Heroes vs. Lost: The Rumble in the Sci-Fi TV Jungle

heroes and lost title cards

Nearly two years ago to the day, I was sitting with my group of friends, having just watched the “fall finale” of Lost, then a freshman sci-fi drama we’d all gotten hooked on. Jack, self-righteous beyond all repair, and newcomer hottie Kate (who at the time still looked like a trashier Kate Beckinsale, not that there’s anything wrong with that) had just magically brought Dominic Monaghan’s character back to life, a move I strenuously objected to. To make matters worse, Locke (before he went button crazy and lame) and soon-to-be-dead Boone had just stumbled upon the infamous hatch. While my friends were wowed by the twist and mused on what may lay inside, I remember turning to them and saying “Man, this show just went off its rails”.

And I was right.

By the end of the season, everyone, Locke especially, had gone hatch crazy, a plot device that essentially flipped off the original concept of the show and nearly caused a mass ABC exodus of Lost-devotees after we were forced to wait till the next season just to see what was inside the damn thing (oh look, an Irishman with his own condo… um, ok?). All those things that had originally gotten me interested in the show: how the group would survive, when are they gonna violently kill off the hobbit, what the deal was with the mysterious metal smoke monster, and of course, the um, prominent display of Evangeline Lilly’s assorted naughty bits, were dropped in favor of Locke’s show-crippling hatch-capades. The metal monster was neglected, the polar bear that randomly attacked them was forgotten, nobody seemed to be sharing crucial information, and the stench of hero worship on Jack was threatening to overpower a small country.

Since I vehemently disagreed with the change and now find myself increasingly hateful towards a show I once threw a party each week to watch, I found myself open to the possibility this fall of finding a new show to slavishly devote all my TV geek energy to.

And lo and behold, I found one on Monday nights.

When the pitch on Heroes first crossed media lines, the buzz was unkind. It was immediately deemed a Lost rip off, which at the time seemed spot on. The two shows have a lot more in common than you might suspect.

They both have:

- A plot revolving around a group of strangers coming together to figure out how to cope with their new situation in life.

- A one-named title with a double meaning

- A multi-racial, multi-ethnic cast of beautiful people.

- A slew of the same type of characters: self-righteous male lead, mysterious older white guy that has all the answers, resident slamming hottie, seemingly unnecessary blonde bombshell, middle eastern guy with emotional baggage, Asian couple with translation problems, kid with special powers and a bad dad, long-haired bearded rebels and of course, an all-important set of numbers.

I went to the broadcast upfronts back in May and saw the extended preview NBC put together. I was impressed by the production value and the scope of the pilot, but was convinced there was no way the show could continue at such a high level for an entire season. I dug the girl from Remember the Titans Groundhog Day-ing herself off a bridge. I was amused by the tiny Asian guy who could jump through time. And I was thoroughly thrilled to see Ali Larter returning to her scantily-clad hottie days. As a whole I was pleased to find the early negative buzz had been premature and was intrigued to see what the show would look like when it premiered in the fall.

So I tuned in and was… fine with it. I wasn’t amazed, but I didn’t hate it. They shot their load in the previews with the flying Gilmore Guy money shot; aside from the extremely welcome re-introduction to Ali Larter’s gyrating backside, nothing about the pilot wowed me the way the extended plane crash scene did in Lost (a sequence whose sheer kickassness that series has never been able to replicate). But little by little the show started growing on me. It was a neat twist to find out it wasn’t Gilmore Guy/Peter Petrelli that could fly, but actually his magnificent bastard of a brother, Nathan. Hiro, the aforementioned amusing Asian guy, was a breath of fresh stereotypical TV character air. For a landscape that had seen its fair share navel-gazing comic heroes (Angel!), Hiro’s super-excited take on his new-found powers was fantastic. Claire, the indestructible cheerleader, was a nice cross between real teenager and post-Mean Girls fictional teen. And then a little ways into the first act of episode five, a moment happened on the show that made me fall completely Cruise-on-the-couch in love.

Nathan Petrelli flew.

He didn’t just fall of a building and figure out his power. He stood with his feet on the ground and out of nowhere, SCREAMED into the sky! And then a second later there was a sonic boom and Nathan had taken off, leaving a ring of smoke in his wake. It was literally the most awesome thing I had seen on a network show since Jack started racing through the wreckage in the Lost pilot. From that point on I was hooked.

However, once burned twice learned, so I’m a little hesitant to drop-kick Lost to the curb after having followed it for two and a half seasons, only to find myself let down by a “the cheerleader is safe, now what” Heroes. So I’m gonna break down the two shows, sticking as much as possible to just the first season of Lost (for fairness sake), to see if Heroes really has what it takes to be the premiere science fiction drama on TV, and my TV geek salvation.

heroes cast and lost cast

Better Central Concept

On Lost, no matter what happens with The Others, or the hatch, or the metal smoke monster, the central premise of the show is always going to be “How do we get off this island?” A lot of people think the point is to figure out the purpose of the island, but that’s naïve, because the intention of the characters is merely to stay alive long enough to be rescued. They may focus their attention on other things (like wooing pregnant Australian girls, saying “dude” a lot, and pushing goddamn hatch buttons), or on their immediate situation, but the long-term goal is to be rescued. That makes the show decidedly closed-ended. There’s no such limitation on Heroes. Their central concept is fluid and adaptable. How do these people cope with their newfound powers, what to they do with them, what does it mean that they have them while others don’t, what forces may align to try and hurt them because of their powers? These are concepts that can applied towards just about any plotline. And since they aren’t bound by the limits of an island, the characters can literally go anywhere. I’m gonna take the show whose endpoint is juicily uncertain to the show whose endpoint is mostly predetermined (and inevitably frustrating).

Advantage – Heroes


jack from lost and peter from heroes

Least Annoyingly Self-righteous Male Lead with a Background in Medicine and Emotionally Unavailable Fathers

If Dawson Leery were a doctor, his name would have been Dr. Jack Shepherd. Jack’s righteousness is so profound that even the tertiary characters started commenting on it. Everything in the first season was “Where’s Jack?” “I need Jack” “Jack will know what to do?” “Jack is smelly!” Ok, I added that last one, but you take my point. Jack is selfish, pig-headed, emotionally crippled by self-doubt, and seriously, kind of an ass (even to Kate). And while Peter can sometimes grate with his “I must save the Cheerleader, I can fly, I’m special” blabbity blabbity importantcakes, at least he’s a nice guy. He welcomes group interaction, he actually cares for the people he gives care to, and seems to generally like his bastard of a brother. He’d have to maim Claire, spit in Hiro’s face and take a crap on one of Isaac’s future paintings before he even begins to reach the levels of assholishness that Jack reaches week to week.

Advantage: Heroes


evangeline lilly and hayden panetierre

Hotter Resident Slamming Hottie

This isn’t a tough one, as the winner is clearly Evangeline Lilly. No disrespect to Claire, who is not only an awesomely pre-approved hottie, can work a cheerleader outfit like nobody’s business, and can repair her own gaping chest cavity, but she is, after all, still jailbait. As much as I joke about fronting Hermione, I do still like to keep it on the legal tip. So until Hayden Panettiere (Claire) becomes legal, Evangeline’s wonderfully dewy lips tragically deflate or the metal smoke monster chews her up like a Swedish fish, I’m going with the legal hottie. But trust me, all things being equal, this would have been close.

Advantage: Lost


locke from lost and hrg from heroes

Cooler Mysteriously Creepy Older White Guy

People forget now because he’s become such a nag, but when Lost first aired, Locke was a top notch bad ass. He threw knives around, hunted boar, took on the metal smoke monster and lived, and had a secret that turned out to be the best episode of the season (where we found out he used to be in a wheelchair). He was my favorite character on the show. But a season of hatch worshipping and button pushing effectively neutered him, and now I doubt it would be believable seeing him wield any weapon, least of all the Rambo-like one he used to sport. H.R.G. (otherwise known as Claire’s overly-touchy Father) is very similar to first season Locke. We don’t really know his intentions, as he seems to do both good things and bad, but he knows more than us, and he doesn’t hesitate to get messy should the situation call for it (like shooting up a detoxing Isaac to save his daughter). I dig him a lot. Even more so now that it appears he may have some sort of power-dampening ability. But in the end Locke is the cooler cat, because while HRG needs the silent Haitian guy to do his dirty work, Locke only has his magical working legs and a big ass knife.

Advantage: Lost


josh holloway aka sawyer from lost and isaac from heroes

Cooler Long-haired, Bearded Rebel

In the first 45 days of being on the island, Sawyer survived the following things: the plane crash, a Sayid torture session, several beatings, a bullet to his shoulder, a boat exploding next to him, more beatings, Kate’s level five cock teasing, more shots to his face, probably some wicked beard itch and finally Jack’s holier-than-thou attitude. And despite the varied traumas, he still had the sense to trick Kate into a hot snog, steal all the plane supplies and barter them for his own benefit, and dole out nicknames like “Freckles”, “Mr. Clean” and “Captain Falafel”. Wake me up when Isaac does anything more than pine away for drugs and paint cartoon bombs on his oh so perfectly art-directed loft floor.

Advantage: Lost


henry gale from lost and sylar from heroes

Better Villain

Sylar likes to open people’s skulls and dissect and/or eat their brains. Henry Gale/Ben likes to fuck with Jack. Man alive, this is a tough one. We know just about the same amount of info for each guy, give or take. We’ve seen them both be equally evil, creepy and clever. I really want to root for the guy who tortures Jack and was indirectly responsible for Ana-Lucia’s death, but the Others are a major source of Lost-frustration for me. And Sylar looks just a touch too much like Clark Kent for my tastes. I don’t know… I think they both kinda rock.

Advantage: Push


hiro aka masi oka from heroes and jin and sun from lost

Least Offensive Asian Stereotype

As much as I like Hiro, I must admit that his “I no speaka any engrish” has gotten pretty tired. He vacillates between speaking full, understandable sentences and muttering phrases that would have made Mickey Rooney in Breakfast at Tiffany’s embarrassed. The show better decide how much English he can actually speak, and right quick. He’ll still be just as cute yelling “Yatta!” if he follows it up with a pronoun or two. Meanwhile, I have to praise Abrams and Lindelof for having two Korean characters, one of which speaks not a world of English. Their first flashback episode was the first time I could remember a major network drama spending so much time telling a story about two Asians characters, who didn’t end up as the defendants on a Law & Order, or were played by David Carradine. That’s pop culture progress I can respect.

Advantage: Lost


More Interesting Set of Numbers

Lost has “4 8 15 16 23 42”, a set of numbers I could care less about, despite how powerful Hurley, Locke or Damon Lindelof would like me to believe they are. On the other hand, Heroes has “8/21/07” the date of Hayden Panettiere’s 18th birthday, which is a set of numbers I’m sure we can all agree are far more exciting.

Advantage: Heroes


mohinder heroes and sayid lost

Least Offensive Middle Eastern Stereotype

Let’s get this out of the way: Mohinder is boring. He’s probably the weakest part of the show. On the other hand, he might be the first Indian character on TV not working a cab or rocking a Quickie Mart register, in the last decade. And the fact that he doesn’t do these things is cause for praise. But still, the boring. Now the same can not be said about Sayid, the former Iraqi National Guardsman who fashions himself the island torturer. He fixes radios, hunts down crazy French woman and woos hottie towheads. And yet, for reasons that have yet to be explained in three seasons, the extent of his back story boils down to “Iraq, Torture, Iraq, Caroline in the City and Iraq”. Ok, not so much with the Lea Thompson cartoonist vehicle, but you take my point. I can’t get around the fact that while Moyawnder is a highly educated Professor with a multi-layered work, family and life back story, Sayid can’t get passed how much sticking knives in Sawyer’s fingernails makes him hard up for his dysfunctional homeland. Can we get the man an order of daddy issues?

