Rambo the Revolutionary? Umm….

Not the same thing.

OK Sly, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. I know you think highly of Rambo, and need the film to succeed like your Rocky revival, but this might be a touch to much. I mean really, Che Guevara? That’s how highly you think of Rambo? Che Guevera was legendary freedom fighter who commanded an army, changed the face of an entire nation, and remains an icon to an entire race people (not to mention a go-to poster for freshman sociology majors). Rambo is famous for an incomprehensible speech at the end of First Blood, having a body that looks like varnished mohagany, and for this brilliant exchange of words:

Arab Guy: What is this?

Rambo: It’s a blue light.

Arab Guy: What does it do?

Rambo: It turns blue.

So why don’t we take a step back on canonizing a fictional action hero. Sure, it may make for great marketing, but it’s also an insult to the memory of a truly important historical figure, and it’s close-minded to the history of John Rambo. Let’s not forget that Rambo led a one-man war against a small American town (sure they deserved it, but still), and supported Afghanistan in Rambo 3. Not to mention that he’s a violent killing machine suffering from severe PTSD. Che Guevara fought for the freedom of his people and masterfully rocked a beret. Rambo fought for box office reciepts and meat-headedly rocked a red headband. NOT THE SAME THING.

I’m gonna be there on opening day because I love ya Sly, but let’s dial it down on the nonsense canonization, kay? There’s nothing wrong with a simple poster of you looking ripped and holding a big ass knife. It’s what we want to see, anyway.

Now this is wall worthy. Ah, see, MUCH better!



  1. megan says:

    “(not to mention a go-to poster for freshman sociology majors)”

    Love it.

  2. I’ve been paying attention to this too. Turns out the Rambo revolutionary posture isn’t the only thing Lionsgate was going for with the stencil, there’s a more divine truth here:


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