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Yep, I remember dem good ole days. Back when I was one of them actor folk. Life was pretty chill. Mostly just sat around, drankin beers, playin cards, sleeping with narrow blonde women. Occasionally I did sumdat pretendin stuff. Money … Continue reading

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Hole up, People Magazine. HOLEUP! Are you trying to tell me that Clay Aiken, CLAY AIKEN, is a gay? I am shocked. That is SHOCKING! I can’t measure the level of shock that is me right now. I am quite … Continue reading

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I’m doing this one Gossip Girl-style (cause I’m nothing if not a teenage girl): Spotted on the 405: Eddie M, going the extra mile this morning to promote his latest comedy abortion. Guess no one told him Meet Dave’s friend … Continue reading

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Uber be-schnozzed Oscar winner Adrien Brody, known well for being the worst looking A-list actor this side of Tobey Maguire’s vagina face, known currently for getting outclassed and outacted by one Mr. Benjamin Geza Affleck in Hollywoodland, and known best … Continue reading

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Did you SEE? Did you see how good our girlfriend DID? She looked fantastic! She was funny and fierce and on point! Charming a rapidly unfunny Jonah Hill, opening the show like a pro, winning three awards and looking like … Continue reading

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You’re enjoying your wizarding day, every spell is going your way, then along comes Harry Partypooper! Always there to tell you about someone else who’s died, a duel that went bad or a muggle who got fried! You’ll beg him … Continue reading

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And before we begin, let me just set the record straight: there are WAY more than 50 reasons. That’s merely the highest number I felt you could tolerate before my excessive salivating over an obnoxious trainwreck of a teen melodrama … Continue reading

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