Ten Things Wider Than Teri Hatcher’s Spindly Grandma Gams

It’s a problem when the widest point of your entire leg is your knee. I’m not entirely sure how she uses those things as actual support devices. Can you get anorexia of the calf? Did her legs get infected with Benjamin Button syndrome? Cause they are EASILY 42 years older than the rest of her body. How is it that these ten things are wider than the widest part of her legs?

1- Match Sticks

2- Verne Troyer’s Tiny Man Junk

3- Eight #2 pencils

4- A travel pack of Kleenex

5- The iPod Nano

6- Her own mouth

7- The spine of CD case

8- A normal person’s ankles

9- Tube of Toothpaste (Crest, not Colgate)

10- A proton

Answers? Anyone?



  1. Lucy says:

    Please dont take this the wrong way. I usually like your writing ‘cos they make me laugh and very well written but lately, i feel like your comments are like you’re just bitchin’ about the subject matter. Quantity over quality is not the way my friend. You can balance them. Yes you can.

  2. The Jay says:

    Four of my last six posts, Dakota Fanning, Mad Men, Beyonce, and KINGS poster have ALL been positive pieces. Things I like. The whole point of my writing more posts is so that I CAN balance out the good and the bad, positive and negative.

    Quantity over quality is the way to broaden my audience, widen my scope. I’m gonna need you to get used to it.

  3. Blimey! I think my arms are bigger than that….

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