Advantage: Heroes


mr. eko lost and the haitian heroes

Cooler Silent African Dude

I’m reaching into the second season here, but I like the exception because it means I can talk about how awesome both Mr. Eko and The Haitian (a.k.a. Mindblower) are on their respective shows. While other characters are blowharding their way to my anti-heart, these two guys are playing it cool, calm and collected. When we first meet Eko he’s deep into a self-imposed 40-day silence, a welcome change to the jaw-flapping Michelle Rodriguez was inflicting upon us. And The Haitian’s had only one line in the first eleven episodes, despite quietly climbing the charts as one of the most important characters on the show. But man, what a line! His one sentence, said to Claire, propelled the show straight into the spring, a teaser far more interesting than “Are you on the list?” Put these two in head-to-head competition, I’d have to take The Haitian and his mindblower powers, but Eko and his Jesus stick would put up a hard fight. However, for their awesome silent contributions in the face of blubbery, overacting co-stars, I salute them equally.

Advantage: Push


walt lost and mika heroes

Better Young Black Kid With Special Powers and Bad Dad’s

The title pretty much says it all. The boys line up pretty square, with each excelling at certain things (Micah being a better technical actor, and Walt rocking the emotions), but neither doing so at such a high level as knock the other out. So in a case like this I must defer to the hate, as in which kid has done something to make me hate their respective show. And Walt did the worst thing of all, he got himself kidnapped, which lead to an interminable plotline where his bad Dad Michael spent an entire season yelling “WALT!!!!!!!!!11!!!” until the audience’s collective ears bled. Yeah, Mike, I get you want your boy back, but Abrams sent the kid away until May sweeps, so can you please turn your radio down? Thanks!

Advantage: Heroes


Better Audience Desirability a.k.a. Which show would you rather be a character on?

If you were a character on Lost you’d get the benefit of spending some quality time with Kate, but suffer the downside of watching her mack down on the two assiest guys on the island. You also stuck on an island with no real food, water or hygiene products, and have a better than average chance of getting mauled by the metal smoke monster should you need to hit the jungle for a mid-morning deuce. Suddenly, Evangeline Lilly ain’t looking so good. But if you’re a character on Heroes, you get to have a freaking superpower! Sure, Sylar might come after you to cut your skull open and eat your brain, but did I mention you have a freaking superpower? You could walk through walls, or fly, or have extendo-junk, or be invisible, or have the power to immobilize and silence people who talk during movies (the one I’d want). I think it’s worth the risk.

Advantage: Heroes


ali larter from heroes and shannon from lost

Better Blonde Femme Fatale / Least Useless Eye Candy

Heroes made a clever change three episodes into their run; they had Ali Larter keep her clothes on. Up until that point I had assumed her role on the show was as a pure skin show, akin to the role Shannon used to play on Lost (before they killed her and replaced her with Cynthia Watros, who may be a fine actress, but is not nearly as qualified in the ways of sweater puppetry). But once she pulled a “Cerrado” on her online stripper ways, she turned into the de facto femme fatale of the show. Alternating between her submissive Niki and her (far more awesome) Angelus-like alter ego Jessica, Larter spends her time either throwing her husband into walls, ripping gamblers apart or bedding Adrian Pasdar. I’m not sure yet what her role is on the show, but I’m intrigued to find out. As for Shannon, well, she may not have served much purpose, but she sure looked good in a bikini.

Advantage: Heroes


More Quotable One-Word Catchphrase

Hurley’s got “Dude”, Hiro’s got “Yatta”. One is a word that many movies and characters have used in far more funny and quotable ways (Hell, Keanu’s practically made it an art form). And the other is a new piece of slang that’s barely scratched the surface of its potential awesomeness. You can use it during sex, at the moment you splooge (Yatta, orgasm!). You can use it when you score the digits of a fine-looking 310 fox (Yatta, digits!). You can use it when you unexpectedly find money in the back pocket of your jeans (Yatta, cash!). Hell, you could use it when ordering waffles, just like Hiro. We are on the forefront of a new era in one word lingo, and Heroes is leading the charge.

Advantage: Heroes


dominic monaghan from lost and greg gunberg from heroes

Most Annoying, Most Annoying Character

This is a sham category because there’s no way any character on Heroes could ever conceive of the hope to dream to be as annoying as Charlie. Loud, nagging, weak, obnoxious, lame, exasperating, feckless, grody, and unfunny, Charlie is easily the least helpful, least likeable and least interesting characters in the never-ending Lost ensemble. His only contribution to the show has been his pilot teaser line “Guys, where are we?”. I hated him in LotR, and I can’t stand him on the show; every time I have to sit through another of his “Woe is me, I need me drugs, my band was a one-hit non-wonder” episodes, I wanna commit suicide by lethal Scientology purification. Seriously, go away and DIE, Charlie!

Advantage: Lost


Which show gives the better goods?

Here’s a partial list of the day one answers we are still yet to receive on Lost:

- What is the metal smoke monster?
- Who controls the metal smoke monster?
- Why have no planes ever flown over the island?
- How is Locke able to use his legs on the island?
- How did Sawyer’s hair magically grow seven inches over the course of 45 days?
- Who are they really, what are the true intentions of the Others? (It can’t seriously be to have Jack remove Ben’s spinal tumor. All the killing and kidnapping and violence for a procedure Jack would have volunteered to do if it made him 1/800th more like a hero? Seriously, lame.)

Meanwhile, over on “AnswerFest 2006” aka Heroes, we’ve already found out each main character’s power (to the exclusion of Ali Larter, mostly) and seen each hero use their power, we are starting to learn how the Heroes found out about their powers, we know who the villain is and what his agenda entails, and we’ve already seen the show cycle through one major plotline (plus on this show we get, like, 117% fewer red herrings). Further, when Lost answers questions, it answers them with even more frustrating questions. When Heroes answers questions with questions, the questions themselves are inevitably cooler (i.e. How does Sylar get other people’s powers? He opens their heads. But what does he do then? Does he go Hannibal Lecter on them, or does he put their brains under the microscope and break ‘em down? Who knows, but either way, it’s awesome.).

That’s called audience satisfaction, Lost. Take a memo.

Advantage: Heroes


Final Tally: Heroes wins, 9-5!

Smell ya later, Lost. There’s officially a new badass sci-fi show in town.


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153 Responses to Heroes vs. Lost: The Rumble in the Sci-Fi TV Jungle

  1. todd x says:

    annoying character? How the heck is Peter Petrelli not the most annoying character? Or The blonde hottie ? hell most everyone on Heroes is annoying save for the cheerleader and her pops, Hiro and his buddy (anf that waitress they killed off. Sylar is a total douche. That pixie girl that blew her head off was completely unlikable. The addict and his ex girlfriend.

    Come to think of it, most of this cast could be killed off and the show would actually be better.

    Not saying it isn’t watchable, it has potential, but the writing is atrocious and the plot development is pathetic at best. So it might be better than Lost but that is like saying Screech is cooler than that blonde haired kid from Who’s the Boss.

  2. The Jay says:

    Peter gets things done. He doesn’t whine like Charlie. If the cheerleader needs to be saved, he goes and saves her. He tried to bring Mohinder and Isaac together. He supports Hiro’s journey. He ssaved face for Nathan at the awkward! family brunch. Peter is a doer. Maybe a touch petulent and naive, but a doer. The only thing Charlie’s ever done was get high, steal Claire’s baby and pretend to eat pretend peanut butter.

    And P.S. Danny Pintauro kicks ass! Lay off the Boss.

  3. Mark says:

    Just so you are aware (not sure it was clear), the first season of Heroes isn’t over yet, it is just taking the holiday break as a lot of shows do during the holiday season. It will continue in January.

  4. Steve says:

    Its not exactly a fair comparison in this case. Lost has already been on two seasons, so naturally that show is going to be wearing thin by now. The premise itself is difficult to maintain over this period of time, however if you compare the first 11 episodes of Lost’s first season to Heroes so far, there’s no contest in my mind because the first season of Lost is some of the best TV ever made.

  5. Andrew says:

    “the plot development is pathetic at best.”

    You realize that one statement invalidates anything you said, and ever will say about any form of storytelling.

    Heroes in 11 episodes, managed to give details on all the characters, bring several together, show the powers of all the characters, and get to a fairly massive plot twist while wrapping up the delima set out in the first episode.

    Thats more than can be said for Lost, which in two seasons seems to have forgotten the dilemas posed in the first season (as pointed out in this article).

    As far as plot development goes, heroes is fairly advanced, unless you just want to have a static list of information read to you..

    Im starting to wonder what you actually meant by plot development at this point.

  6. Eric says:

    I’ll be simple here… Basically I think Lost Deserves a little more props here… I love both shows mind you… even though Locke kinda’ became a wussy… the new season he did go on one of his ass kicking adventures again and blew fire into the face of a bear… That Is Awesome… Lost is still great

  7. rawbob says:

    Desmond is Scottish, not Irish.

    I think the first season of Lost was far better than the first season of Heroes )so far, obviously).

    Although Heroes has some way to go, it also has the benefit of Lost hitting a dull streak.

    I don’t think any moment on Heroes will top the Locke episode near the end of the first season on Lost. His own Father had just stole his kidney and discarded him like a kleenex, Boone was dying after the fall and Locke was frustrated to tears by not being able to open the hatch.

    The emotion at that moment was incredible (especially since Locke was the resident bad-ass know-it-all at the time) and here he was crying over the hatch, begging for answers, when all of a sudden a shaft of light comes from the hatch (a lot of credit must go to the music over these scenes as well, I thought it was excellent).

    Greatest moment on TV ever?

    Anyway, I am hooked on Heroes too, but do think Lost was untouchable in it’s first season. Roll on 8/21/2007!

  8. Krusher says:

    OK, good points. I like both shows but I notice that I have kept falling asleep during Lost and I manage to wake up during the final 5 minutes and realize I didn’t gain or lose anything by sleeping.
    Lost has lost their creative edge. They make up stuff during one episode in hopes of tying it into a later episode. Then the writers sit on this information for weeks or months only to pop it back into the script as an follow-up.
    Honestly, the flashbacks are dry and SEEM to be pointless in evolving the character more.
    I am going to give LOST one last chance come February and hopefully will stop dozing off.

    I just Heroes develops more characters during the next season. I really like that Heros seems to gives each Hero about equal amount of the 40-45 minutes while giving a few extra minutes to the main plot of the story that week. Meanwhile, LOST continuously just deals with one character per episode and when it is Charlie…nap time comes around.

  9. steveo says:

    I’d have to agree with you that Heroes beats Lost hands-down. I’m getting tired of the jerking around in Lost and I’m feeling like Abrams is already doing to it what he did to Alias that led to it’s slow death.

    The pace of Heroes seems to be increasing, and we have a hard deadline for a showdown in the future. I’m almost willing to bet it’s gonna be Peter vs Sylar, with Peter using all the others powers (including Niki and her super strength).

    All things considered, neither show can hold the title for best scifi show. That title belongs to Battlestar Galactica.

  10. The Jay says:

    Mark, I’m quite aware that Heroes has 11 more episodes left in their season. I wouldn’t be very good at my job if I didn’t know that. Also, I allude to it throughout the piece, so let’s worry more about your job as a reader, and less of mine as a pop culture humorist.

  11. jim says:

    This is total bullshit. Lost is way better than than X-men+Lost ( a.k.a. heroes). Whats next jericho beats Lost?

