a girl… that’s blinding.

    I guess my point about Keanu was that those that find him shallow or wooden might do well to look again and see that he actually does alot of internalizing as an actor, which is more human sometimes than a big flamboyant PERFORMANCE, you know? And that that kind of quietness likely stems from growing up in Canada, and also that I believe his is a very calm and reflecting person by nature anyway.

    Not that he’s always GREAT (well I kinda think he is) :) but that he is always invested in his roles, you gotta look behind his eyes sometimes to see it.

    And I would REALLY REALLY like it if someone there would please send him back home… my guest room is currently empty!

  386. See'r says:

    <<< I kinda meant that we so absolutely DON’T have it, it makes for a significant distinction. >>>

    See? Now I wish everyone was like that – I like to call myself a citizen of the planet and a member of the family of man.

    But anyway.

    I agree, and have said before elsewhere, that I have yet to not see emotion in Keanu’s work, it’s always there. I don’t know, maybe folks are so fixated on watching him that they’re not seeing him ;)

    He is visually distracting…

    Guest room? Your GUEST ROOM ???


    Naw.. I think we’ll keep him for just as long as he wants to stay!


  387. JoBaby says:


    LOL I guess you’re right – was thinking with my real life married brain rather than my fantasy life nasty brain…

    Forgive me, K… of course you’re invited into my bedroom, anytime! (i’ll just put Hubby in the guest room!) ;)

  388. christine says:

    Ok -I have been a lurker on the net and have never written but I have had enough of people saying keanu is wooden. You have a steel plate in you neck and tell me how fluent you can move
    your head. Goodness people. Also what makes him a great actor. Watch his movies and when he is on screen where do you eyes go first thing. To him. He has that “thing”. In Devils Advocate they put his name first because per the studio
    “HE IS BOXOFFICE”-before Al Pacino for goodness sake. And -He is not GAy. You want something manly from him how about this story in playboy
    (sometime last year-can’t remember) Three boys were harassing a checkout clerk in a grocery store. He was two customer away from them. He grabbed one and told him -You think that it makes you tough to harass a young girl doing her job?? When the boys saw who it was they said
    Hey man-we are just having some fun and ran out.
    Would a sissy man do that? He’s gorgeous, I think all of you who thinks he sucks are jeolous

  389. Lakshitha says:

    Keanu is the BEST

  390. AMARA J. TURIYA says:








    THE SECRET TO HAVING BEAUTIFULLY, YOUTHFUL AND SMOOTH SKIN AT 40…. (This may be too simple for some of you, however it works…but here goes)…
    IT IS TO TREAT PEOPLE WITH RESPECTR AND DIGNITY (and this means everyone),
    FINALLY, HAVE LOVE IN YOUR HEARTS FOR ALL OF LIFE ON THIS PLANET (without compassion and love there would be a loss for our species humanity.



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  392. See'r says:

    To Convert Or Not To Convert

    Bangarang indeed…


    You go Jay Man!


  393. Mária Inés says:

    Keanu is by far, the must beautiful man I ever seen! I can feel by only looking at his eyes, even only in a photograph. He has see thru eyes,just to look at them sends me from sensuality to spirituality.He awakes the must intimate secrets of my soul,nothing to do with sex in any way, it is much more than that, from kindness to admiration. I personally don´t like all this girl faces actors like Brad,Leonardo etc. Keanu is not plastic made, like they are, he has something else… he is warm, clean, human. Made mistakes ? who hasn´t ? I can see he has struggled in life, wich is the only way to learn something ! I will never be a “fan” for nobody I think as long as we have a brain and a body we are all the same, it is the soul that makes the difference. Some of us think that we have the power to judge others and spend our lifes criticizing, instead of living our own time in here, what a waste of life !!! I think he has done much more than the majority of us and yet he is not better than anybody else, and nobody is better than him. It makes me laugh how some people can say he is this or that, who are them, what have they done???
    Where are they sitting while they are judging ??
    If he has a lucky star is because God loves him, I don´t ´cause I´ve never met him and I can´t love someboby I don´t know, but oh boy he is a handsome beast !!!! and I´m not the kind of woman that will say that about a man, but as we Mexicans say: Fiu, fiu !!!!

  394. See'r says:

    but oh boy he is a handsome beast !!!! and I´m not the kind of woman that will say that about a man, but as we Mexicans say: Fiu, fiu !!!!

