12 Word Summaries of the American Idol Season Eight Group 2 – Top 12

idol-logoI’m holding off on the TiVo Multi-Bloop Scale until the Top 12, when I can actually tell this bus full of kids apart. For now, we’re going with quick summaries.

A quick word about the judges… were they all drunk? Or just really tired (in general or of each other, doesn’t matter)? Way too much bitchiness and disagreement and restless behavior tonight. Ryan kept twitching at the judges table, expecting a slapfight or gay joke from Simon, Kara and Paula were alternately mad dogging each other and orgasming over the grody Jonas Brother, Adam Lambert. And Randy found a way to have even less to say. I also didn’t like that Ryan was dressed in casual wear, and how shrimpy his short-sleeve button down made his guns look. Where’s your killer instinct, Rybo?

There’s a real lack of effort problem on the show this season. Hopefully the Top 12 round will make some bitches up.

Anyway! Here we go…

GROUP 2 – Top 12

matt-giraudJasmine Murray - In any other season she’d be a lock for the Top 12.

Matt Giraud - A shivering, shaking mess of pitchy douchebaggery. Doesn’t matter. He’s being groomed.

Jeanine Vailes - The homeless persons Leona Lewis. But with better legs… and less talent.

Nick Mitchell - Why are they letting him make such a mockery of the show?

Allison Iraheta - Hate the hair, hate the dangly star ring, but love the voice.

allisonirahetaKris Allen - Forgettable, with no shot for the Top 12. But I liked him.

Megan Joy Corkrey - Was it special needs? Yes, but it was ADORABLE, boofy special needs.

Matt Breitzke - Loved the song, bored the singer. We wasted a slot on him?

Jesse Langseth - Great body, great voice. But I’d rather have my special needs boof.

Kai Kalama - Boring boringness that bored me to boring. But I liked his name.

meganjoycorkreyMishavonna Henson - Total punim boof, but why did she sing that rancid Train song?

Adam Lambert - A bigger fake than Nick Mitchell. Except Lambert could actually win Idol.

And the predictions…

Top 3: Allison Iraheta, Adam Lambert, Matt Giraud

Wild Cards: Jasmine Murray, Megan Joy Corkrey, Kris Allen

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2 Responses to 12 Word Summaries of the American Idol Season Eight Group 2 – Top 12

  1. juca says:

    I loved Normund Gentle.

  2. nat says:

    agree about matt breitzke (love the song, but he was BOR-ing) and jesse langseth — i’d keep her around just for the personality!

    i’d switch kris allen for matt giraud in your top 3… he’s adorable!

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