  12. Andrew says:

    Heroes Kicks ass!! I have been waiting for this show since I read about it in EW. Being a comic book fan, this show does that medium a great service in the way it is done. I’m sure having the great Jeph Loeb as a producer (and I’m sure he has a hand in the plot!!) helps. I can’t say anything about Lost because I tried watching it the 1st season and found it boring(just my taste, not trying to offend any Lost followers here) but I am glad that Heroes is attracting a following. I cannot wait for January to catch the 2nd half of the season.

  13. The Jay is a Moron says:

    Ok, look, Heroes is a good show. But uh, why can’t you just watch both? How can you claim that a show ‘went off its rails’ when it was less than ten episodes old? It was still forming itself as a show.

    You want answers, watch 2.5 Men.

  14. todd x says:

    I am well aware of plot development, Andrew.

    Heroes, thus far, has been predictable. The storytelling is cliche. This is not to diminish the storytelling, the pacing of the telling, nor the character development. These elements are essential to a good story, but really do not have much to do with the plot. Strong characters and weak plots and visa versa have been around since stories have been told.

    Simple plots can be very effective even when they are cliche. It is the delivery of a plot point that really lacks in this series. Eleven episodes in you should be anticipating the next point, not simply waiting for it. You might be able to see a plot point a mile away coming at you in slow motion, like a slow punch. Or as is the case with Heroes, you see it coming more like that old lady that is counting change ahead of you in line at the grocery store. Sure there are other lines, but for some reason you stay in this one because your next.

    Heroes is a decent enough, but it is not yet a bad-ass. The characters and the story will drive this money making machine till it figures out how to give us a plot that makes our jaws drop..

  15. Name says:

    In my opinion Lost is better because even with the all the plot holes at least it’s original. With all this craze for superheroes the past few years i’m surprised something like Heroes didn’t come out years ago. It’s a good show but nothing new.

  16. armour says:

    On at least one of the first two episodes of Heroes, Mohinder did take a job as a cabbie, so that may hurt his rating as far as not enforcing stereotypes. But yes, he absolutely is a huge douche.

  17. steven says:

    neither of these shows compares to “invasion”. i was always creeped out and i actually cared about the characters.

    btw – how many times can the networks ask us to invest 10 – 15 hours in a serial show and then pull the plug without an ending? who would ever see a movie that was advertised as missing it’s last reel?

    networks should be required to give those shows a two hour special to wind things up out of respect for their viewers.

    oh yeah – what respect?

  18. Mattimo says:

    *9 Steveo has it right. Battlestar is the best sci-fi series around. Unless you have buckets of free time to watch as many series as you like then you are probably better off investing it in BSG.

  19. Melissa says:

    How could you give up on Lost? Heroes is great, but Lost is the original. And, c’mon, Walt may have gotten himself kidnappped but Micah kept giving him and his Dad away to his Mom. Besides, some of the actors on Heroes really need to touch up on thier acting skills. I almost gave up on the first episode because Ali Larter and the guy who plays Peter Petreeli were SO BAD. I love both shows and Im really glad they are on different nights.

  20. oh how wrong......... says:

    ha.. lost > heroes… the acting in heroes is pretty much outright atrocious i could only keep with it up till micah’s dad came home (way to score any talent by the way NBC, ali larter is sooo making a comeback)

    and for the record… http://imdb.com/title/tt0411008/awards
    for a little objectivity here as we seem to disagree… yea.. that’s 21 emmy nominations in two years

  21. Dylan says:

    I’m sorry, the first season of lost was way better then heroes. If your comparing heroes to what lost has become, then yeah heroes wins. Look back at the first season of lost, the character stories were unbelievable. It was great. Heroes doesnt have those type of character stories, its more about plot. But yeah heroes is still great, better then the third season of lost. Lost is a show where if you like questions and solving them yourself, then its better, but heroes is more of your questions will be answered type of show.

  22. Yeah, there’s room for both “Heroes” and “Lost.” (But not “Invasion,” which was more boring than either of them – Shaun Cassidy never seems to work for me for some reason.) By the way, Hayden turns 18 in August next year – and since 16 is legal in the UK (and in parts of the US) she technically out-hotted Evangeline Lilly even before the show debuted.

  23. nat says:

    “I dug the girl from Remember the Titans Groundhog Day-ing herself off a bridge.”

    THANK YOU!!!! that’s who she is!!! why didn’t i IMDB her? i suppose i just didn’t care THAT much, but it was bothering me…

    “If Dawson Leery were a doctor, his name would have been Dr. Jack Shepherd.”


    hmmm…while heroes hasn’t quite made it on to my must see/damn it all to hell if i don’t list-although it is climbing-let’s just say i’ve stopped watching LOST in lieu of one tree hill on wednesday’s–that’s how much LOST has disappointed me.

    P.S. sawyer’s still hot though.

  24. jesse says:

    hiro speaks various amounts of english because he time travels dumb dumb

  25. Phil says:

    If it helps, I find any scene with Jack giving a dramatic self-righteous speech can be improved by inserting the Monkey Butler bit from the Simpsons in it.

    But I have to agree: Heroes> Incurious Motherfuckers.

  26. Pingback: Heroes Vs. Lost « Niclas Darville

  27. klew says:

    I’m all about Heroes season 1 being better than Lost season 1. Though to answer your question: “Why no more planes?” The island may be on the flight path, but planes at 30000 feet are near impossible to see from the ground.

  28. Critch says:

    This list is invalidated just because you put ANYONE above Hiro. He does more in episodes he’s not even in than Lost’s asians do in their storyline.

    “I get a sword? I get a sword.”
    “Greata Scotta.”
    “I’d better find that sword fast.”
    “If I step on a bug, I could change the future!”

    Hiro vs. T-Rex. Boo-Yah.

  29. zorak says:

    Why is it that everyone whines about the flaws in every show they supposedly “love”? LOST was a revolutionary program when it arrived. Heroes is a wildly entertaining show. LOST isn’t geared to give answers; it’s geared to make people ASK QUESTIONS. If you were given all of the answers of LOST, how much fun would it be to watch? Not very, but then it seems most of you don’t really enjoy it, but instead enjoy complaining about it. Heroes’ plotline is not as complicated and asks no questions of it’s viewing audience. LOST asks–do you believe in fate? Heroes SHOWS you people’s fates. And for those of you saying Heroes delivers answers, tell me–how does saving the cheerleader save the world? Oh wait…we don’t know yet. And how does Peter become a bomb? Oh wait…we don’t know that either. But ya knwo what I DO know? I know these shows are mad entertaining and I wouldn’t miss an episode of either. I feel bad for those of you who seem to enjoy nitpicking more than enjoying. I’d wager you are the same in your everyday “non-TV” lives as well.

    For those who enjoy, continue to do so. For those who don’t–perhaps you should stop watching.

  30. Lori says:

    Great analysis! I can’t wait to see how you rate The Lost Room. I absolutely loved it.

  31. Boo says:

    I found Lost boring from the gate. Plus with all the non puzzled floating around the answers will eventually do nothing but fizzle. The stack of random numbers mean nothing, the reason there hasn’t been an answer yet is because they are too lazy to make one up. The show would be interesting if they had a complete arc of what’s going to happen layed down, but pretty much everyone involved has admitted that they’re just improvising as they go along.

    Heroes at least moves it story forward every episode as opposed to faking people out for weeks to milk the advertising for the network, which is exactly what Lost does, they are playing their fans for fools.

  32. Mike Lake says:

    Lost is a show with a very thin premise that should have been a mini-series.

    The characters have been made to be stupid and uncommunicative so that the plot doesn’t move along very fast. The flashbacks were interesting when we didn’t know the characters. Now, the flashbacks are pointless and repetitive. How many times you we need to be told Sawyer is a con-man? How many times do we need to be told Kate runs when a situation gets tough (except when she chooses to hang out in an OPEN cage with Sawyer instead of RUNNING and at least trying to hide and get away from the Others).

    F Lindelof and Cuse. These two annoying, conceited hacks have driven Lost right into the ground. JJ Abrams has never taken a show successfully to a third season. Lost has gone the way of Alias.

  33. Lucinda says:

    While I don’t agree with your assessment of Jack at ALL – he’s my favorite character and the only one I still find interesting. (I still like Sayid, Jin/Sun, Hurley and Locke but there hasn’t been enough story for them this season to still LOVE them) – I pretty much agree with the rest of it. I think Sawyer is the biggest asshole on the island – Jack’s a good guy, if a bit self-righteous.

    Lost has been losing me more and more while Heroes is kicking ass. Good breakdown, I enjoyed reading it.

  34. K-mart says:

    Both shows suck.

  35. Clarkson says:

    I thought the comments were more intresting than the article and as that other guy said desmond isnt irish he’s scottish!

  36. Goofball says:

    I know you wrote it down to make a comparision, but Mohinder is an Indian, which makes him a South (or South East) Asian. Definitely not a middle eastern.
    Just thought that I should let you know -
    Brown skin must not necessarily mean middle easterner.

  37. Spoodles says:

    Hey Jay, I voted for you when I read the article. Thanks for the every-day tip. I’ll be doing that.

  38. Caleb says:

    The Jay…you made every comparison as far as race in your article (white,black,asian) and totally left out hispanic? How about the Issac Mendez stereotype…a hispanic can only have powers if he is high on drugs?? Totally dropped the ball on that one..I would have loved to see your take on that because this article was great fun to read. The Lost side of the hispanic stereotype would be that the only way a hispanic could be rich is if he won the lotto! Both shows rock but I have to say I think in the end Heroes will have staying power while Lost will drive people nuts where they say..no mas.

  39. MKDC says:

    Don’t worry, the guys over at MKDC got your back in the voting.

  40. Rachel says:

    Without Lost, Heroes wouldn’t exist, so have a little respect. I mean, hell, look at the casts, you yourself admitted to how similar they are. Lost was revolutionary, innovative, entertaining, and damn exciting.

    Also, someone earlier said something about the writers just improvising. They do have a definite story arc and plot points that they hit. If you’ve ever written anything, you’ll know that in the process of writing you discover things about the story/characters you didn’t know before. Although they know where the story is going and basically how, there are still some things they are finding out; however, this in no way means they’re improvising.

  41. T. says:

    My main problem with lost, is that their suspense is 90% unpredictable. Now, not that it is unpredictable in the good way, it is so far fetched that you couldn’t have even guessed at the unanswerable questions being posed by the show. Now with heroes on the other hand in their reality the writers have created questions that are answered reasonably, and its not that their questions are predictable, it is that they follow the rules of their enviroment. You may argue that lost does this also, but to make a setting with endless possibilities is as annoying as the unanswerable questions the show supplies. Now i do not deny that lost is successful and it has it’s reasons for that, but frankly successful does not mean good, especially in todays terms of trends and “what’s in and what’s not”. The same applies to heroes only I support it more because it is indeed traditional in it’s writing, in a not so in a boring or predictable matter but in a good wholesome, natural way this have been written before. Personally I was addicted to lost at first, I missed 2 weeks and I was gone. I tried to re-attain interest, but it was impossible. I just found the show’s endless questions and possibilities so annoying that I couldn’t stand being in the same room as it, without going on rants about it’s writing. I 100% agree with the last comment in this article about audience satisfaction. and from a person that has been glancing at lost from a far every once and while it is seeming that it is repeating itself with constant drama and love affairs. I also find it annoying that it offers no conclusion, especially for the some of the things the show began with.
    Every time I think about lost I imagine the writers simply writting themselves into a corner and then simply comming up with some unrealistic random thing, such as polar bars. If you skim some of the story of lost it truly seems that it was written by a retard with a degree in english and writing, has experience in writing stories, yet has the imagination of a 5 year old and craps his pants a lot. And i look forward to the responces from some people about what I have said because chances are i am missing a lot of information(probably) and I would like to be “informed” other wise.

