Exclusive!! Pics From The Set Of Transformers (with bonus snarky comments)!!

I’ll be the first to admit, today’s post is not the true intention of this website. As much as I admire what they do, I’m not, nor will I ever be, Harry, Berge, Garth, Trent or any of the other sites that focus on early looks at movies. Posting exclusive pictures from movie sets is their domain. I bash celebrities. That’s where I live. Some sites live off of uncovering who’s playing the next James Bond, I like to deduce who has the biggest mouth in Hollywood (literally). While others post reviews of test screenings, I create charts to measure Orlando Bloom’s blandness. And while on other sites you’ll find trashy pictures of Lindsay Lohan walking around in a bikini, denying/doing coke or going into her umpteenth Hollywood club, or doing all of them at the same time, here you’ll find me grading the career of Tom Hanks’s hair. You get the point. I don’t usually post exclusive pictures (unless they make Reese Witherspoon look bad, then I’m all over it). But what I am is an opportunist. So when a friend called and told me he had pictures and video taken from the set of Michael Bay’s upcoming Big Fucking Machines adaptation abomination, Transformers, I was intrigued to say the least.

So why run them? Why not just send them in to Ain’t It Cool like a normal obedient geek? Well, it’s simple really. I like bringing the sarcasm. It’s what gets me up in the morning (that and my TiVo). So I figured, why not post the pictures myself and take the opportunity to make cynically sarcastic, yet coldly incisive comments about the movie and the man behind it. After all, what kind of snarky online entertainment humorist would I be if I didn’t take every chance to throw a zinger Michael Bay’s deserving way? So without further ado I present to you a collection of pictures taken from the recent downtown LA set of Michael “Edit” Bay’s Transformers.

Click any of the pictures to see larger versions.

This is not intended to be a metaphor for the way Michael Bay is handling a beloved 80’s cartoon icon. But it could be argued it’s a metaphor for how we should look at his last movie (i.e. as “Garbage”).

Why does Bumblebee look depressed in every picture we see of him? Does he know something we don’t? Did Bay finally break his spirit? What was the final straw? Did Bay threaten to bring in Josh Hartnett to do his voice?

Here’s Michael Bay standing in front of the tow truck presumably manned by Even Stevens’ Shia LeBouf. No word on whether or not Shia is still traumatized from his last middling robot action movie.

My guess for what Bay’s saying here: “Dammit! Where’s my 360 cam? How am I supposed to catch the intimacy of this scene if I can’t do a 360 around the car! Don’t you people know anything about mis en scene?”

Is that Sam Jackson in the purple shirt? “I want these muthafuckin Decepticons off this muthafuckin Earth!”

What’s ironic is that this street hasn’t been dressed. The production just drove into Downtown LA and came upon this. It’s pretty standard street faire down there.

Does anyone else see a big whole in the ground with cars sticking out and immediately think of Ghostbusters? “The next time someone asks if you’re an Autobot, you say YES!”

This is kinda cool. I don’t have a joke here, I just like the picture.

Moving on…

I see the Governator decided to visit the set. (All kidding aside, here’s some real info: this is supposed to be the Decepticon Infiltrator aka Devastator.)

Meanwhile, Bumblebee is still sulking by his trailer. Bay told him he wasn’t emotionally connected in the last explosion scene, and Bumblebee broke down and ran offset. Fortunately, Shia had some experience comforting emotionally stunted actors, having co-starred in Constantine, and knew just what to say to cheer the Autobot up (just kidding Keanu, I still think you rule).

But nothing the well-intentioned actor said could truly lift the depressed Autobot’s spirit. He’ll just never be able to get beyond the fact that SAG doesn’t include machine-based actors (The Governator not withstanding) in their organization, and as such, will do nothing to protect him from the evil machinations and harsh working conditions of the big bad Michael Bay. Maybe when the shoot is over he can get an audition as the black smoke monster on Lost. I hear that’s a much calmer set.

Here are all the rest of the pics:

And if I’m not mistaken, I promised you video. And since The Jay is a man of his word, here are two exclusive videos shot from an office window overlooking the set of Transformers (I’ll save you some time and let you know now that there are no actual Transformers in the videos, but there still cool, nonetheless.)

Peep the camera car that follows the tow truck. Very cool stuff.

And here’s the video coup de grace. If you ever wanted to hear Michael Bay yell at extras, than your day has come (Note: this is a little on the longish side, but still pretty cool).

Hope you liked my little exclusive. In the effort of full disclosure, let me say that I’m looking forward to the movie, and hope Michael Bay pulls it off. I tend to like his movies, despite the fact they gave rise to the age of Nicolas Cage, Action Star (which culminated in its ludicrousosity when Cage Baywatched from a fireball in Con Air, hair extensions, body oil and Soul Glo flinging helplessly in every direction. The ugliness of that image will haunt my dreams forever.). I have liked everything I’ve seen so far, from the teaser, to the posters, to the cast, to the set reports I’ve been reading online; I even support the new look of Optimus Prime and the decision to hold off using Grimlock (my favorite Transformer) until the sequels. So despite my having a little fun with the movie and it’s malevolently benevolent director, count me in as an eager fanboy, giddy with anticipation in seeing the Transformers come to life on the silver screen (minus the above-mentioned Josh Hartnett voice work, of course).

If you want to steal the pictures you may do so, just do me a favor and throw a link my way. I respect internet thievery, as long as it’s honorable.

All images courtesy of first time spy, long time reader, C-Mack B.


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25 Responses to Exclusive!! Pics From The Set Of Transformers (with bonus snarky comments)!!

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  2. says:

    Holy shitness !!! You did it… you really did it… This is so… so… so… sweet…

  3. Adam says:

    Watching this footage excites me. I can’t wait to see a real life looking Transformer running down the streets with real people freaking out around them.

  4. Milk says:

    Yo, that last clip with Bay yelling and stuff is deff the coolest. Good stuff you got on this page, keep it up!

  5. Tony! says:

    Thanks for the pics and clips. You’ve been linked to on, so expect quite a few more hits for your page. In the meantime, I think I’m gonna explore your site some more.


  6. N.i. says:

    fucking booooring

  7. Bogan says:

    Хуйня полная!!! Очень вяло!!!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Хуйня полная!!! Очень вяло!!!

    This is clearly your best comment ever.

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  11. mattcobby says:

    I so agree with N.i

    TRANSFORMERS…the movie !!

    You’ve got to be kidding.


  12. Mike says:

    Well I have been a fan of The Transformers since i was 5 over 22 years. And am pleased to see that the movie is finally coming to life. So far it looks like it will be a decent film. I am not going to get my hopes up so when the film does come out it will just blow my mind. And if it is disappointing, it wont hurt as much. But thanks for all the insight your site has to offer and Ill be back many times to check for updates Cheers.

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  16. nat says:

    you love con-air and you know it!
    you introduced me to it actually–in fact i remember going to desperate measures in the early am hours to get a copy of it!

  17. pants says:

    this movie will be off the hook.its looking great.keep up the good work

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  22. yankeebear34 says:

    I cant wait for this one. All of my frinds and I have chosen to take the day off from work to watch this classic cartoon become a blockbuster hit. We hope its worth the wait.

  23. Starkz says:


    I’ve just seen the movie, and I was looking for pictures and I’ve found your website, it’s pretty cool man! Thanks a lot for your post!

    A french guy


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  25. I actually really liked this Harry Potter movie, i do not get tired of seeing the next chapter in the life of a wizard.

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