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Demi Moore’s Leeches and Other Bizarre Celebrity Beauty Regimen

Looking pretty in Hollywood isn’t hard to do. Every celebrity does the same things: eat right, exercise often, get their hair done by professionals, use make-up that matches, highlights and improves their skin, kill babies and suck their blood. It’s … Continue reading

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Recalibrating the Cuteness Scale With Kristen Bell and Rachel Bilson

Let me attempt for one moment to try and conjure up the appropriate words for how utterly, disgustingly, punch a kitten in the face cute Kristen Bell and Rachel Bilson are standing next to each other at The Spike TV … Continue reading

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I’m Fabio, Bitch!

Let’s right, peoples! Me, the eternal Fabio, is here to take your women, anger your movie stars, and BLOW YOUR MINDS. I am old, craggy, a has-beens has-been, and I was the original male celebritard, but STILL I score with … Continue reading

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The Most Important Pop Culture Dates of the Fall

I’m not much of a thinker a-header (NOTE: totally grammatically correct). I like to, as Garth Algar advises, “live in the now, man”. I prefer to focus on what’s directly in front of me and mentally note things in the … Continue reading

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The CW is SMRT

William Goldman’s classic adage about the intelligence of Hollywood, “Nobody Knows Anything” needs to be changed. In light of recent events, the quote should now read “Nobody Knows Anything. Especially Network TV Executives”. How else can you explain the rash … Continue reading

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