    P.S. I did not proof read this I was in a rush so please do not comment on my grammar or spelling mistakes.

  42. Gnarls Woodson says:

    You realize that India isn’t in the Middle East, right?

    Hopefully you do. Other than that, I agree with the analysis. Lost’s first season was good, but it’s sucked balls ever since they blew the hatch open. And I think all the others, including “Ben/Henry Gale” are totally retarded. “Heroes,” on the other hand, is awesome so far.

  43. Ginomee says:

    Haha, are you 12?

  44. wooderson says:

    One phrase makes me want charlie to die badly:

    “You all, everybody”

    I mean, you couldn’t come up with a better song? Seriously it costs less than 100k to get someone to write some decent sopng material. Ugh

  45. John says:

    I do not think Ali Larter has a power. It was her sister that had the power. She “jumped ship” when her father killed her and inhabits her sister’s body.

  46. cc says:

    While I do agree with Jay, I prefer Heroes over Lost… now… but I can’t see Heroes staying strong into their third season. It will be like all the other great shows that come out and in two more years we’ll be comparing Heroes to the first 11 episodes of some other show about 10 – 15 strangers whose lives are somehow involved with each other. Boo-Urns I say. Boo-Urns. In the meantime I will continue to watch Heroes but still devote most of my tv time to old King of Queens and Seinfeld episodes…

  47. Dipesh says:

    India is not in the middle east!Has anyone not ever heard of the INDIAN SUBCONTINENT?!

  48. The Jay says:

    Can I just go on record and say that yes, I do realize that India is not the in the middle east. However, I needed a comparison for Sayid, and Mohinder is the Sayid-replacement on Heroes. This was not intended as a slight to Indians, it was intended as a swipe to network television stereotypes. So no worries.

  49. Steph says:

    I’ve never really watched Lost, but I love Heroes. And why are people taking this so seriously? Its a HUMOR/pop culture blog, its meant to be funn, and it is!

    Thanks for the 30 mins worth of procrastinating at work yet again.

  50. casey jones says:

    this comparison is just what i was looking for. my friends are all ADDICTED to Lost and I can’t get anyone to swtich to Heroes. The fall season of Heroes is dominant and I caught up in a week after missing the first 10 episodes. i am curious however if Heroes will get the same mileage as Lost. i almost think they should cut if off after the first season because it would be a better piece of work then Lost’s tired story line. obviously i still have to watch Lost just to find out what’s going to happen, but that’s about all my fascination. heroes is IT.

  51. kujo says:

    yes, lost was great the first season, but now has grown old, they are taking too long to “get on with it”, theres plenty of material so move on faster with the details and plot. Andrew (#5) said it all. everyone whom is a Heroes fan should read the comic/trade paperback ‘Rising Stars’ at your local comicshop. i cant believe how close they are and Rising Stars came out years ago. really really great reading!there are so many superpowers its awesome. please check it out. Heroes is one i’ll be buying on dvd in the futuroe. YATTA! Heroes

  52. Michael says:

    Heroes delivers week after week and for me each week it gets better. I can’t wait until Jan 22 when it comes back! I have no idea when Lost comes back so I guess that answers where my loyalty is! Lost had its 15 mins and that is about it. It was a great 15 mins but the show lacked true staying power. If it wasn’t for Juliet I wouldn’t be watching at this point. “Yatta!”

    P.S. If you haven’t watched “Rome” you are missing out on one of the best shows on any network!

  53. ex says:

    I think this comparison would be better made when Heroes is in its Third Season.

  54. Matt says:

    “In my opinion Lost is better because even with the all the plot holes at least it’s original.”

    Good Lord! You’re one of those folks who fell for the same crap a few years back on X-Files and the Matrix aren’t you?

    Leather + brooding + pointlessly obtuse ≠ creative. Not for thirty years or so.

  55. Pedro says:

    dude (sorry, i couldn’t resisti ^^) i agree with everything, except that there is no way charlie is more annoying that mohinder.

  56. Doker says:

    Aside from Deal or No Deal… I’ve never found myself YELLING at my television, nor in my 28+ years of being a loyal television viewer have I so anxiously awaited a show’s weekly airing like I do Heroes.

    I think the neophytic acting and writing of Heroes represents the “geek” culture that is so obviously targeted at, placed at an area on the table where everybody has easy access to it’s contents. I’m not asked to understand a complex character that has a more confusing back story added every 8 weeks. I know Hiro. He is my friend. I experienced his fears. I lived his, “Yatta!”

    I’ve appreciated Lost for the past 2 years, but the show has jsut run out of fish biscuits.

  57. I have to agree with you if only because of your Niki/Jessica/Angelus comparison.

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  59. akemi says:

    i love charlie you suck

  60. jordan says:

    india is not in the middle east

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  62. Vicault says:

    People who rave that Lost has lost its way, and that Heroes has ‘beaten’ it somehow, do not have the ability to discern great art from the mediocre.

    I mildly like Heroes, but it has two things working against it: it’s merely good, and it’s borrowed a disturbing lot from Lost – too much for people to pass off as coincidence or vague influence. It’s obvious that Heroes wants that specific aura, that energy, that makes Lost so compelling. But the writers on Heroes just aren’t nearly as good as those on Lost.

    The only reason why people keep saying Heroes is better is because they’re frustrated with Lost, and I have no sympathy for them. Lost was never about the plot twists, it was about the characters. If you watch Lost or Heroes only to find out what this symbol meant, or why the polar bear is there – then you’re always going to be disappointed with fiction, since all of these things are arbitrary. What you get out of great art and entertainment is the emotion that’s drawn out of you when you watch characters that you’ve grown to care about. It’s done through superior dialogue, acting, music, direction, etc – NOT PLOT TWISTS. I’m becoming more and more convinced that Heroes will never be able to achieve this, although it’s cool to see ‘future Hiro’ with a sword.

  63. Maura says:

    Thank god.

    I was obsessed with lost for a season and a half, but then with zero questions answered and about a billion more asked, i was getting no where.The creators of lost SAID that they wouldn’t end up like every other SiFi show and acutally answer questions, but really they haven’t kept that promise.Hopefully, Heroes can learn.As people get tired of waiting for Lost, they’ll hopefully switch over to Heroes.

  64. Excellent piece – thank you.

  65. Krusher says:

    Holy Cow! What a disappointing episode last night of Heroes. What did we learn? Nothing, it was almost like a “catch-up” epsiode for new watchers to understand.
    The writers need to be careful and not follow down the path of Lost by adding too many characters and really diluting the character pool with too many “don’t care about them” characters. Take for example, e-mail girl. She would be wonderful in the corporate world (could you imagine her manipulating electronic banking, wow.), but her character might be one too many right now.
    I liked the mind-controlling girl, too bad they killed her off. She seemed to be like a wild-card type of character.

  66. The Jay says:

    Uh, were we watching the same episode? Dr. Who showed up and neck cuffed Peter Petrelli? Awesome!

    FLYING MAN!!! Awesome.

    Billain. Villain. Blaine. Villain. V-lan. Awesome.

    Also, what “e-mail girl”? Color me confused.

  67. Krusher says:

    Email girl was the girl who was sending emails to radioactive hand-man…which was done during Deal or No deal. She visited him in his 1 room shack and warned him about others trying to seek him out.
    My problem is with the whole “everyone has forgotten what happened” stuff with the cheerleader and her friends. Going back to the top of the rig and jumping off, like the very first episode, was dry.
    Keeping Sylar locked up when it looked like he was going to escape when he killed mind-controlling girl seems backwards from the last episode. Set Sylar free and let him run amuck.
    What’s up with Cheerleader Daddy? What special power does he have that hasn’t been touched yet, hmm?
    How about this? Sylar vs Hiro, but Hiro can jump fwd or back in time, and that Hiro could jump fwd or back in time and so forth and so forth. So in essence, Hiro could make multiple duplicates of himself all appear at the same instant in time and place in which they then could beat the crap out of Sylar. It would look like Smith vs Neo in Matrix 2.

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  69. Eric Blade says:

    Let’s try this, and I’ve been watching both for as long as they’ve been around:

    Heroes is full of characters that absolutely do what no one would ever do in a same situation. Every single person is a complete and total farktard.

    Yes, I still enjoy the show, but LOST is surprisingly more realistic in it’s characters reactions to things.

    Seriously, how can you compare two shows that are about completely different things?

    People that write this crap obviously are farktards themselves.

  70. Alex says:

    Lost is way too confined in terms of what the characters can do, and their limitations. All there is, are nonstop questions that don’t usually get answered clearly.

    Heroes downright kick’s Lost’s ass. It continues to dominate Lost in viewers per night, and demographics for many ages. Lost was once good, but is now boring.

    Lost may have had a great first season, but Heroes’s first season is better. Lost was the only good science-fiction show out at the time of their nominations. Had that been Heroes, they would have won all of those awards, and then some.

    Heroes is totally unique. For that asshole who said Heroes was (XMen+Lost) …you need to re-evaluate things, clearly. You have no idea what Heroes is. Heroes is nothing like Lost, Heroes is much better. The two shows only share a common genre – that’s it.

    Heroes dominates Lost 100%. It’s a downright better show in every sense of the word. People who still watch Lost should really make the switch and get acquainted with Heroes. It’s more realistic, based in our time, and the special effects are dazzling.

    8/21/07 !

  71. I’ve seen every episode of both and both are good shows. Heroes is on more of a Kindergarten level while Lost is a college doctorate level.

    People like the impostor who posted last that think Heroes is better need to be tested for intelligence (or lack thereof). It’s obvious they are not that bright and can only be interested in simple things.

    Lost is way better because it’s original and multi-layered. Heroes seems that way at first glance but in truth it’s just a thinly veiled ripoff of the X-Men comic, although it’s fun to watch.

    Get a clue people- ignorance is a dangerous thing.

  72. Seth says:

    Im Sorry but Ive Seen All Episodes Of Both And Lost Is The Better Show.

    No Explanation.

    And Exactly 2 The Person Above:

    Original = Lost.

    Ripoff = Heroes.

    I Love Them Both But No Way Is Heroes Better Than Lost.

    It Just Lacks The “I Want To Know What Happens Next..”

    2bh If Heroes Was Cancelled And I Never Found Out What Happened In The End. Whether They Saved The World Or Not…

    I Wouldn’t Care.

    Where As Lost On The Other Hand. I Would Probably Kill Myself. :O Lol

  73. Leonardo Bachcovsky says:

    Yo pienso que Lost es 100 veces superior a Heroes, no hay comparación. Heroes es una burda copia de X-Men, no sé cómo a la gente le puede gustar ese show. Eso de tener superpoderes de repente, no es como muy original que digamos. Falta que los llamen mutantes. Algo similar ya habíamos visto en Los 4400, de una manera un tanto distinta la forma en la que adquieren los poderes, pero a la final la misma paja. Gente que repentinamente adquiere habilidades especiales. Lost en cambio, es compleja, más interesante y aunque ya va en su tercera temporada, aún no deja de sorprenderme. Todos los que piensan que Heroes es mejor serie que Lost están meando fuera del perol.

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  75. Billy Idol says:

    I absolutely love both Lost and Heroes but, and it’s a big but, since the 3rd season of Lost being kind of, well, lost, Heroes has quickly become my 1st choice between the 2. Lost has ‘lost’ its way. I used to get excited before watching it but lately my thoughts have been ‘…this one better be good.’

