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Harper’s Globe: Episode 1 – “Fresh Start”

I’m gonna need you to get ahead and watch this video. IMMETES. In continuing my recent “you might not know this about The Jay” Tour, I wanted to tell you that when I’m not online skewering celebrities and on my … Continue reading

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Grading the American Idol Season Eight Top 13 on the TiVo Multi-Bloop Scale

Oh, TiVo Multi-Bloop, how I missed you so! On those long audition rounds when I yearned for your sweet mercy. In Hollywood Week whilst enduring the aural torture that was Bikini Girl. During the Top 36 when I kept fighting … Continue reading

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Demi Moore’s Leeches and Other Bizarre Celebrity Beauty Regimen

Looking pretty in Hollywood isn’t hard to do. Every celebrity does the same things: eat right, exercise often, get their hair done by professionals, use make-up that matches, highlights and improves their skin, kill babies and suck their blood. It’s … Continue reading

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Katherine Heigl Can NOT Open A Movie!

So we can dispense with that notion right now. Today, the LA Times posted an obnoxious, poorly-thought out piece on Box Office Sorority Sisters, claiming that with the moderate opening weekend success of 27 Dresses, Katherine Heigl had officially joined … Continue reading

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Things Overheard At Lindsay Lohan’s Marvel Superheroes Photoshoot

The Scene: For no particular reason, Lindsay Lohan poses in a photoshoot with a slew of low-fi attired Marvel superheroes. Taking a break between shots, La Lohan chats up The Incredible Hulk The Players: “Recovering” Celebritard (from alcohol, not from … Continue reading

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The 2007 Year In Film Awards

I’m rip roaring and raring to go on ’0JAY8 like La Lohan on an extended weekend in Capri, so before a Celebritard does something so dissgrossting that I have to break my Lost Girls ban and dip into my bag … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving From The Jay!

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