    I guess you are now ;)

    (sorry, couldn’t resist)

    (here we go again, second hit)

  395. María Inés says:

    I´m telling you, he awakes the must intimate secrets of my soul! I guess you are right; I´m now !!! Goood!! I thought I forgotten. Its been years ! Don´t be sorry, I´m glad you couldn´t resist,made me notice, I´m still a woman! Just a bit selective. Yes, yes,yes !! Finally I found somebody who makes me say, Papacito!! See how brave I can be? However I have to admit, I´ll say everything that comes out of my heart as long as I don´t have to face him…guess I´ll never have to, so once again PAPUCHO !! PAPACITO,RECUA,CUACO,CUERO,CACHITO !! JA !

  396. PrimaDonna says:

    Keanu on the set of his new movie “Night Watch.”

    He’s looking mighty fine! Looks like another great role for him. I can’t wait to see this movie.

  397. See'r says:

    I´m telling you, he awakes the must intimate secrets of my soul!

    He has this knack…

    Welcome to the world of Keanu, Maria Ines! Don’t worry about the slightly obsessive nature of this state of being, it’s completely normal, and far from fatal :)

    Feels good though, doesn’t it? ;)

  398. María Inés says:

    Thank you for the sweet welcome! Yeap, “sublime state of being”. Feels good, a bit nostalgic though.I belive in souls not in humans, I don´t live, I float.I have a gift of seeing souls through eyes,I can be with his, when ever I want to. Believe me, we all look much better from up here! I do not feel the need, but do feel the flesh, this is where the nostalgic feeling fits.
    Can you tell me what the f…k should I do now, with this hole in my heart ? Its my problem I know !
    But thank you for bonding with me !!!

  399. See'r says:

    Thanks for the link PrimaDonna!

    His character certainly looks like he’s going to be a character ;)

    Good to see him happily back at work – looks like the poor guy is getting some sun as well – hope it’s not as hot in the ‘mean streets’ of LA as it is here!

    With the cast they’ve built up, and the story line, I’m looking forward to seeing this one too :)

  400. See'r says:

    Can you tell me what the f…k should I do now, with this hole in my heart

    Live around it my dear ;)

    That kind of thing keeps ya alive, ya know!

    Hot dog Jay Man, this thing has rolled over 400!


  401. PrimaDonna says:

    The reason why Keanu is the most approachable, coolest, nicest and most handsome actor in Hollywood, the proof is right here…
    and here…

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  403. María Inés says:

    You missed a 5…405 reasons, only in this site but,there are hundreds of them, each one with hundreds of good reasons!!!(And still accruing)
    Reasons why he sucks ? Only one…ENVY. Humans after all.First, show what you have done, then give your opinion. The one that can throw the first stone… does not exist !!! Keanu : YOU ROCK !!!!

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  405. María Inés says:

    Happy Aniversary, Jay !!! June 14th !! The date of the first coment in here.
    “It is not about being a hammer, because it is not about of how to strike, but how to resist” Keep going Keanu !!!!
    Of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks !!!
    Tacos Jay Man 406/365 !
    Cool Breeze !!!

  406. Joanna says:

    Are those photos of Keanu with the fans recent in the links you provided, PrimaDonna? If so, Keanu simply amazes me how young he looks for his age. He looks like a college boy in these photos. He simply never ages. He is so handsome!!

  407. María Inés says:

    To all of you, the ones that realy suck :
    ” When a great genious appears in this world, is possible to recognize him by this signal: All stupids go against him ”
    ” Great men are like beautiful flowers, that grow in spite, of the manure which envious ones throw on them ”
    “Many think that to have talent, is a matter of luck, but do not think that having luck…is a matter of talent ”

  408. See'r says:

    Yeah Joanna, quite a few pics of his Night Watch stuff showing up lately :) .

    The man does look good, doesn’t he? Working certainly agrees with him!

    And I agree with ya Jay, it may even be Night Watch that does the trick. Be nice if SD would, but that may not be mainstream enough :( .

    Not that I’m insinuating that Oscar is political or anything ;) .

  409. anonymous says:

    Sweet november does not suck.

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  411. See'r says:

    Keanu Reeves transforms into Dr. Lancelot Ware, founder of Mensa.

    Wouldn’t be surprised at all :)

    The Master of Misdirection himself might say differently, but Those who Watch would (affectionately of course) disagree with him ;)

  412. Heather says:

    Here’s a thought. I’m curious as to why does just about every Keanu comment thread have at least one person asking if Keanu is gay? I don’t get it. Does Keanu look gay? Does Keanu act gay? Does Keanu dress gay? I just don’t get where these other people see something in Keanu that make them suspect he is gay. And besides, who the hell cares if hes gay or not? It’s not like you’re ever going to get the chance to sleep with him so why not just enjoy the eye candy and stop wondering if he prefers fish or sausage. Besides, thinking too much will give you a headache whereas just doing nothing but gazing at this tall, dark and handsome adonis will give you sweet pleasure. God sure was good to Keanu! sigh

  413. See'r says:

    stop wondering if he prefers fish or sausage.