    Peter Petrelli is eventually going to become a Superman like figure with all of the others powers, save for the red cape, but Christopher Eccleston is fantastic as Claude.

    And by the way, as far as Lost is concerned, Desmond isn’t Irish, he is Scottish you ignorant bastard.

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  77. A LOST fan says:

    Dear moron who wrote this article,

    Are you on crack, or do you just suck? LOST is clearly light years beyond the garbage we refer to as “Heroes”. People who watch LOST enjoy it because it takes a much higher level of intellect and supports a much deeper and more satisfying overall experience. Mostly, LOST prevails because it happens not to be a combination of cheap rip-offs of other shows and movies. Such entertainment that Heroes has chosen to rip off include X-Men, the 4400, and um… LOST! Plus, if there is any ounce of prestige in the trashy TV program called Heroes it’s because one of the main characters was on LOST. Basically, Heroes is what we would classify as the generic version of LOST such as Family Guy to The Simpsons, Armageddon or Pepsi to Coke. I could go on forever. And the Last and most important factor why LOST is the best show on television is the fan base. People are proud to say they are LOST fans, who the hell gets satisfaction out of saying they are a Heroes fan? I mean seriously, that’s like being proud of contracting Herpes. Heroes will never be as great of a show as LOST and will always be in its shadow. I rest my case.

  78. samsin says:

    The first season of Lost was excellent but something happened in season two that just felt wrong. I’ve given up on the show since the hiatus.

    To Lost fans who use the “you’re all too stupid to appreciate what a work of art the show is” argument, well I can’t argue with you.

    Heroes is now my #1 show… And the past couple episodes have matched the best of Lost from season one. And there have been some great character moments. Pasdar is standing out. And the big villains are total geekdom callouts. The show might be fluff at times, but Tim Kring knows how to do payoff. And it’s tied with 24 – my former favorite show before Lost took that mantle.

    And now it’s Heroes!

  79. The Jay says:

    A LOST Fan: Help me out with something. Tell me again how much intellect is required to “get” the Sawyer and Hurley play Ping Pong subplot? Cause I tell ya, I was lost. Why are they hitting that ball back and forth? Is the Ping Pong table magical? Do the Others make that so? I am so stupid.


  80. Alicia says:

    You know..a lot of people have been calling Heroes a rip-off of X-Men..but um couldn’t Lost can be seen as a rip off of Gilligan’s Island (just made as a drama and not a sticom)?

  81. Pingback: Angry media and other links « fandumb

  82. The Jay says:

    Alicia: Would that make Peter Petrelli the Giligan of this adaptation? Would Sayid be the Professor? Would HRG be the Harlem Globetrotters?

    Do tell…

  83. ASTRAL says:

    Heroes(1st season) owns Lost(3rd season)… The producers of Heroes seem to know where the show is headed towards whereas Lost doesn’t seem to go anywhere and its plot is simply stagnant… it’s 3 seasons now and we hardly get any answers…

  84. Ben says:

    As an avid fan of both shows, it’s interested to see them compared. I’ve watched Lost since the very beginning, and started watching Heroes midway through the series (but quickly caught up), and I think they are very different shows.

    True, they both have large ensemble cast, and they both revolve around the characters trying to accomplish something and coming into conflict with each other, but Heroes is geared more towards fast-paced action, mysteries that last a couple of episodes and special effects (which is fantastic).

    Lost, meanwhile, is about the thrill of the mystery, character development, plots that seem to go nowhere but eventually come together in a mind-blowing scene. It might not sound like everyone’s cup of tea, but it works great, which makes Lost an equally great show. There are similarities between characters in each show (an Asian guy, for example, a kid with strange powers, strange big, black guys who say very little), but they are presented in a different manner.

    There are some people who have probably gotten tired of Lost by now. It’s true, the mythology of the show has deepened drastically, the flashbacks aren’t as exciting as they could (save for a few, which are still great – Locke’s latest flashback was a prime example), and mysteries remain unsolved for episodes…even seasons. But that’s what I love about the show. If it changed its style or pace, I would be very annoyed. And I like finding the small clues we find and piecing them together to create answers.

    Has Lost decreased in quality since it’s first season? Yes, but only just in my opinion. Season One was a television masterpiece and some scenes will be remembered for a long time (something Heroes has unfortunately yet to achieve). Season Two was barely a step down, and still had some remarkable episodes. Since Season 3, however, many people seem to enjoy calling Lost. Yet we received several answers to long-running questions (admittedly, not full answers), character development is as strong as forever, and one episode in particular (The Man from Tallahassee) is one of the best episodes in all three seasons.

    Heroes, of course, is in its first year, and is a remarkable show. Lost was one of the original ‘fourteen or so main characters emsemble shows’, but Heroes learned from some of Lost’s ‘mistakes’ and created a truly brilliant show. However, since Lost came first, I will probably always love it more. That doesn’t stop me from loving Heroes as well, though, since some episodes are just as good as some Lost episodes.

    Is the first season of Heroes better than Lost? No, afraid not.

    Is Heroes better than the current series of Lost? No, afraid not, but it’s practically there.

    In my opinion, they are the two best shows out there.

  85. sian says:

    hero’s is one of the most amazing programs ever !

  86. Ty says:

    how about the award for the biggest rip off ever i feel like im watching a new x men series when i see this show


  87. Emmalie says:

    Dear moron who wrote this article,

    Are you on crack, or do you just suck? LOST is clearly light years beyond the garbage we refer to as “Heroes”. People who watch LOST enjoy it because it takes a much higher level of intellect and supports a much deeper and more satisfying overall experience. Mostly, LOST prevails because it happens not to be a combination of cheap rip-offs of other shows and movies. Such entertainment that Heroes has chosen to rip off include X-Men, the 4400, and um… LOST! Plus, if there is any ounce of prestige in the trashy TV program called Heroes it’s because one of the main characters was on LOST. Basically, Heroes is what we would classify as the generic version of LOST such as Family Guy to The Simpsons, Armageddon or Pepsi to Coke. I could go on forever. And the Last and most important factor why LOST is the best show on television is the fan base. People are proud to say they are LOST fans, who the hell gets satisfaction out of saying they are a Heroes fan? I mean seriously, that’s like being proud of contracting Herpes. Heroes will never be as great of a show as LOST and will always be in its shadow. I rest my case.


    Dude , Heroes is number 1 right now , Lost has LOST its appeal , mystery. Where do polar bears , comics and black fog fit in together with the Others? , Is it magical or a freaking government plan?. Theres too much to there story for gods sake It can just be that theres puppets controlling the island seeing who they can kill off first. Lost isnt predictable at all , but it answers a question WITH A QUESTION. Who does that?

  88. The Jay says:

    You know what’s always a good way to validate your argument? Calling the person you are criticizing a moron. I always sit up and think “Man, that guy knows his stuff”, when someone calls me a moron for HAVING AN OPINOIN THAT DOESN’T MATCH THEIR OWN.

    Honey, go eat a dick and click off this website if it bothers you so much.

  89. hiro is my hero says:

    Lets face it even if lost is a better show that heores(which it is not)the could toataly kill everyone and start over and it would make no difference because they could make more heroes with better powers and at that a better bad guy. or they could go half way. Also what is great about this show is that the previews don’t give it away, there over in the first few secounds but by then u’ll be addicted and will stay on the same channel waiting for the show to come back on. and when was the last time “the beast” showed it’s face it seams alittle too much like lord of the flies if you ask me. the beast is them anyway.

    plus they actualy planned about 5 seasons alreaty, lost just goes with the flow …. or down a hatch

  90. Chris says:

    alright I’m sick of you guys whining about how Heroes is just a rip off of X-Men. One the characters are so much more enjoyable. Two there’s actually something going on that I care about. Three the villain is actually enjoyable. Now I’m not saying that Heroes is missing faults because if I have to see one more cameo appearence of Stan Lee I’m gonna loose my freakin mind, 2 “save the cheerleader save the world” is about as corny as you can get for a tagline and 3 Nathan’s a deuche moving on Lost I will watch because it keeps the mind working and it keeps me interested but I’m not gonna keep that interest with a 3 month break of reruns. I like the whole question with question thing but almost every episode leaves me with “Wow Sawyer is really a deuche(except for occasions) and great now I get to wait another week to see the twisted relationship with Jin and Sun (at least its getting better hope the baby will be alright) but i gotta hand it to Lost Locke is the greatest Creepy old guy. Heroes on the other hand I really like the characters but that might be because Sylar reminds me of someone (creepy but true) and Ted looks like the Gico caveman. But I really like Peter’s character and Hiro even though he is the token Asian stereo-type he’s really enjoyable and they do a good job of character development. I guess one of the reasons I prefer Heroes is that questions get answered but not all of them so its like wow so Peter has the ability to copy other abilities (and later it was surprising that he didn’t have to be around people to use there abilities) but it leaves you with questions like the ones stated in the article plus “will they be able to stop the future?” so far everything Isacc painted has come true and they haven’t stoped any of it. Both shows are great but to make it clear X-men was a group of people with powers working side by side. Heroes their usually always doing it and getting the job done on there own except for Ando and Hiro (but Ando doesn’t have powers) and on occasion Matt and Ted. Plus not all of them are stereo-types only really Hiro is. X-men its like alright ummmmm anyone know how teenagers act anyone anyone uhhhhhh let’s go watch the CW real quick. “I’m going to get the cure Bobby.” WHO CARES and yes I’m making reference to the movies and you can tell me the comics are better but I don’t care because I already know they are.

    wow that was really longer then I expected oh well have fun criticizing or agreeing with me.

  91. Eric Seiden says:

    Damn, Jay, I loved your post. Really I did. I liked it so much, I decided to take your survey and provide my own answers on my blog.

    I have also back-linked to your blog to give you full credit. Here’s my take on Heroes v Lost: http://www.darsys.net/2007/05/heroes-vs-lost.html

    Nice work. (Found you via a Stumble, BTW)

  92. Sam says:

    YAWN another Heroes fan boy.

  93. Eugenia says:

    Sorry pal, Lost is way better. A recent editorial:

  94. Hello LOST says:

    you must be kicking yourself right now… with that awful HEROES season finale and the awesome LOST finale. Sorry if my english isn’t good (english is my 2nd language).

    Let me tell you why LOST is better than HEROES. Note to side: I also watch HEROES.

    1. Sayid is not annoying, Mohinder is.
    2. The NUMBERS play a more significant role in LOST, than that date on HEROES.
    3. Sylar is a terrible terrible character.
    4. HEROES is cliches and cliches all around.
    5. HEROES is X-MEN but not as good as X-MEN.
    6. HEROES doesn’t have the dephths LOST has. Religious, litterary, characters.
    7. When LOST is bad (Stranger In A Stranger Land), it still kicks HEROES’ ass.
    8. When LOST is good, there’s no better TV.
  95. me says:

    ..ok..i by far think matt from heroes is the most obnoxious annoying person i have ever seen on tv..”oh..my wife hates me..hey..wait..i can read minds..AWESOME!!!..OH WAIT!! I’M STILL A DOUCHE!!”..plus he totally shoots people in the future episode..as for charlie..he’s actually the only reason i kept watching lost until it got interesting again…even though it was only for the purpose of seeing if this would finally be the week he died…but when he did actually die i was very sad…and i hope by some miracle he isn’t dead…like..maybe locke gets mr. eko’s jesus stick and beats the water out of his chest? who knows

  96. burnsbothends says:


    “Yatta” was a humor- based song in Japan that makes me chuckle. As a word, it already has a theme song.

    And Heroes vs. X-Men (From a fangirl perspective)- Why fight? X-Men has its amazingness, and Heroes has its own. X-Men has Storm, though, and might win because of that (unless Nikki/Jessica suddenly gets extremely better).

