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Rachel, Rachel, Rachel! What are you doing? You slay the world in 2005 and then fall off the face of the Earth, only to show up to the Critics Choice Awards looking like a Gwen Stefani stalker of the week. Despite popular opinoin, Gwen Stefani is not someone you want to aspire to be. Continue reading

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I just read on PopWatch that Kelly Ripa is planning on airing her first Botox injection live on Regis & Kelly. While the is adamant against watching her to do this, I say what day does it air? I’ve … Continue reading

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According to media reports, famed question mark-sexual crazy person / sometime actress, Anne Heche, has left Coley Lafoon, her husband of five years, and begun shacking up with her Men in Trees co-star James Tupper. Notice something: there’s a lot going on in that sentence. Continue reading

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I’ve been finding myself enjoying the trailers for Eddie Murphy’s new “I can’t believe I’m in a Martin Lawrence Big Momma rip off two weeks before the Oscars. Maybe I should congratulate Alan Arkin in advance” comedy Norbit. Obviously, this … Continue reading

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I’m not without a desire to see quality. I just need that quality to be my kind of quality. The films I look forward to aren’t always the same as your average every day movie geek. I’m not THAT excited for Transformers. I’m blasé about Spider-Man 3. And I could give a shit about Pirates 3, Shrek the Third, Rush Hour 3, or The Bourne Ultimatum. I’m looking forward to quirky indies starring cool actors, big “trainwreck potential” summer blockbusters, and awesomely put together dramas. So in an effort to help you get to know my tastes better, here’s a look at the films I’m most looking forward to in 2007 (in descending order). Continue reading

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Jamie Foxx Contemplates The Mysteries Of Life Continue reading

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Everyone, including me, picked four out of the five movies, but I doubt anyone suspected that the four sure fire nominees would not include Dreamgirls. Just a stunning snub! The Academy loves Clint, so it’s no great surprise that his Letters took the final spot, but it says volumes about how the Academy views Dreamworks. They didn’t even nominate Bill Condon for Best Director! I saw Dreamgirls just the other day and thought it was a MUCH better movie that Little Miss Sunshine. The former is an electrifying journey through the era of Motown; a movie musical of the highest order and a supremely difficult technical achievement. The latter is an above average studio indie, with characters I’d seen before performed by actors I’ve liked more in other roles. Who knew the adorableness of Abigail Breslin could take a movie so far. R.I.P. Dakota Fanning. Continue reading

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