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The Jay’s 40 Best Movies of the Decade

This is a list of the 40 movies of the last ten years that affected me the most. They aren’t the “best” movies by any stretch of the imagination (Even the stubborn narcissist in me can’t call movies 22, 23 … Continue reading

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A Little Post V-Day Pick Me Up For All The Single Geeks Out There

In the wake of a raft of reasons to never look at a member of the opposite sex again, let alone date them: Chris Brown whomping on Rihanna, Beyonce repping Single Ladies whilst married to an impossibly rich impresario, Dan … Continue reading

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Religious Conversions Caused By Celebrities

Celebrities are always being credited, or should I say blamed, with starting trends. Jennifer Beals caused a nation of woman to massacre their sweaters, Woody Harrelson made white guys think they could hoop, George Clooney is responsible for the raft … Continue reading

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10 Reasons Why The Pitt-Jolie Twins People Magazine Cover Isn’t Selling Well

Russia is at war, the Olympics are happening, the Presidential Election is hitting its peak, and we are losing talented celebrities left and right (R.I.P. Bernie and Isaac)… but let’s talk about something important. Defamer is reporting that the $14 … Continue reading

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Things Overheard on the Golden Globes Red Carpet

All the best, brightest and most make fun-able celebrities hit the red carpet for the 64th Annual Golden Globes on Monday. As always, I had spies on the scene recording the secret thoughts of stars. Let’s find out what they had to say. Continue reading

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Other Celebrities Who Hate A Group Of People

What I was more surprised about was why the media has up till now chosen to ignore this pervasive form of hate-mongering. That being “Celebrities Who Hate A Group Of People”. I did some digging into this rising trend of bigotry and found some surprising results. Continue reading

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Celebrity Well Wishes For Brangelina and Shiloh the Infangelina

As always here at The Jay, we like to take the time to honor and celebrate the birth of celebrity off-spring. And there’s no better way to do that then by supposing what some other big name celebrities might be saying to the proud, new parents. Assuming of course that Namibia even has postal service. Or electricity to read the letters once they arrive. Or, you know, if Brad and Angie’s aren’t too busy hiding from lions, or keeping Shiloh away from hungry Hyena’s. Or establishing democracy. Something charitable that Angie loves so much and Brad tolerates because she’s Angelina Jolie. Continue reading

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