    I don’t watch Lost, sorry, never saw any of it, don’t have a TV.

  97. Hello LOST says:

    and now LOST it’s not HOW it’s WHEN do we get off this island…

  98. Jack says:

    this “review” is the most biased piece of critique i have ever read. your actually giving points to a show based on: interesting numbers, least stereotypical ethnic character, which show would you rather be in? so you decided to ignore points like: best acting, best dialogue, originality, storyline, longevity, etc.?
    i love watching these types of “drama” shows, in my opinion lost is by far and away the better program, the acting is first class, of course you don’t know the answers, you’re supposed to figure them out not just get handed one very episode like a child’s show. i would put heroes behind 24 and prison break easily. i thought it was very watchable but it was full of cheese and cliche. also the finale was incredibly unsatisfying. plus your trying to compare a single series to a show that for 3 seasons has had a captive audience, the finale of the 3rd season completely blew me away.
    i think the major difference between these shows is that heroes is for people who want quick and easy entertainment with no hassle whereas a lost viewer is in it for the long haul, every episode gives a little bit more but patience is important.
    in the future my friend if you would like to compare 2 shows at least put forward a constructive argument with appropriate points of contest. if you like one better than the other, thats fair enough, but you’re just being misleading here.

  99. FireFly says:

    hay, heroes is o.k tv, it has some good bits [the cheerleader lying on the operating table with her insides gaping out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!] and some rubbish [i find hiro OVERWHELMINGLY annoying-"new york, new york!"{dont u just feel like punching him?!}], but over all,its just… hollow. you watch an episode, then staring doin something else [cooking, reading, having a wank,] an its gone. you watch heroes and then you get on with your life. lost, on the other hand- lingers on your mind, what the hell is he doin there?, why the hell is she like that?, what is up with juliet? what are giant four-toed statues doin on the island? lost is for people who don’t want the answers handed out to them after 2 weeks, their in for the long hual. heroes is for people who want answers, and everything fast paced. its differant things for differant peeps- i mean if we all thought the same, neither of ‘em would exist. sure, lost got a bit dry during season 2/early 3. but thru the lokin glass, what a finale !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i mean lost was revolutionary when it came out, nothing can take that away from it. it had a buzz all over the u.k and u.s. it was like- original. it gave you characters you love [desmond, locke = gold], characters you hate [ i dont HATE any of 'em, but i'm sure some of you do...] and characters you just want to fuck [evangeline lily as kate is just suming else!], but over all- heroes = a good tv show, lost = a revolutionary piece of television progamming. and something some dude called seth sed a while ago- if heroes was canceled, i wouldnt care if they saved the world- if lost was cancelled, yes i probably try to throw myself infront of a bus 1 or 2 times. heroes just cant establish a fan base like lost. lost is fresh, even now- island with weird-weird stuff happenin. now you wouldnt find a smoke monster and a polar bear in robinson crusoe would’ya???. heroes- super powers have been done and done and turned over and done again. in heroes, you know how powers manifest, in lost ‘powers’ might not even be powers, and who actually has them [walt? locke? juliet? desmond?] its really… surreal- but in a new way. if want to see powers like in heroes, read a comic book or watch a super-heroe movie. lost juat aint been done before. if you 1 of those people who fizzled out from the first few episodes of season 3 of lost [stranger in a strange land] then you missed on pure assss-kikin gold near the end [man from talahasse, through the looking glass]. if your a lostie, your a lostie. if your a heroie{???} your a heroie, just leave each other be. and if yuor both- hey your 1 smart dude [or dudette]. people will say i’m being biased, and yeah i am. but aint like 3/4 of this comment thread biased? if you watch lost, watch lost if you watch heroes watch heroes. just do watever, but dont be a go and take lumps out of each other!!!!!
    peace out!

  100. Mike and Trev (lost fans) says:

    Dude , Heroes is number 1 right now , Lost has LOST its appeal , mystery. Where do polar bears , comics and black fog fit in together with the Others? , Is it magical or a freaking government plan?. Theres too much to there story for gods sake It can just be that theres puppets controlling the island seeing who they can kill off first. Lost isnt predictable at all , but it answers a question WITH A QUESTION. Who does that?


    Well, We’ve gotta say that is the most wrong, most ridiculous thing we’ve ever heard.
    Heroes is not number 1 right now. I dunno if you saw the LOST finale, but it totally raped heroe’s super powered ass. LOST’s finale has been called the best episode of anything ever, changing the way we see modern television. Heroes, however, has been called the worst episode of the series, a complete let down to an otherwise acceptable series.
    Then you ask where all those things come in. Let me enlighten you a bit. You wonder were the polar bears come from. I dunno whether your mentally ill or just normally stupid, but in the very first episode of season 3 we learn were the bears come from. The comics were from Hurley, luggage he brought on the plane. In case your to stupid to notice these things, people are aloud to bring things on planes. Finally, the smoke monster. The smoke monster is the essence of LOST, one of the many great things about the show. Its the point to not know what it is.
    Then you claim theres too much story. There are 54 hours of LOST currently out. Thats two and a half days. If you can’t comprehend a few story lines in two and half days, you must have severe brain damage. It’s a miracle you learned how to type. The puppets idea is just damn retarded, if they “puppets” wanted them dead the show would have been over long ago.
    And then you say lost isn’t predictable. What the hell is wrong with you? If you like things predictable, you are perfect for the heroes fan base. This may be just us thinking, but we have a slight idea that most people like things unpredictable. The only people who would want something predictable are those too stupid to predict even predictable things.
    Finally you ask who answers a question with a question. LOST effing answers a question with a question. Thats what makes the show so good, the fact that we don’t know everything, and that there’s still mystery. What the hell is going to happen in season 2 of heroes, now that all the questions have been answered?
    In conclusion, LOST is out-right better than it’s retarded rip-off copycat counterpart. If thats to much for your pathetically small mind to understand, than just go and die. You’d be doing humanity a favor.
    Thank you for your time.

    P.S. We watch both LOST and heroes(or, we did until the heroes finale)

    P.P.S. Take our advice; Stop watching heroes, go to school, learn a thing or two, then try to watch LOST again. You may find you like it. If not, try to go to school again. and complete it this time.

    P.P.P.S. Sorry this article is so long. We’re just really pissed off right now.

  101. The A-Man says:

    I watch both Heroes and Lost, and personally, Heroes is my favourite.

    Some of the best characters on Lost were ruined by self-pity/button pressing. And Mr Eko, the best thing that happened to Lost in the second season, was killed off just so his freakin stick could show Locke and the others which way North was. To be honest I’m quite tired of that “He died for a reason” shit. Sometimes I just wish I could skip the flashbacks, and currently the only character that draws me is Desmond, mainly because of his future flashes. The other characters have just been tired and worn out.
    I find as well that whenever questions are actually answered on Lost, the answers bore me, and almost make me afraid to watch it to the end (it may spoil what is left). Lost just piles on gimmick after gimmick, and to tell you the truth, I’m almost buying it. Almost.
    I will still watch on though, mainly because of the intruiging motives of ‘the rescuers’. I wonder if they’ll turn out to be as dull and boring as the others are. Season two, with the amazing episode “the other 60 days” (not sure if that’s what it called) the show promised the others were almost supernatural, stronger than any man (apart from Eko of course).
    Heroes on the other hand, keeps most of the characters interesting, and even the worst of characters redeemed themselves by the end of the season. Mohinder torturing Sylar was gold, as was Isaacs sacrifice and Niki’s realisation of her powers (especially when she whacked Sylar over the head with a parking meter). Heroes is good because the characters are not just guy who flies, girl who’s invunerable, guy that reads minds (like the x-men for example) it has characters that I refer to by name because they have real interesting personalities.
    Any X-men comparison/link with heroes is ridiculous, as the characters do not run around in tights, give themselves silly names (well, with the exception of Sylar, but thats better than Magneto) or go around in teams with silly names. End of.

    P.S. To the last commenter, who likes to personally insult anyone who does agree with their OPINION (I highlight opinion for a reason) Lost does not have 54 hours of story. Half of those hours were taken up by flashbacks which may give you more insight into the character, but is not part of the actual storyline.
    Also, may I point out, that the flashbacks may have ruined most of the characters. You barely ever see anyone tell anyone else anything about their past, because the writers can just call upon the magical flashbacks. Flashbacks can’t tell us how character’s feel about something now, so we see less emotion. So the flashbacks mainly provide a collection of short stories some of which have a moment of revalation, which only takes about 2 minutes.
    I believe that the 3 seasons out now could have been condensed to half the amount, by cutting the crap so to speak. Maybe focus on more than one character in an episode (and I’m not talking just Jin and Sun) which I believe season 1 finale did succesfully. Plus what was that crap with ‘Dave’ and ‘Expose’. The first one just reminded us that Hurley used to be mad, and provided a revalation on a character that gets killed off around 5 episodes later. The other gives us a murder mystery, where the side characters aren’t really dead, and shock horror, are buried alive. Like anyone cares. In fact, only one surivivor of 815 introduced after the pilot episodes is still alive. That doesn’t really prove anything except the writers only introduce other survivors to kill them off. Dr Arzt was only introduced to display the volatility of the dynamite.

  102. Tatiana says:

    Actually, Cindy (the flight attendant) and the two children are also still alive. I think Heroes is a fun show, though it’s concept isn’t as orginial (or possibly just not as frustratingly indecipherable) as Lost’s. My problem with Heroes is that at some points the dialogue is just too much to take and the acting gets so over the top I feel like barfing. I feel that the actors on Lost are generally better.

  103. Tom says:

    India is not the Middle East!

    The Middle East was defined by the British in the early 20th century to refer to the area between the near East (modern Turkey) and the ‘jewel in the crown’ of the British Empire, India. So Mohinder cannot be a Middle Eastern stereotype, any more than Greenland inuits are American!

    I think generally Lost is more grown-up and to do with character development. It’s not really fantasy because everything theoretically (so far) has a straightforward or at least scientific explanation. It has elements of drama, action, romance and comedy. Heroes is more “pure fantasy” – plot-driven and comic book-esque. I like both, but it’s like comparing cheese with jogging.

  104. Erik says:

    This blog blows. Wow, Heroes took Lost’s geek viewers, big deal.

  105. mike says:

    Desmond’s a Scot, not Irish.

    Charlie isn’t the least bit annoying, he is (was) probably the best character. The loveable little scamp. Plus he’s one of the only one’s without a whiney annoying American accent.

    Heroes just isn’t as well produced.

    As far the long story arcs: can be annoying, but it’s so satisfying when you find something out!

    I can’t count the times an episode has ended and I’ve been shocked to a state of near catatonia!

    It’s just more exciting. I’ve not watched a lot of Heroes, but that’s because what I have seen is boring.

    Lost is genuinely unique, whereas heroes just tapped into a recent trend of superhero films.

    Lost win’s in straight sets

  106. mike says:

    P.S. Ignore the apostrophe on wins

  107. Crabby says:

    i hated the flashbacks in lost and the only flashbacks in heroes are when hiro is actually there, walking around in the flashback.

    and lost is just drags, last i watched it was series 1, i took weeks just explaining that there was a hatch, and now its nothing interesting. wheras in heroes they threw in a cliff hanger right at the end of the series, which snaps you into attention and makes you scream for the next season.

    therefor, i agree, heroes wins

  108. Crabby says:

    oh and anyone notice that heroes is beleivable?
    jack randomly meets his dad in the middle of some water, there are polarbears, a giant magnet, and spooky black smoke that is alive, hmmm…

    heroes deals with genetics and evolution, not mystical smoke

  109. Random says:

    “Heroes in 11 episodes, managed to give details on all the characters, bring several together, show the powers of all the characters, and get to a fairly massive plot twist while wrapping up the delima set out in the first episode.”