    And certainly no one’s business but his own ;)

  414. PrimaDonna says:

    OMG! I just about died laughing after reading that line “stop wondering if he prefers fish or sausage” from your post, Heather. You have a point though. There are so many Keanu forums where someone asks if Keanu is gay. Like See’r wrote, it’s no one’s business in the first place. But to answer your question, we Keanu fans know why Keanu hasn’t dated lately because of his past personal losses of his ex-girlfriend and baby daughter but people who aren’t aware of his past judge him as gay just because he’s still single and not dating. They just don’t get why Keanu Reeves aka “The One” who can have any woman he wants, is still single in his forties and is rarely seen dating…so of course, they assume the only answer is he’s gay. That’s how close-minded some people are. And then there’s always those jealous men out there that say he’s gay because they’re jealous that so many women are crazy over him. Fact is, Keanu FATHERED a child and almost married a WOMAN before tragedy struck. So these close-minded people need to just leave him alone where his sexuality is concerned.

    By the way, has anyone been seeing those photos of Keanu on the set of his new movie Night Watch? OMG! Keanu in a cop uniform is super HOT! I always love a man in uniform but gorgeous Keanu in a uniform is sending me over the edge! Hubba-Hubba! And I know this was asked before, but how does Keanu never age? I want to know his secret.

    The first site has 20 amazing photos of Keanu on the set of Night Watch. You can view all the sexy Keanu photos from these links..

  415. María Inés says:

    I finaly got it !! Now love is reduced to fish and sausage…buaj !! And you wonder why he does not date ?? Where did humans lost their spirit ?? Where are them, that can not see further than their noses? If you think love is about fish and sausages… go to the nearest market. Making love is the most beautiful and sublime thing that we humans can enjoy but, when you practice it just like a sport, it loses the meaning and you find your self empty and that emptiness cannot be filled with a sausage or a penis.That is why, loneliness is a conditionant of our times, because they think is only about pleasure but, the pleasure goes away, specialy when there is no love to support it. No one is to judge and I know its just my way of seeing things. Keanu is a soul not a sausage, he sure knew once, what love is and he respects it. When you have dead as near as he does, the more you respect life. He gives value for what things mean, not for what they are worth. Ask Kim. A man has the right to look down @ another man, just when he is helping him to rise. Final thought: This world stinks… like sausage and fish. And we are the only responsible ones, to have lost the respect within our own selfs. Thank God there are still men like Keanu that even with his nice looks, does not prostitutes his life and exchanges human body liquids, just with who ever, just for the moment,just for the pleasure, just to shut peoples mouths. Happiness is not to be found in the top of the mountain,but in the way to raise. Love is not to be found in the climax, but in the beautiful moments you live with your beloved ones. He has been there. Sausages and fish…buaj !!

  416. See'r says:

    Keanu is a soul not a sausage

    I’m sorry Maria Inez, I know you aren’t looking for a laugh, but I couldn’t help getting a chuckle out of this one ;)

    PrimaDonna, how does K man stay so youthful, and young in appearance? It’s the spirit that inhabits the gray matter, the Wild Child is still very much a part of him – thank the Gods :)

  417. María Inés says:

    “A man does not stop loving when he becomes old, he becomes old when he stops loving” We all know he is a loving person, that is the formula.
    Hopefuly you didn´t got the chuckle out of nobody´s sausage! Ja,ja,ja ! (Sorry, couldn´t resist…pay back time, you started it !!
    Luv ya ! :)

  418. KeanuRulez! says:

    I want to say for the record that I think Keanu is a hundred times better than over-rated Johnny Depp or Orlando Bloom who both always seem to steal the spotlight. I personally can’t stand Johnny Depp’s fakeness. He has publically critisized America in one of his interviews and lives in Paris for that reason but yet he comes to America to make his millions on AMERICAN movies. America must not be that bad after all, right Johnny?..and can I ask you why you always look like a complete dirtbag when you show up to your movie premieres? Johnny do not compare to Keanu in the least. Same goes with Orlando Bloom. Keanu is not only better-looking than the two of them put together, he’s also got a better personality, better movies and…yes, is the better actor. He’s got charisma and a coolness about him that keeps your eyes locked on the big screen whenever he’s on. He reminds me of James Bond..tall, dark and handsome with a cool demeanor. He is an icon and he’s been around 20years and he will be in the next 20yrs. He’ll always be loved and unforgetable, you’ll see.

