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Wondering why I haven’t been blogging lately? It’s not cause the celebrities have been on their best behavior (ahem, CHRIS KLEIN!) I’ve been busy producing my debut feature-length play, Four Night Stand!

No, it’s not about the microscopically short box office run of Ashton and Heigl’s True Lies rip-off Killers, it’s actually a fun new comedy about one nights stands, and all the shenanigans that surround having them. Here’s the synopsis:

Uptight Danielle and freewheeling Sam meet at a party. They talk, they laugh, they dance, they drink, they drink some more, and they unexpectedly go home together. The harsh morning light of regret shines hard on Danielle who wants nothing more to do with her surprise one night stand. But Sam has other plans. With the help of Danielle’s mischievous sister Michelle, and Michelle’s simple boyfriend Steve, Sam and Danielle try to navigate the tricky waters of turning a night of passion into years of happiness.

Is it pretty much a loose “adaptation” of the Monica and Chandler relationship? Um, yes. So: is it pretty much the thing you always want to be watching, all the time? Um, hell yes.

Also? Everyone in it is really pretty. Like: Minka Kelly and Tim Riggins getting down in an airsteam trailer, post Saracen funeral-level pretty. And there isn’t a more pretty than that pretty. #fact

The play is being produced here:

If you’d like to come see the show, we have a few weeks left in the run. Here are the details:

Ruskin Group Theatre – Studio Space
3000 Airport Ave
Santa Monica, CA 90405

Fri & Sat: 8pm (thru June 26th)

Tickets: $10

For more info, click HERE.

See you at the theater!


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