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Lost Girls

It’s just not funny anymore. And I’m sick of it. I follow dumb celebrity behavior so closely that oftentimes I can’t see the forest for the celebritards. I begin to assume that the whole of Hollywood is caught up in … Continue reading

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Dirty Dancing 3: Scientology Nights

“Nobody puts Xenu in the corner!” Bangarang! [ | | | ]

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Harry Potter and the Life of The Jay

The most curious and wonderful thing happened to me last week. But first, a lead up… My group and I decided to see Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix on opening night at the Mann Chinese 6 (we … Continue reading

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Snape. Snape. Severus Snape. DUMBLEDORE!

In honor of Book 7 Day Eve, I give you what is quite possibly the greatest puppet show in the history of stringed up fabric (excluding Being John Malkovich, of course). I defy you not to watch this more than … Continue reading

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The REAL Reason Mandy Patinkin Left Criminal Minds

Mandy Patinkin left Criminal Minds because… the six-fingered man is still on the loose! Continue reading

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Best. Simpsons Avatar. Ever.

Peep the Simpsonized The Jay! I think it’s a pretty awesome likeness. I dig being yellow, as it’s a nice break from being Casper-pale and/or Kool Aid red, depending on how much sun I got that week. The best part … Continue reading

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Alvin and the Shitmunks

I’m now in the awkward life position of watching my childhood treasures get tampered with by ill-conceived big screen remakes. All the majesty and warmth I feel for the shows that got me through adolescence is being tainted by remakes … Continue reading

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