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You were the star of a fantastically successful, critically acclaimed indie movie. And for your big follow up you chose to be the third banana in an undercooked Rob Schneider vehicle. Tell me again what you were thinking there? Continue reading

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I’m going to watch everything. Every single new show. I’m going to try them all once. If it doesn’t make me throw up a little in my mouth, it gets a second chance. If it never gets better I won’t watch past the third episode (peace out Justice, Happy Hour, Vanished and Til Death). But I will watch everything. And by watching everything I’ll truly know what’s worth spending my time on. Continue reading

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Vaya con dios, The WB. May you forever hold your place in television history as the best network for showcasing talentless, yet hot actors and for airing aesthetically pleasing, yet soul-suckingly bad television shows. You will be missed. Continue reading

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Thank you everybody, for reading and supporting this tiny, sarcastic, uber-witty, ultra-insightful, totally relevant, exceedingly important, humble website. It is much appreciated. Continue reading

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