The Jay Interviews Cru Jones!

Rad Opening Credit

“Ok dudes, let’s walk this sucker!”

Bill Allen and Lori Loughlin

“This is ass sliding!”

Bicycle Boogie

“Looks like Cru and Christian are gonna do a little Bicycle Boogie!”


“Bart Conner is stopping. He wants Cru Jones one-on-one!”

You know him as Cru Jones from Rad (or perhaps from Born on the Fourth of July), but I know him as Mr. Bill Allen. And he was cool enough to stop by the PopLoad show and talk to me about the movie.

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We talked about all things Rad. Bill let us in on some super secret Special Edition DVD news. Spoke about his desire to produce and star in a Rad sequel. Talked about training for the movie, how the bicycle stunts were done and implored kids to wear protective gear (yeah right!). We talked about how it feels to be in a movie beloved by so many, and how he feels about playing a character that affected a generation of 80′s kids. Bill was a great guest; completely willing to let us geek out about a movie he made 21 years ago, and gracious about all the praise I and my listeners bestowed upon him. It was truly a proud moment in my life as a pop culture geek.

If you missed the interview, you can download the mp3 by CLICKING HERE (takes a minute to download)!

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