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Post-Earthquake Celebrity Facebook Statuses

So LA shook from it’s 2% body fat hinges this morning. After checking on the things that matter most to me in this world: my family, my friends, my 52″ Samsung LCD HDTV, I did what any clear-headed post-quake Angeleno … Continue reading

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My Blog Is Better Than Your Blog

Watch the video before you read on! _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ My power is more powerful than your power. My funny is funnier. I’m Scrunchy Von Scrunch Scrunch My whoa is better than your whoa. L-I-V-I-N! My manly is more manly than your … Continue reading

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Testing the Accuracy of a Google Celebrity Image Search

As a entertainment blogger it’s important that I’m able to find just the right picture to go with a particular story. If I’m writing about, say, Tara Reid being a model citizen, as I do, and I type “Tara Reid … Continue reading

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Honoring 9/11 Way: By Making Fun Of Celebrities!

Better words will come from better writers today, and as such, I will not attempt to editorialize on the impact of 9/11 nor its unending societal reach six years later. I am not a newsman or a pundit, I’m not … Continue reading

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Lost Girls

It’s just not funny anymore. And I’m sick of it. I follow dumb celebrity behavior so closely that oftentimes I can’t see the forest for the celebritards. I begin to assume that the whole of Hollywood is caught up in … Continue reading

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If Celebrities Were Transformers

In many ways celebrities are exactly like Transformers. They may walk through the day in their “civilian” form, but when the time comes they transform into all manner of characters (doctors, lawyers, cowboys, the pervert from Happiness played by Phillip … Continue reading

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Discarded Excuses For Britney’s Crazy Umbrella Attack

It’s one thing when a celebrity releases a poor excuse for unruly behavior directly after the incident. People are asking questions and publicists want to give them white-washed answers. Often times those answers are stupid and nonsensical, written to cling … Continue reading

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