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Yes MAN, You ARE Stealing My Look!

When Katie did it, I was fine. I let it go. Sometimes great minds think alike (that is, when they’re not stuck in mind prisons or hiding from their husbands in poorly attended Broadway shows). And besides, her theft of … Continue reading

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A Quick Word With Jim Carrey…

Ah yes… how do I put this… Um… Well… What I’m trying to say… On the tip of my tongue… I can see the words in my head… The thing is… It’s just sort of… Yeah… It’s like… The words … Continue reading

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23 Reasons Not To See The Number 23

Jim Carrey’s new thriller The Number 23 looks about as appealing as your average Joel Schumacher-directed film. This is to say, it looks mediocre. As a public service, I have compiled a coincidentally numbered list of reasons why you should … Continue reading

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