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Get Effed 200Jay8!

Oh, 2008, you can’t fool me. Trying to throw me off the tracks with your Britney Spears Comebacks and your two Keanu Reeves movies, your RoDoJu ascension and your deliriously good Mad Men Season 2, your dismissal of Lindsay Lohan … Continue reading

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Two Douchebags and an Affleck

I’d usually have some nominal post gimmick here; something to justify posting a random picture of celebrity. Not this time. No need for it. I just wanted to point out a few things. Joaquin Phoenix – Hey guy, guess what? … Continue reading

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Anne Hathaway Has A Lame Netflix List

“MAAAAN, whadoes this pale chick think she know about the MOVIES? I bet she’s got stuff like The Lake House on her Netflix list. MAAAAN, that ain’t no way to watch KEANU! Is he holding guns? Is he doing some … Continue reading

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Yes MAN, You ARE Stealing My Look!

When Katie did it, I was fine. I let it go. Sometimes great minds think alike (that is, when they’re not stuck in mind prisons or hiding from their husbands in poorly attended Broadway shows). And besides, her theft of … Continue reading

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Happy New Keanu Reeves Movie Day!

Today is one of those very special days that only come once, maybe twice a year (if he happens to do a cameo in some middling Indie dreck, cough Thumbsucker cough): the day a new Keanu Reeves movie opens! The … Continue reading

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Chandler Bing Offers 7 Responses To Jennifer Aniston’s Nude GQ Cover

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Tom Cruise Would Be Happy To Attend The Opening Of Your Yarn Store

Former Super-White Hot Mega-Huge Ginormous Movie Star Tom Cruise took time out of his busy Valkyrie (slash career-saving) promotional schedule this week to tape a message for Hills douchecouple Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag, chiding Spencer for not allowing Heidi … Continue reading

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