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Goals for 200JAY8: The Year of The Jay!

I don’t do resolutions. To resolve to do something is to assume I was too lazy or lame to do the thing I am resolving to do, and I am not lame or lazy. I am, point in fact, quite … Continue reading

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Happy 61st Birthday, Steven Spielberg!

NOTE: I wrote this last year to celebrate the Bearded Master’s big time 60th, and am reposting it on it’s own with some fun updates to honor his 61st. To check out the original post, CLICK HERE Birthday wishes go … Continue reading

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Ten Things That MUST Change About The Moviegoing Experience

Pop Quiz, Hot Shot: You’re in a theater with 300 other people. It’s dark. It’s quiet. If you talk or answer your phone, people with shush you and you’ll be a total dick. What do you do? What do you … Continue reading

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Giving The Gift Of Links

I am a giver. I give my opinoin, wanted or not, my humor, funny or not, and my awesomeness, which is not in debate. I give myself to you dear readers, an every day act of selflessness; I open up … Continue reading

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10 Burning Questions About Lost Season 4

The new Lost: Season 4 Trailer: Ka-blooie, I’m STOKED! How pumped are you for the return of the best show on Television not named American Idol? With Heroes stuck in a crazy low sophomore slump, a sub-par How I Met … Continue reading

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Recalibrating the Cuteness Scale With Kristen Bell and Rachel Bilson

Let me attempt for one moment to try and conjure up the appropriate words for how utterly, disgustingly, punch a kitten in the face cute Kristen Bell and Rachel Bilson are standing next to each other at The Spike TV … Continue reading

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On The Matter of the Golden Compass Anti-God Controversy…

Groups that protest movies before they are released in theaters are like the guys bombing through a school zone at three in the morning for no reason at all on their souped-up Rice Rocket’s: seriously, slow down! I’m all for … Continue reading

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