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One can only assume that after celebrating his remarkable victory over gravity, the portly Oscar winner went straight for an immediate post-stand buffet at the lard shack. Cause god forbid somone paid to keep his figure in a manageable shape … Continue reading

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Remember when I promised to start sharing with you things that are awesome? PROMISE? FULFILLED! Put some eyes on the uh…may..ZING “Her Morning Elegance” video from Oren Lavie. I don’t know if it was done through Peter Gabriel Sledgehammer-style stop … Continue reading

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OMG, ya’ll, we are so hungry! We don’t even what happened. One day we were in hog heaven. Literal “hog” “heaven”, she used to feed us a whole pig once every Saturday (we called it “Hogurday”). And then the next … Continue reading

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A study was released today focusing on the link between uncommon boys names and penchant for a malicious activity. In the study, David E. Kalist and Daniel Y. Lee of Shippensburg University in Pennsylvania found that boys with unpopular names … Continue reading

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Yes, like the aging celebrity desperately hoping for one more ride on the Celebreality Rodeo, I have pulled a Paula and given a full nip, lift, tuck and roll to We went from this: To this: It’s a cleaner, … Continue reading

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BEST PICTURE – THE CURIOUS CASE OF BENJAMIN BUTTON – FROST/NIXON – MILK – THE READER – SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE Overall Thoughts: Obvious choices in a boring, forgettable year of film. Everyone with eyes and a working brain knew Button, Frost, … Continue reading

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So let me get this right: surveys its readers and staff to determine the Most Desirable Woman of 2009 and Eva Mendes is who they chose? Really? I’m supposed to believe that given a list where the “winner” is … Continue reading

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