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Well, this is MUCH better! Can we please get a petition going to save the “Die Hard 4.0″ title? Die Hard is one of my top five favorite action franchises, and I won’t allow so great a series to be … Continue reading

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As a fun little endcap to all the pro-Oscars, pro-creativity, yay! Hollywood nonsense, here’s a little look at the flipside of awards season. It’s the Golden Raspberry Awards; the only award that no one in Hollywood ever wants, but so … Continue reading

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I really need to be hired as an official Oscar prognosticator by some reputable news source. I went eight for eight in the big races, and also nailed Best Documentary, Editing, Animated Feature, Cinematography, and Makeup. I’m especially proud of … Continue reading

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Best Picture – BABEL – THE DEPARTED – LETTERS FROM IWO JIMA – LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE – THE QUEEN Will Win: The Departed – It’s the only film everyone can agree on. Well, at the very least, it’s the only … Continue reading

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Tonight marks the end of a show I was once lived and died for. The OC was a series that helped shape my vocabulary (“Ginormous!”), my Wednesday nights (and now Thursdays), my hatred for Mischa Barton, my drink of choice … Continue reading

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(NOTE: This is an updated version of a column I ran last year before the Oscars. CLICK HERE to read that piece.) As the saying goes, there are two things you never want to see get made, laws and sausages. … Continue reading

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Jim Carrey’s new thriller The Number 23 looks about as appealing as your average Joel Schumacher-directed film. This is to say, it looks mediocre. As a public service, I have compiled a coincidentally numbered list of reasons why you should … Continue reading

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