  419. Ann says:

    Right on, KeanuRulez! I so agree with you! I never could understand the appeal of Johnny Depp. Keanu on the other hand, is every woman’s dream guy. I could watch him all day and night. ((sigh))

    Oh and this article was on today. Hmmm, where Johnny Depp or his movies in this lineup, huh?—-

    Some major Keanu action in the Times of London today
    Times Online ( UK) – August 2, 2007

    [languages: English (original); Italian]

    “We thought you might be interested to know that, in our rundown of the 10 best action movies ever, there are three Keanu Reeves movies – making him easily the most bankable action movie star ever!” [by: Michael]

    Full story: here

  420. Asan says:

    I would say that in his younger years Keanu looked more pretty/cute, boyishly charming, but now in his forties he is truly handsome. He looks mature and more masculine, whatever, and even more beautiful than before. His eyes became more expressive, lips are as beautifully carved as ever, and his smile (when he smiles!) is charming, genuine and catching. He has grown some “weight” in cheeks, but that doesn’t spoil the whole impression. His eyes change color from black to hazel and even to almost cherry on photos. He can smile and look with such a dignity that it’s amazing! He doesn’t smile much, but when he does you can’t help smiling back. He has that unique quality to touch something inside your soul, and he’s getting better with time, like noble wines.

  421. See'r says:

    Oh hey, Asan! You’ve noticed the eye color too! Fascinating, not black, not really brown, and with that eerie reddish cast in certain lighting :)

    I’ve only seen a handful of people with color like that (and a few fingers left over to count with even!).

    The young Keanu was spectacular (so full of fun) but the mature Keanu.. Oh yeah.. geez, don’t get me started ;)

  422. PrimaDonna says:

    Keanu: the face of an angel, the body of a God, and a heart as big as the heavens. The Matrix movies had it right, he is “THE ONE”

  423. Wurz says:

    Awesome article man! Kudos for you! Keanu is “the man”!

    Not literally though… you guys already know what i mean. *cough-alancumming-cough
    Still my respect for him reamains.
    Go neo!

  424. supernova says:

    wow posted on June 13, 2006 – online for than a year now – and people are still cracking up. Respect, man! ;D

    So, comment N° 426:
    I just can agree with the majority – most excellent article about THE ONE! My second time to read it now and still roflmao
    Think I’ve never read anything that entertaining and fcking true about totally bodacious Mr Reeves before! *lol I guess this piece earned you a whole bunch of new readers ;D – and deservedly so!
    I could blather on and on about it and quote every single line – well, I think I’d better just print it out haha

    Just keep up your most entertaining style of writing! Absolutely love it lmao

    Need to stop myself now or I’ll be still writing about my most favorite topic tomorrow ;) Station!

  425. Nancy says:

    Wurz, how can you say you respect Keanu and then insinuate that he is gay all in the same comment? I’m sorry, but that isn’t what I call respect when you go around hinting he’s gay when in fact, he isn’t. When will people get it through their thick heads that the man fathered a child? And before you naysayers say that a gay man can easilly father a child to cover up what he really is, let me point out that Keanu is a decent, honorable man and would never use a woman like. That’s so NOT him. I’m so sick of the “gay” insinuations already. He lost his ex-girlfriend and baby daughter to tragedy, for Christ sakes! Maybe that’s the reason why he’s scared to commit to another relationship. Leave the poor man alone!

  426. The Jay says:

    Seriously people, I do not want to keep repeating this. Sexual preference is not what we are talking about here. I will NOT approve comments based around whether or not Keanu is gay. Try to stay on-topic, kids.

    Thank you for playing!

  427. Heather says:

    Hey Jay, can we talk about how Keanu is such eye candy? I love to gush about his lovely ASSets. hehe

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  430. Twiggy says:

    Jay, I like what you wrote,and I like Keanu, But I have a questions for you if so many people don’t like him and such why are they even bothering to write a replie to it? Also since they don’t like him why are the going to see him at the movie? I don’t personally don’t spend 8 to 10 dollars on a movie tickets to see actors I don’t like (ie.Cruise,Bloom,Depp)
    And one other thing,in Much to Do About Nothing, I really like it, he was very sublime as the villain, and beside it also had Denzel Washington,Kate Beckinsale,Emma Thompson to name a few so why don’t they b**ch about any of them?

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  432. ExplodingPotato says:

    Ummm. One problem. He was never a gay hustler. That was the movie, My Own Private Idaho (you’ve got a picture from that movie on this very page
    In that movie, yes Keanu sold himself to men and women, but the late River Phoenix(the blonde one, brother of Joaquin Phoenix) was the gay one who in infatuated with Keanu in the movie, but Keanu turned him down – but they were still best friends. Keanu only sold himself for the money, he didn’t particular enjoy fucking guys(his character that is), he just did it because he needed the money and didn’t want to ask his dad. But you made some very strong arguments.