    That’s exactly my problem with Heroes.. not as good character development as Lost. It’s the journey not the destination.

  110. Mike says:

    Yeah Crabby I get you totally! I soooo beleive that there are people going around with superpowers and going back and forth through time is happening! I mean…Heros is amazing, it totally beats lost, whose characters are very well developed, there are twists in the story all the time, its totally orignal, it keeps you wanting more each week etc etc. Thats why heros, which it totally unorginal is soo much better :P :P:D:D lololololololol hehehe! Heros better cause it good! HEHEHEHEHE!

  111. Darren says:

    I disagree. I think LOST is more unique than Heroes because it rewards its fans for consistent viewing. LOST demands patience and dedication of its viewers, and if your not dedicated or patient, then it leaves you in the dust. Heroes has some great mysteries but the fact that it prides itself on resolving those mysterys so quickly makes it look shallow in comparison to LOST’s ever evolving story arc. Also, LOST’s characters have so much depth. And flashbacks, though often tedious, ensure that we know who these people are and their motives for behaving the way they do, etc. Heroes simply places its characters in situations and just expects them to resolve it (besides, how many “new powers” can they introduce before all of that gets really old?). Now that LOST has an end date and select number of episodes I think we’ll start to see more resolution to the aforementioned unsolved mysteries. I think years from now, when both shows are over, LOST will be looked upon as the greater and better constructed of the two.

  112. Mo says:

    Just finally finished season 1 of Heroes and I think it didn’t quite live up to Lost season one. There were a few “wow” moments but it just wasn’t quite up there with Lost season 1. I think the problem with Lost was that they needed a specific track to follow knowing when to end it by. Now that they have that (three more seasons of 16 episodes each) I think they’ll do a much better job. There shouldn’t be anymore BS episodes which leave you bored and pissed off with no answers. Last season there were a lot of those in the first half of the season but second half near the end, it definitely picked up. And the finale from season 3….that was just freaking amazing. I have actually enjoyed all three Lost finales so far. Explaining the plane crash at the end of season 2 was awesome. I know a lot of people complained that it is just something that no one would ever even be able to guess, but I still give the writers props for coming up with something and giving us an answer for that (b/c it seemed like that wasn’t something planned from the beginning).

    I can also see now why a lot of people were pissed off at the Heroes finale. The show is starting to remind me of Prison Break where there is just a lot of intense silly shit going on but it just drags. And the lead characters in both shows are terrible actors. I’m still enjoying it because there are good characters and I like the whole superhero thing and also think the show has potential to stay good for a lot longer than some of the other shows I enjoy like 24 and Prison Break. Those shows started off good because of a good premise but have died down because of repetitive story lines. I think currently Lost and Heroes are #1 & #2 respectively on my list but if we are just comparing season one of shows, Id have to say the following order:

    Prison Break

    SPOILER ALERT!!! Here is a list of a few “wow” moments that come to mind from the above shows which aren’t in any order:
    24 – end of season 1 where Jack’s wife is killed
    24 – end of season 2 where we though Palmer would die
    24 – season 2, the nuke goes off
    24 – season 4, Air Force one is shot down
    24 – season 5, Palmer is assassinated
    24 – season 6, nuke goes off in city
    Lost – season 1 plane crash
    Lost – season 1 Locke was the one in a wheel chair
    Lost – season 1 Locke crying on top of Hatch door when it lights up (a lot to do with the score and build up of scene)
    Lost – season 1 finale when the teach guy blows up
    Lost – season 2 finale, plane crash answered
    Lost – season 3 finale, flash FORWARD
    Heroes – season 1, Nathan flies
    Heroes – season 1, Peter is visited by Hero from the future in the train

  113. IHHSB says:

    Heroes copies so much from Lost. Its like the creator took the BOX DVD SET of Lost, put it on a plate, and took a giant crap on it and said,”Hey…look what I made!” And someone was like, thats art, we must put it on television! yeah right, don’t give that BS about Heroes being better.

  114. um says:

    it sounds like you made up some categories to give heroes the lead. the heroes creators openly admit that lost inspired them and taught them lessons on how/what to do. lost’s “worst” ratings 14.6 million average in season 3 are still better than heroes “best” of 14.3 in season 1. not that it’s the number that count anyway. half the heroes cast can’t act, and their stories are floundering in their second season.

  115. Mike says:

    Lost is definitely better than Heroes! And Parkman is about 100 times more annoying than Charlie. And by the way, Mohinder did drive a cab early in the first season :)

  116. computerLove says:

    I like the comparison. I have a love/hate relationship w/ both shows, but I’m still watching.

    What about Vincent vs Mr Muggles? :P

  117. anon says:

    I can’t believe this blog entry of yours is still up especially after the super lame season and a half heroes managed to shat out of their creatively sterile womb. Meanwhile LOST is kicking ass and talking names.
    You’re not embarrassed for attaching you name to this? Jeez you must be stupider than Peter Petrelli.

  118. Salamoo says:

    You are talking bo**ocks. Heroes and Lost are amazing together. Dont you think people would have got bored quicker if LOST had stuck to just a group of people struggling to survive? The story had to develop and the writers did a great job in introducing the hatch, the others and dharma, it only makes the journey more fascinating. Although i do agree jack is an ass. Don’t slag off charlie either. His character is far more interesting than most of the others. WOW! jacks a doctor with a drunk dad, Michael at the moment is pointless. Give him a break.

  119. Bob says:

    I totally disagree with this. I have watched a few episodes of Heroes, to be honest I just hate it. The acting sucks, the writing sucks, the music sucks, the cinematography sucks, compared to Lost. I’ll admit the tone of Lost has changed a lot since its first season, but thats because each season has its own theme. I know you’ll never like Lost more than Heroes, so I’m not gonna bother with it. I just can’t see how you can say Heroes is a better show. I think the evidence I found was that you called Lost a ‘sci-fi’ show. While it definitely has strong sci-fi themes, I think calling it a sci-fi show is a pretty dumb generalization. So if you want to call Heroes a better sci-fi show, sure, go ahead. But don’t say it’s better than Lost in terms of plot/all other forms of storytelling, I think it’d be an insult to even compare Heroes to Lost on an even playing ground. Well, yeah. Thats all I have to say. At least we can support the writers strike together, right?

  120. Bob says:

    I guess what I forgot to say was that, well, Heroes is definitely a better show to watch if you like to be given the answers to things. It’s a plot driven story. So, yes, if you’re a viewer who hates to be challenged intellectually while watching TV, and needs constant gimmicks and events to keep you watching the show, then YES, Heroes is your show. If you read every comment supporting Heroes, almost all of them refer to what isn’t happening on Lost — not the way Lost doesn’t have this and that. Lost isn’t meant to drive you out of your seat every minute. It’s a calm, artfully produced and written story with lots of metaphors, historical references and allusions, as well as smart, interesting, and believable characters, beautiful classical music, and violence and plot twists in all the right places (not every 2 minutes). So yes, Heroes is probably a better sci-fi show, because Lost is hardly sci-fi. Its like comparing Star Wars to Star Trek — one is an epic tale about life, and the other is a nerdfest. Okay, that’s all I have. Sorry if I offended you.

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  122. Bob says:

    Wow…you are an idiot. Hey, if your a fan of horrible horrible writing and bad characterization go ahead and keep watching Heroes. It’s a shame that magnificent shows like LOST don’t appeal to the masses, but you can’t blame them when you have people who are only looking for a rehashed formula. Trust me…LOST’s writing is far better then you know…but I don’t expect you to realize that ever so I’ll stop my little rant. You have horrible taste.


  123. Truth says:

    Here’s what it all boils down to: Lost keeps you watching because you want to know just how in the hell any of this is going to make sense. They show you the puzzle pieces and ask you to put it together. People watch Heroes because it requires no effort to do so. They show you what the finished puzzle looks like and then break it down into the hugest pieces you can imagine and then they still put it together for you. Heroes is a cash-in whereas Lost at least aspires to be something more than another prime-time drama. Undoubtedly it’s less satisfying to a larger amount of people (i.e. those with no patience) but the true fans get so much more out of it from most single episodes than anything Heroes has offered in both of its seasons combined. Nothing overtly wrong with either show, you just have to know what it is you’re getting into. If you want fast and cheap thrills and to be able to just sit back and not think for an hour a week, go watch Heroes. If you want to be engaged and stimulated into using your brain to put things together Lost is your show. It’s like the old art/entertainment debate. The writers and producers of Heroes go out of their way to be anonymous and give you exactly what you think you want. It’s pure entertainment designed to be spoonfed to the masses. Lost’s showrunners are interested in giving us something that’s completely their own creation. It may be unfamiliar but it forces the viewer to be an active participant and develop their own ideas. It’s art and some people just don’t like it. So like I said earlier that’s what it boils down to.

  124. Heather says:

    i too think heroes is a lost ripoff. i mean, two black kids with superpowers? come on. i’m pretty sure in a showdown, michael would own micah (mostly since michael would just manage to summon a polar bear out of nowhere).
    but i’ve grown to like heroes. it’s like a lost supplement. it moves faster. not as well written but still good.
    and as for the bad guy, i like sylar. when he’s not clark kent, he’s pretty damn good looking.

  125. REBECCA says:

    I’ve seen Heroes once and I did’nt like it! it was horrible! Saylor is bad realy bad! (sorry if my english is not so good, it’s my 2nd langued)What’s youre favorite tv show, The Jay? LOST or Heroes and why? Write back!

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  127. Kevin says:

    I had this EXACT conversation with my friend me siding with Lost and him with Heroes, but I checked out Heroes, and its definetly better.

  128. Tom says:

    Okay the only thing I’m going to say is, get a life. C’mon, who spends this much time rating two tv shows (that are incomparable anyway. Lost is far better.)

  129. Sean says:

    20 years from now we’ll all look back on this debate and clearly see that Heroes was nothing more than a Lost rip-off and that it couldn’t make it past 3 seasons. 4 at the most.

  130. james says:

    This comparison is completely biased based on opinion, not true comparison and contrast.

    Btw the hatch didnt contain an ‘irishman in a condo’ hes scottish. Thats ignorance.

    In my opinion i would say lost has a better concept because of its originality. While heroes is good its concept is nothing new, a bunch of people who find they have super powers coincendentally at the same point in time.

    However i agree with you on lost’s closed endingness. You would think if you were stuck on a magical island you would be curious enough to try and found out what the hell is going on, instead of being so eager to get rescued despite it being past 4 months already, and the fact that all the survivors lives suck on the real world anyway.

  131. lilly says:

    These are the thoughts that fill my mind when its on:

    1. Ive seen this before in another film or tv show (pretty much every scene)

    2. this plotline is so boring i might cry, and everything is laid out for me like im stupid.

    3. hiro needs to stop saying yatta.

    4. all the characters are 1 dimensional and cliche

    5. the acting makes me want to scratch my eyes out its so bad

    6. bad script writing- SOOOO annoyingly simplistic, no attention to detail.

    7. Arent these the exact same characters as lost with the same concept only dumbed down and not as good?

    its SO SO bad.

    if ur gonna do this at least be fair. compare first series of heroes with first series of lost and LOST wins.

    of course lost lags a bit sometimes, its in its 4th season, but in my opinion its still going strong.

    i kept trying to watch heroes, but it just made me so confused at why anyone would think it was interesting.

    what a bad show!

  132. G.N.R. says:


    i think it is amazing!! But Lost was gd 4 the 1st season!! BUT THEY ARE STILL LOST!!

