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Religious Conversions Caused By Celebrities

Celebrities are always being credited, or should I say blamed, with starting trends. Jennifer Beals caused a nation of woman to massacre their sweaters, Woody Harrelson made white guys think they could hoop, George Clooney is responsible for the raft … Continue reading

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Post-Earthquake Celebrity Facebook Statuses

So LA shook from it’s 2% body fat hinges this morning. After checking on the things that matter most to me in this world: my family, my friends, my 52″ Samsung LCD HDTV, I did what any clear-headed post-quake Angeleno … Continue reading

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“Ride it, Lick it, Snort it, F-ck it!” And Other Celebrity Mottos

I love me a good motto. I love mottos even better when I can steal them from pop culture. Whether it’s Nicolas Cage’s “B.A.D. – Balls Attitude Direction” from Kiss of Death, “A.A. – Attitude Adjustment” from Rad, or my … Continue reading

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A Yom Kippur Message From Mel Gibson

To Jews It May Concern: This is Mel Gibson wishing all my Hebrew brethren, the sugar-titted JAP’s and the fucking man Jews, an easy fast and an enriching day of reflection and atonement for all their sins (the war-starting, the … Continue reading

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Things Overheard on the Golden Globes Red Carpet

All the best, brightest and most make fun-able celebrities hit the red carpet for the 64th Annual Golden Globes on Monday. As always, I had spies on the scene recording the secret thoughts of stars. Let’s find out what they had to say. Continue reading

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