  433. Lake Hauser says:

    I agree–Keanu does not sucketh.

    Are you a lawyer? Your arguments for Keanu not sucking is just as creative as “if the glove don’t fit, you must acquit.”

    Because I would definitely vote not guilty!

    Sounds like you hit the 5:00 o’clock cocktail hour by #38–and you almost got through the whole thing with out an expletive.

    You were back on track on numbers 39 and 40.

    I think his best acting was in “The Lake House.” Even my husband was surprised that he did a great job in it!

    My girlfriend cannot understand why Diane Keaton’s character would choose Jack Nicholson’s character over young “Dr. Keanu” in “Something’s Gotta Give.” My friend and I are both soccer mom-types but cooler, (we do Pilates and go the Coffee Bean afterward) and we just love Keanu. We are the same age as he is but we giggle together like teenagers when we talk about him–even in front of our husbands!

    Yes, very entertaining essay–I thoroughly enjoyed it! I look forward to reading more of your work. KUDOS.

  434. Lake Hauser says:

    Pardon my grammatical error on the second line of the last post above. Here is my revised line:

    Are you a lawyer? Your arguments for Keanu not sucking ARE just as creative as “if the glove don’t fit, you must acquit.”

    You know us journalism-types, everything has to be perfect before it goes to print!

  435. Brad Laidman says:

    Well, done. “I am an FBI agent” is maybe my favorite line in a movie ever.

  436. Jason says:

    Is Keanu gay or bisexual? There are so many rumors that he is and thats why hes still single. I wouldn’t mind if he was gay. A guy can dream, cant he? Hes a real goodlooking man and im one of the few guys who likes his movies and think hes cool too. Great article.

  437. Valerie says:

    It’s funny how women hope Keanu is straight and gay men hope Keanu is gay but it really shouldn’t matter whether Keanu is gay, bisexual or straight. He appeals to both men and women not because of his sexual preference but because of his equal balance of masculinity and vunerablity. These traits are appealing to men and women. It also helps that the camera loves Keanu…he looks so composed and sexy on screen.

  438. A Keanu fan & proud of it says:

    Bravo! Keanu Reeves is such an underrated actor! I enjoy his movies, his acting and his egimatic presence. There should be more articles like this about him.

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  440. Jen says:

    Hi Jay how are you? theres some great comments on this site, iv been a fan of Mr Reeves since the start, he is a great man. P.S are you single? you are very cute.

  441. The Jay says:

    Jen: Why thank you. And yes, I am single. Check my About section to get my Facebook and MySpace links. Friend me up and we’ll talk.

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  443. Paul says:

    I can’t believe this blog is still getting comments. How dare people and movie critics say Keanu sucks, especially considering the number of comments alone on this blog proves that he doesn’t. Look how fuckin popular he is; he’s a fuckin icon, man. When Tom Cruise, Johnny Depp, George Clooney, Brad Pitt and other overrated actors are long forgotten in the future, people will look back to the cool dude who brought us such great moviefare such as The Matrix, Scanner Darkly, Speed, Point Break, Constantine, etc.

  444. m says:

    He’s like the hot girl in school that every girl says “she’s NOT that HOT” , but everyone knows she is! Keeanu is so hot and most important, he puts azzes in the movie seats.

  445. Lana says:

    You rock! All the people who claim Keanu don’t know much about his acting or him. No one is more dedicated or serious about their craft than Keanu. All the reasons you stated for Keanu not being a sucky actor are right on and valid. I’m a Keanu Reeves fan for life and will go see all of his movies in the theaters from now on. And yes, he is very hot. The Night Watchman here I come.

  446. markus says:

    Umm number 10…yes they do just give them out, after YOU apply for one and pay 8 grand to have your case heard. Then they “give” you one…


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  449. Gary says:

    Just saw the trailer for Street Kings. It looks awesome! Keanu is as fit as he was in Speed but more hard-edged this time around playing a bad-ass cop. I’d like to see him play more bad-ass roles rather than the usual hero so I’m looking forward to this movie. The debate may go on for years whether or not Keanu is a good actor but there is no denying that this dude sure knows how to pick great movies to star in. Looking forward to seeing this one at the theaters. It’s going to rule!

  450. PrimaDonna says:

    You can check out the sexy picture stills and cool trailers for Street Kings on the US(Domestic) and International Officila websites from these link…

    OMG! Keanu, you’re looking as smokin’ HOT as ever, baby! Those arms! WHOA!

  451. TigerLilly says:

    HOT DAYUM!! Keanu is looking so ripped in that movie. He’s one sexy b.i.a.t.c.h!! When this comes out in the theaters, I’m so there!!

