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A little Lost-spoofage from my boys at Ravenstake to get you in the mood for the Lost Season 4 Premiere: Vader is actually perfect as a villain for this show. He has a huge bad daddy complex, becomes less menacing … Continue reading

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Are you gonna be on your way? I have a right lot of business to tether. I can not dither around here with you lot. It is imperative I make haste to my appointments. You and your queer fuck buddies … Continue reading

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So we can dispense with that notion right now. Today, the LA Times posted an obnoxious, poorly-thought out piece on Box Office Sorority Sisters, claiming that with the moderate opening weekend success of 27 Dresses, Katherine Heigl had officially joined … Continue reading

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Whilst perusing through the gruesome (yet really well done) coverage of Death Ledger on Defamer this morning, I caught a story that made my left eyebrow shoot up like Kevin Arnold staring down a horny Winnie Cooper. It was a … Continue reading

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UPDATE: It’s true. His housekeeper found him dead on the floor of his apartment. Police apparently responded to a cardiac arrest call. He died at 3:26pm EST. Cardiac Arrest means drugs. I now have another reason to hate A Knight’s … Continue reading

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BEST PICTURE – ATONEMENT – JUNO – MICHAEL CLAYTON – NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN – THERE WILL BE BLOOD Overall Thoughts: For the first time in as long as I can remember, the Top 3 films of the year … Continue reading

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It might surprise you to learn that when I’m not anonymously lambasting celebrities online, slavishly watching each and every bad American Idol audition episode, pwning my friends in Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon (I’m like Clubber Lang, I can’t be … Continue reading

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