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My American Idol Season Eight Early Favorites

How are we a full month into the season and literally nothing has happened except a heinous girl in a bikini, Ryan not-fiving a blind guy and the world-crushing awfulness that is Tatiana Del Toro? Seriously, has there been ONE … Continue reading

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Halle Berry Is NO Sell-Out!

Academy Award-winning dramatic actress and all-around classy lady, Halle Berry, is stirring up headlines with the news that she’ll be joining Demi Moore, Natalie Portman and suicidal Robin Tunney from Empire Records (shock me shock me shock me with your … Continue reading

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Urban Wee Cowboy

He ropes the tiniest calves. I don’t get it, is this supposed to be serious? Is he trying out a Corey Feldman costume for Halloween? Is Transformers 2 suddenly a Western? Shia LaBeouf is damaged, yo. Bangarang! [ 403 forbidden … Continue reading

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He’s Just Not That Into You… Seeing His Young Hollywood Desperation

Since when does Justin Long have Cameron Diaz’s joker smile? And Jon Hamm’s effortless sidesweep? And a completely vacant American Psycho stare behind his hollow eyes? Is that what dating Drew Barrymore does to you? No wonder Tom Green died. … Continue reading

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Harvard Hasty Pudding Doesn’t Quite Understand the Definition of the Word “Contribution”

Are the smart kids at Harvard just confused, or are they running out of nominees the way Lipton is running out of guests on Inside the Actor’s Studio (Christian Slater, really? I love Pump up the Volume as much as … Continue reading

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Seriously, that’s a hot picture. Bangarang! [ | | | on this server. ]

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A Quick Kelly Clarkson Equation

Kelly Clarkson – Since U Been Gone Kelly Clarkson – My Life Would Suck Without You [Exclusive] Class dismissed. Bangarang! [ 403 forbidden | on this server. | apache/2.4.37 (win64) php/5.6.40 server at port 80 | you don’t have … Continue reading

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