  452. Jason says:

    Saw the trailer for Street Kings on tv the other day. It looks tight! Nice to see Keanu back in action again. I’m seeng this one fer sure.

  453. Please_Help_Keanu! says:

    There is a thread on the Keanu Reeves IMDb message board about stalking Keanu fans and I almost shit after I read about this one obsessed fan that has been stalking Keanu for quite some time. She even has a blog website where she talks about how her and Keanu are meant for each other and how she keeps saying that Keanu must call her and answer her letters. After reading her blog, it is very scary and I wonder what is being done to protect Keanu from this weirdo. Here’s here blog. Read it for yourself and see…

  454. PrimaDonna says:

    Wow! I read her blog. She is crazy! She has actually tried numerous time to come into contact with Keanu and she insists that she is his wife! She is not only crazy, she’s delusional. Keanu better hire more bodyguards!

  455. Bill says:

    Hey Jay, being that you’re a big fan of the ONE, what did you think of his new movie Street Kings? I thought it was pretty tight and he gave a cool, hard-assed performance. I was quite impressed. Keanu is the next Dirty Harry fer sure.

  456. Jordan says:

    Looks like Keanu Reeves, aka the ONE, is an exhibitionist. Check it out

  457. PrimaDonna says:

    All I can say about that picture link above is “WHOA!”

  458. jccleofe says:

    I love everything about Keanu.

  459. seer says:

    Love your sense of humor Jordan – but um, anatomically.. well, never mind, let’s not go there ;)

    On another note, Hey Jay! Can’t believe this thing is still alive (if a little feebly now) this long after it’s inception – how cool!

    Kudos on an article that was, is and always will be well expressed :)

  460. Jean says:

    Here’s the deal- Keanu takes alot of risk in all of his films. Yes, he’s not De Niro- but Keanu is and will always be a working actor! Always humble and true to himself-desirable to many (both men/women) and perhaps the most down to earth human amongst the sea of pretenders. Lets just enjoy his work- whatever it may be… More power to u Keanu! God Bless!

  461. Danica says:

    I don’t know if he’s a great actor, but he’s certainly the sexiest!

  462. Alexander says:

    Can someone pls tell me , looked for one movie that i most like’it with keanu but i dont remember the title i just know that when he was in movie “he was placed on a table by a few of angry men that thinkt he sleept with the wife of one of them and he was beat up with a meat hamer ” that is all that i can remenber pls from all my heart can you anione know the title of that movie and were i can fiind …please u can say to me at . Hes the most great actor of all at his age …love’it

  463. Rick says:

    Keanu gets his movie roles because he’s on his knees a lot. I hear what he lacks in acting skills he makes up in giving great blow jobs to the directors and producers of his movies. He’s a brain-dead prettyboy twat who doesn’t deserve the success he’s gotten. Once his good looks fade and he can’t give good head anymore, he’ll fall off the face of the Hollywood hopefully.

  464. PrimaDonna says:

    You’re a dick, Rick!

  465. Alia says:

    You need to get a life RICK, and get paid for it.You’re obviously bored with what you’ve got so far. Have you noticed, this is a fansite for people who ‘LOVES’ Keanu. I think you are on the wrong forum board. And those hateful comments are so passe.

    Rick says: [Keanu gets his movie roles because he’s on his knees a lot. I hear what he lacks in acting skills he makes up in giving great blow jobs to the directors and producers of his movies. He’s a brain-dead prettyboy twat who doesn’t deserve the success he’s gotten. Once his good looks fade and he can’t give good head anymore, he’ll fall off the face of the Hollywood hopefully.]

    The same things you are judging about Keanu, are the very same things people you don’t know are saying about you. Trust me on that one.
    Think about it, the universe is always in balance my dear. Now, go out there and do something nice for someone you don’t know. You’ll feel “As right as rain”, right after you’ve done. It’ a good thing and a good feeling. Try it sometime.

    Have a nice day!

  466. yen75 says:

    Dear Jay,

    I like your writing. I think it’s hilarious and smart. I stumbled across this website a year ago and I totally agree with you about Keanu and Orlando. Orlando’s a good actor but charima-less.I’ve never been moved by his acting. But when Keanu cried in the Lake House, I felt for him.

    I read some people thinks that Keanu’s voice sucks cos it’s so low and the emotions doesnt show. But then I noticed that a few days ago that I can hear his voice much better ( I watched an interview with Rove and then the Lake House). Do you think it has something to do with the difference in sound technology between then and now,that maybe his voice wasnt captured well in older films and so they sounded somewhat flat? Cos I heard his voice in the lake house and it sounded good to me and sexy.

  467. cickbandnarter says:

    No he does not suck. But you do :o P. Don’t defer you’re hatred of ‘fish’ onto Paul Walker. Give him a break, he’s no veteran like Keanu.

