The Jay’s Facebook Status Updates In Anticipation of the Mad Men Season Finale

The Jay is Don Draper in a world full of Pete Campbell’s

The Jay is taking it, breaking it, sharing it and loving it.

The Jay is not jealous of Ken Cosgrove. Cause The Jay has a BLOG. Suck it, Atlantic Monthly!

The Jay would never hire a man named Duck.

The Jay is living by the Hobo Code.

The Jay is a disenchanted Nordic housewife.

The Jay is letting his boss eat too many Oysters.

The Jay does his Hanukkah shopping at Menken’s.

The Jay is now quietly waiting for the catastrophe of his personality to seem beautiful again, and interesting, and modern.

The Jay is loading his carousel.

The Jay will also try to bang Hildy in his office on Election Night.

The Jay does not gossip. Because he has been told by Joan to leave his personal business outside the office.

The Jay REQUIRES some Jon Hamm John Ham.

The Jay told you to stop talking.

The Jay has smoke in his eyes.

The Jay is TELLING you that Mad Men is the best show on Television.


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