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Things I’d Rather Do Than Go See “P.S. I Love You”

I took one for the team on Friday and took a date to see Enchanted. And while I had no real problem with the movie other than the fact that it was for six year-old girls and not twenty-six year-old … Continue reading

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Runner-Up Excuses For Not Winning People’s “Sexiest Man Alive” Award

So People Magazine has named Matt Damon 2007′s “Sexiest Man Alive”. Which I guess is a fine choice if you like pig-nosed frat boy looking dudes who happen to play bad ass amnesiac spies. I’m a fan of the guy … Continue reading

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Actresses Who Need To Get Naked (to improve their careers)

This weekend brings us The Prestige, a flick about dueling magicians, as well as being yet another in a string of movies this year to star the dewy blonde fleshpot, Scarlett Johansson. And while many people will be going to see Batman and Wolverine duke it out to see who gets to kill David Blaine’s great-great grandfather, an even greater number of people will be going for one simple reason: to see if Scarlett finally, at long last, gets naked. Well, I’ll save you all some time. She doesn’t. Continue reading

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Picture This: Celebrities in Action

“Mel Gibson. Proving once again that there’s still someone in this world crazier than Tom Cruise.” _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ “OH MY GOD! I just realized you’re not Matt Damon. …so embarrassing!” _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ “EXPECTO CORONA!” _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ “Lemon face, ahhh!” _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ “Troll face, ewww!” … Continue reading

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Things Overheard on the Oscar Red Carpet, 2006

Alright, so here’s the deal… a day after the Oscars I got bad dash of stomach flu. Up until this afternoon, I hadn’t been out of bed since Monday night. And it sucked. If you think for a second it … Continue reading

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The Six Ways To Oscar Gold

As the saying goes, there are two things you never want to see get made, laws and sausages. Whether that’s true or not I can’t speculate, but if I could add one thing to the expression, I would say the … Continue reading

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Oscar I.O.U

Hindsight is 20-20. Ok, now that we got that out of the way, let’s be a bit less politically correct. Some actors, writer and directors, they come out, they are lauded for whatever reason, then as time goes by we … Continue reading

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