    Otherwise, very good article (and i dont really think you suck. Just be nicer to Paul, in future)

  468. i agree with you that keanu reeves is a very well rounded actor…he and the matrix trilogy has changed my idea of great movie making..thank you for your thoughtful commentary!

  469. Jay says:

    You are out of your mind. Within the 40 points, you contradicted your points approximately 10 times. I dont have a personal vendetta against Keanu, I’m just sitting on the outside looking in, and seeing problems in the arguement.

    Long Live Keanu.

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  471. Anonymous says:

    You didn’t convince me he is a good actor. He may do better box office than Johnny Depp and George Clooney but that doesn’t make him a great actor. He has been making movies for over 20 years but that doesn’t make him a great actor. Your points don’t prove anything. His best performances were in Speed and Point Break. Since then has not made much progress. He plays the same dull character in most of his movies. And he still acts the same way. I saw his latest movie: the remake of the 1951 classic ‘The Day the Earth Stood Still’. Again he plays an emotionless character. There is no facial expression. He is like a robot. He picked a role that doesn’t require any acting skills. Some people hate him for being a bad actor. I don’t. I don’t know him personally. How can you hate someone you don’t know?
    He seems to be a nice bloke but don’t tell me he is a VERY TALENTED performer. I have seen much better.

  472. anonymous says:


    You need to grow up. What you wrote is childish nonsense.
    He may be the worst actor of his generation but he doesn’t deserve all those hateful comments of yours.
    I don’t think he gets his movies roles because he is good looking. He gets them because he is a big box office name.
    He cannot please everybody but I don’t understand this hatred some people have for him.

  473. valerie says:

    I have seen much worse than him. Some actors act like him and they are even more wooden than him. Anyway he CAN act, even if he has done some bad performances ( ‘Dracula’, ‘ Much Ado About Nothing’, Johnny Mnemonic’ , ‘A ‘walk in the Clouds’, ‘Chain Reaction’, ‘The Watcher’ and ‘ Hard Ball’ ). His detractors say he can’t act. They talk about his INABILITY to act. I think they talk nonsense. He would have never had a job as an actor if he couldn’t act. Who would hire someone who can’t act? I am not saying he is the most talented actor in the world but he has some talent. The fact that people think the actor and his character Ted are the same person means that he is very believable as the moron Ted in the movie, so he is not that bad at acting. Although he plays dull characters in most of his movies- I agree with you , he should be more expressive and more natural. That explains why he is yet to be nominated for an Oscar or a Golden Globe – he has done very good performances, not only in ‘ Speed’ and ‘ Point Break’. I really enjoyed watching him in ‘ The River’s Edge’, ‘Tune in Tomorrow’. ‘Parenthood’ and ‘ A Scanner Darkly’ ( he is very convincing as that character with a split personality. It is not an easy role to play. He doesn’t always pick roles that don’t require any acting skills ) and the Matrix ( he is Neo. He is perfect for this role. I can’t see any other actor playing the ‘One’. ). I saw the ‘Day the Earth Stood Still’ last December. I know he plays an emotionless alien. It is painful to watch someone with a blank expression, I give you that, but it is the way he has to play the character. In the movie, the alien says he cannot do the human emotions or something like that. To be honest, I don’t like the movie. They ruined the 1951 classic. It was a waste ot time and money. Anyway, he is not the best actor in the world but he is all right. I have also seen better actors than him like Johnny Depp, Tom Hanks, Nicole Kidman, Tom Cruise, Heath Ledger, George Clooney, Leonardo Di Caprio, Kate Winslet and the rising Hollywood star Shia Labeouf, but everyone is different and that’s good. The world would be a boring place if everyone was the same.
    I like the guy even if I don’t rate him a great actor. He seems very nice. There is no arrogance or showing off or controversy. I think he is a decent guy. You’re right , Jay. I have never seen him in tabloid magazines. He is not the kind of person to expose his private life to the public. There is nothing wrong with that. I would keep my personal life private if I was a celebrity. I don’t like nosey parkers. Angelina Jolie should do the same sometimes . She should protect her children’s privacy as well. I think she chose acting to become famous. Unlike Angelina, Keanu chose this profession for another reason. I don’t know the reason but I am sure he didn’t do it to become a celebrity.

    I would ignore Rick’s nonsensical comments about Keanu. Some people feel the need to make nasty comments about someone so let them. They can’t help but do it. They have a boring life so they have nothing better to do than writing stupid comments about someone they hate.

  474. valerie says:

    I read your well written, humourous article.