    Luv Heroes Loads


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  134. rrrr says:

    G.N.R. you are an idiot. Spoilers, but they’ve gotten off of the Island. Or half of them at least. And LOST, while maybe originally so, doesn’t really mean “They are lost on an Island”, but it means they are lost in their lives, and the ones who left are even more lost than they ever were on the Island.

  135. L.L Brunk says:

    Thank you rrrr for your comments.
    I agree that it simply comes down to this, whether you want to admit it or not; A smarter, more patient person enjoys Lost, an ignorant, very ignorant person, prefers Heroes.
    The writers of Lost have a set seven seasons, they “already” have all the loose ends tied up, and I look forward to seeing all the answers. Heroes has not even explained yet what the hell “Save the cheerleader save the world,” really means, and that was from the first season.

  136. L.L Brunk says:

    I am a little uneasy over the constant evidence I see showing me that people are getting dumber these last couple generations. When I started watching Heroes, I kept watching because I was in total Ah over how lazy and untalented the writers are, and how so many people spoke so highly of the show. The writers have even come forward and confessed to their ignorance, apologizing to the fans. They insult your intelligence all the time, and only now during the most recent season are the fans scratching their heads and thinking back, realizing that they have been fooled the whole time, and the writer was never really going anywhere with this blatant rip off of a show.
    Amazing, absolutely amazing! This would be the perfect time for someone like Hitler to rise to power, because the people would be dumb enough to follow him, especially if he had some kind of super powers. LOL!
    Our country spends the most money on education yet the last couple generations have proven to be significantly dumber, because they are just lazy, impatient and selfish. Start reading to your kids once in a while, instead of leaving them to the TV which is getting dumber by the minute, and watch smart shows with your children instead of shows like Heroes. Be a parent or they will find one else where.
    I know, I know, we hate the truth and prefer ignorance…Were screwed….Sigh!

  137. john says:

    written from the flawed perspective of obvious low brow heroes fans. Id be surprised if this comment is allowed to be displayed.

  138. Fibs says:

    “Amazing, absolutely amazing! This would be the perfect time for someone like Hitler to rise to power, because the people would be dumb enough to follow him, especially if he had some kind of super powers. LOL!”

    Dodds Corollary to Goodwin’s Law states:

    “When debating a particular subject, if a comparison or implied connection is drawn between the opponent’s argument and Hitler and the Nazi Party, the maker of that statement is automatically discredited and the debate is automatically lost by the person or group who referenced the connection to Hitler or the Nazis.”


    Therefore, by referencing Hitler, your argument is invalidated and Heroes has been declared the victor.

    Case closed.

  139. alex says:

    claire sould of won she is so HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  140. Alex says:

    Lost was good seasons 1 and 2, then it just got ridiculous. I still watch it, but Heroes is far better. The thing about Heroes is that it has been getting better as it’s progressed.

  141. Rob says:

    I cant believe what I am reading here. I dont even know where to begin. Heroes is decent. Lost is far better. A little known fact about lost is that the plot for all 6 seasons is already written. Its like a really long well written movie with good acting. The acting in heroes is terrible I want to punch mohinder in his dumb stupid face for not killing sylar when he had the chance. Every episode i think in my head that i would have done things that the characters dont, (fly out of the way here stop time there) but you dont have that in lost they have perfect reactions in every senario. Holy crap it blows me away that people want answers every episode like your watching full house. no one told zemeckis and speilberg to wrap up back to the future in one movie. You morons want shit that apeals to the masses well your in luck cause jj abrams just came out with a new show that is perfect for you. the fringe is just what you are looking for. shitting long term plans unlike lost and stupid lame day to day adventures like the x files. Finally a show comes around that is going somewhere and doesnt sell itself out in a season and people complain that they have to wait for answers. Well as long as i get to buy the seasons and watch them over and over ill be happy cause i know there will never be a better more well put together show. until judd comes out with freaks and geeks season 2.

  142. Brian says:

    “Therefore, by referencing Hitler, your argument is invalidated and Heroes has been declared the victor.

    Case closed.”

    You were kidding, but I’m compelled to point out that’s a Fallacist’s Fallacy nonetheless.

    In all seriousness, there’s no question which show has the better acting.
    Lost. Locke’s performance alone, even in button-crazy plot pits, blows anyone in Heroes out of the water. There’s also no question which has a better plot and cares more for details and continuity (why didn’t Sylar put the PK pause on Hiro’s running charge? Whatever happened to his super-hearing? Where did internet-girl go? How do you cause a NUCLEAR EXPLOSION in the skies over New York city and barely hear anyone mention it a mere four months later? Why did Peter’s brother have to fly him out there in the first place, when he could fly himself? Where are Micah and copycat at this point? Niki was an identical triplet whose sister happens to enter the show just after she dies, ARE YOU KIDDING?). Lost wins by a landslide.
    Originality also favors LOST. Here’s a modern-day magic island with it’s own mythology and competing guardians vs. here’s a group of people “evolving” (in the same pseudo-scientific sense Pokemon do) and coming to terms with their power. Heroes, while not copying X-men directly, does use the same plot foundation.

    Lost wins. That said, I do watch and enjoy both shows.

  143. Mark says:

    Yea, I like LOST better. It has a more original storyline with better acting. And what show has more cultural references?? I mean, that takes a lot of research which results in better writing. Anyone could write about someone with supernatural powers, using it for good vs. evil, but how do you write about trying to get off an island that is mysteriously unseen to the world? Good question, watch the show…. AMAZING… and then they need to GO BACK???? WOW!!! Obviously, mysterious storylines draws the viewers in more than just straightforward plot and resolution.

    The best shows have 5-6 seasons, otherwise, it just drags on…

  144. Jim says:

    hi! I just thought I’d put my two cents in.

    I’m a LOST fan, and have been for quite some time. I was looking for a show that was at least 1/2 as good as Lost to watch, so i started watching Heroes.

    I’d have to agree with the Lost fans here. Lost is great, no 1 hour drama show will beat it for quite some time.

    I had good hopes for Heroes, but it is..udderly ridiculous, the acting, story, dialogue, pretty much everything. For me, watching a show should be about the journey to get there, and the characters. Lost has great characters. Heroes has zero.

    When I watch Heroes, and somebody dies, I’m kind of happy, as I don’t have to listen to them anymore. When they are suddenly alive next episode (or after commercial break) again, then I am upset. You see what I mean?

    I’m only watching it now as a train wreck. How much longer will it be on? I just started watching season 3, and it’s completely ridiculous as well. Hiro is now got the mind of a 10 year old? I think a 10 year old must have wrote that episode. oh well.

    But whatever. I can understand why people watch it. They’re the same kind of people that watch plot-based stuff like 24. Lost is different as it’s a character based show.

  145. Batey says:

    Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh dear.

    How wrong this article turned out to be.

  146. Wil Vill says:

    I used to be a lost fan. But lost got lost with its stories. Past mysteries were not solved, additional mysteries add, some non-sense stories added, etc. etc.

    I watched an episode of lost recently and its still lost!

    Unlike heroes, story is great! Although all stories have holes, original writers are back. I just find Volume 3 last episodes and Volume 4 Episode 1-5 are boring and not so good. But upon Episode 6 to end, its great again.


  147. duuuuuuuude :P says:

    lost DOES give answers but not in a lame way that answers everything after 2 or 3 episodes to make it exciting………some people dont like it because they are simply stupid and dont understand it >.< (no offense)

    and lost has moooooooore and better twists than heroes (which ripped off most of lost’s )

    some characters also has some abilities but doesnt turn the show into X-men

    btw lost let us know each characters life so when there is some sad scene it affects u like locke’s dad scenes ….as for heroes…..the characters themselves dont seem affected like in genesis when the fat indian guy tells mohinder “ur dad is dead” he simply replies ….”how :) ok whatever lets get to his apartment and take some stuff”

    dont let me talk about rewards now……

  148. Chris says:

    First of all, I must thank the author of this article becasue i was constantly laughing my ass off. The part with the YATTA thing that you can use it during sex, when finding money, etc… couldn’t make me stop laughing. So congrats :)

    Secondly, I used to love heroes more than lost during their first seasons but now it is obvious that Lost is putting up everything together while most of the time on heroes, something new and unrelated happens.

    IMO, lost is at its best from season 3′s finale (the one with the flashforward). Season 4 rocked because we knew that they survived because of the flashforwards, and… man, season 5 put up everything together. We came to realize that in the end the show is not about leaving the island since they realised that they must go back. The show came down to good and evil (related to God and the Devil as in Jacob and his enemy)

  149. Andyman says:

    I used to be a huge HEROES fan. And by HUGE I mean HUGE! If HEROES was a religion I would be it’s pope. Anyway, I feel that HEROES has degenerated into a great big pile of cow S**T! It sucks! And not just kinda sorta sucks! It sucks atomic balls! It is the pimp of suckage!

  150. abby says:

    LOST is genuine and brilliant, simple as that! Its main feature is that it has the right balance of character depth with just enough intrigue in its plot. It doesn’t go haywire giving sci-fi powers in several of its characters to create interest. Oh, let’s make this one be able to fly… That is superman-like, comical, childish, old. LOST character build is more mature, it has depth, more for adults. But as said earlier, it is not just this alone as it would not be the same without the mystery, the secluded island setting that builds a focal point, the signature flashbacks and the awesome cast. There are so many more elements. It is not surprising that any new show (Heroes or whatever) despite copying from this show, is not being able to achieve this intricate balance (unless you copy the whole package!!). You can’t just create a bunch of look-alike characters from LOST, especially with a cast such as that for Heroes and expect to get the same results. It is that balance of all those elements plus a brilliant set of writers, actors, directors to get to such a master piece. I don’t even think Heros and shows having people with sci-fi powers are even in the same theme as LOST’s. Just because Heroes copied LOST’s plot twists and mirrored character look-alikes doesn’t make it comparable to LOST.

  151. The only thing Heroes has in common with Lost:

    1. Dependence on a myth arc. Shows have been doing this since X-Files did it. Big hairy deal.

    2. Lots and Lots of characters. Also standard for modern TV.

    3. The exact same (or very similar) stereotypes.

    To say one’s good and the other bad merely because they use the same stereotypes as one another is hardly an intellectual argument. Battlestar Galactica, Stargate, Star Trek, and other Star-this-and-that shows use a lot of the same stock characters as one another, but with a lot less FanDumb.

    Take another look:

    1. Lost is about an ISLAND that screws over muggles.

    2. Heroes is about MUTANTS that somehow don’t degenerate into X-Men clones, and who have to decide what the moral implications are of having superpowers.

    3. Lost asks: “Who are we, really?”

    4. Heroes asks: “What are the moral implications of the compromises we make, and when does the end actually justify the means?”

    5. Lost screwed itself over when the writing team simply ran low on ideas and began making it up as they went along, much like X-Files.

    6. Heroes got screwed over when the Writers Strike forced them to cancel three entire volumes and figure out a way to crunch good ideas from those volumes all into one volume, and have it work just well enough that they could end the series on it if necessary.

    Naturally, this meant that they were mega-screwed when they had to create the “Villains” arc, and the actors themselves make it obvious that it just wasn’t working when a lot of motivation from “Exodus” got cut.

    “Fugitives” was a nice attempt at tying up loose ends, but its “Stab X in the back, now stab Y in the back, now blackmail X and B into teaming up with P to dig up skeletons in a desert” type of plot, combined with Parkman ruining Danko’s life the exact same way as he did Noah’s and with similar results, showed that the writers were running out of patience with each other, and were all desperate for results.

    It’s a sign that shows have run their course when things get this bad on either.

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