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Terrible Halloween Costumes Inspired By The Movies

So I’m taking the list, throwing it out on its ass and creating an ever greater one. One that triumphs the values of those movie characters that never get a fair share come late-October. The movie character-inspired costumes that when worn, scream “I have bad taste in movies. Also, I smell a little funky. It’s not me, it’s the leather. Halle Berry Catwoman costumes aren’t supposed to be worn by men. Who wants to party?” Continue reading

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Actresses Who Need To Get Naked (to improve their careers)

This weekend brings us The Prestige, a flick about dueling magicians, as well as being yet another in a string of movies this year to star the dewy blonde fleshpot, Scarlett Johansson. And while many people will be going to see Batman and Wolverine duke it out to see who gets to kill David Blaine’s great-great grandfather, an even greater number of people will be going for one simple reason: to see if Scarlett finally, at long last, gets naked. Well, I’ll save you all some time. She doesn’t. Continue reading

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Movies That Could Never Be Made Again

Could a Taps, with a pre-star Tom Cruise, Sean Penn and Timothy Hutton, be made today with post-crazy Tom, perennial a-hole Penn and unfortunate future canceled TV star Hutton? What would it take, in dollars, to redo Young Guns, now that Kiefer is Jack Bauer, or Crimson Tide, now that Viggo Mortensen is Aragorn? Continue reading

Posted in Film | 7 Comments Exclusive!! Pics From The Set Of Transformers (with bonus snarky comments)!!

What kind of snarky online entertainment humorist would I be if I didn’t take every chance to throw a zinger Michael Bay’s deserving way? So without further ado I present to you a collection of pictures taken from the downtown LA set of Transformers. Continue reading

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