    You seem to be upset when people perceive Keanu as ‘ a flat actor, devoid of charisma, empty of emotional depth, or not fun to watch’. That is how they perceive him. There is nothing wrong with that. Remember, everyone is entitled to their opinion. Don’t take it the wrong way. Someone said that the debate on whether or not he is a good actor can go on forever. My point is whether an actor is good or bad is SUBJECTIVE. You can’t convince some people he is a talented performer and they can’t convince you he is bad at his craft. Do you see what I mean? It depends on how you perceive somebody. You said Orlando Bloom is ‘BLAND’, but that is okay. That is how you perceive him. Of course, his fans will disagree with you, because they don’t perceive him that way. One of my work colleagues thinks Hugh Grant acts the same way in every movie and all his characters have the same mannerisms. Again, that is how she perceives him. Some people will not share her opinion. They will say there is nothing wrong with Hugh’s acting.

    Take music, for example. Whether an artist’s music is good or rubbish is subjective. You like his or her music or you don’t.

    Each actor has his own style of acting. Some people like it, others don’t. I don’t pay too much attention to an actor’s style of acting because I ,too, only watch movies to be entertained. I want to be entertained. I like ‘Chain Reaction’, because it is entertaining. I think Keanu is quite wooden in this movie. He doesn’t bring much emotion into his character. But that is his style of acting, and it didn’t put me off watching the movie. To tell the truth, I enjoyed the action so much that I didn’t take any notice of Keanu’s bad perfomance the first time I saw it. Don’t get me wrong. I am not saying he sucks at his craft or he can’t act. Like I said, he has done very good performances in some of his movies. And I don’t think he is always wooden. I saw him cry for the first time in ‘ the Lake House’ and I could feel his sorrow. He is very believable as the wife beater in ‘ The Gift’. I was suprised to hear that he had received positive reviews from film critics… for a change. Still, I don’t rate him a great actor. I like some of his movies. The ones I like most are ‘Speed’, ‘Point Break’, ‘The Matrix’ and ‘Matrix Reloaded’. They are in my DVD and Blu ray collection. He is more suitable for roles in action movies because he is a physical actor. You might think it is silly but I would like to see him play an American Indian in a Western movie like ‘Dances With Wolves’. With his long hair he looks like a native American. Until now I thought he was an American Indian. I didn’t know he is part Hawaiian, part English when I discovered him in ‘Speed’.

  475. Anoymous says:

    Whatever you say I still perceive him as a dull actor like many people. He is not fun to watch. It is a shame.
    I agree with people who say Johnny Depp is better than him. He may not be a box office name but his acting is a lot better than Keanu’s. He is more fun to watch than Keanu. He is more convincing in every role he plays and seems more natural than Keanu. I don’t think he is an overrated actor. He is a gifted one. He is an Oscar nominee. That doesn’t make him the best actor in the world but it is quite an achievement. I didn’t know Keanu is yet to be nominated for an Oscar. That won’t happen unless he changes his style of acting. If he sticks with his robotic style of acting chances of being nominated for an Oscar are next to nothing. Apparently he has received 7 Razzie nominations. Not a good career achievement for someone who is a ‘talented performer’, isn’t it, the Jay? I really feel bad for him.

  476. Whyleavemyname? says:

    You rock rick….Keanu reeves sucks…..he’s a total douche bag….all of his movies sucked. It’s like a cartoon, he’s the same person in like every movie just different scenarios. What a f***tard

  477. Amber says:

    While i agree with everthing on this list, i did find one flaw- orlando bloom. he fell out of a five story window and was told he’d never walk again. a year later he filmed all three lord of the rings movies. so yeah, he can take pain. that’s all though.

    oh, and i was watching a preview for one of his earlier films and you know how they pronounced him name? key new. like he knew! i died a little inside.

  478. Anonymous 2 says:

    Honestly, I am not very impressed by his acting. It is OK but not perfect. I only like him in ‘Speed’, ‘Point Break’ and the ‘Gift’. In those movies he is more believable, more expressive and less dull. He didn’t give an Oscar worthy performances but they were better. At least in those three movies he is watchable. I agree with Frank and Johnny Memory on his robotic style of acting. To prove their points, K R is as wooden in ‘The Day The Earth Stood Still’ ( Crappiest movie I have ever seen ) as ever. Jesus! He has the emotional range of a brick wall. He has a blank expression on his face. It doesn’t show any emotion. He is like a robot. I thought : is he playing a robot or an alien? I have seen his other movies. It is true he acts the same way. His characters have the same facial expression and same speech pattern. His acting is not always convincing or natural. Sorry Jay, you can’t convince many people he is a brilliant actor. I am not saying he can’t act or has no talent, but he is certainly not the most gifted actor around. I have seen much better. A movie star he is. A great actor he isn’t.

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