Pink Finds Serious Love

Pink and Yahoo Serious are still a better looking couple than Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy.

In relationship news, Pink, the notoriously guy-style V-stomached musical artist and singer of pop songs so frustratingly catchy they make you want to reverse puke, has found new love in the arms of former Has Been-Never Was cult actor Yahoo Serious. Serious, the Australian comedian last seenn not bothering pop culture in any way shape or form, has apparently stolen the heart of the pop temptress. Sources close to the singer say that the duo are “serious”, no pun intended, and are considering taking their relationship to “the next level”.

Candidly staged pictures of the pair are rumored to be floating around wire services, waiting for anyone at all to care enough to place a bid on them.

Pink and Serious met randomly at a Banana Republic outlet, each looking for the perfect beanie to wear for the Fall, for those days when they wake up late for work and don’t have the requisite three hours to tease, or the bite grip necessary to withstand the voltage from the bathroom power outlet. From there, love blossomed.

The twosome are currently canoodling in Pink’s Brentwood home, and are spending their time walking on the beach in Malibu, searching for antique VHS copies of Young Einstein and doing their best to duck under the Clearance Bar in low-bearing underground parking garages.

No word yet on the future for the happy couple, but all evidence seems to indicate that if they can stay happy together, and with their hair and matching look of surprise they would be hard-pressed to look sad, that a wedding could potentially be in the offing.

More news on this story as it comes in…

And in a related story, Yahoo Serious announced today that he likes to fuck dudes.


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