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A Disaster of Biblical Celebrity Proportions

Ah, a new day! Got a good night’s rest, blogged about Idol, got frustrated over LOST, I am ready to take on this Wednesday. Time to fire up the old lap top, and see what’s going on in the world… … Continue reading

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Never Forget: Reese Witherspoon is America’s Sweetheart

When the Wicked Witch of West Hollywood unhinges her jaw like that, she’s not about to be super nice to you, she’s arming her primary weapon. This is what Jake Gyllenhaal sees when the doors are locked. In a completely … Continue reading

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The Scariest Thing You Will See on Halloween

If you look directly at it, your face will melt. If you stare at it for ten seconds a ring will appear. You now have seven days to live. If you see it in a Haunted House, it’s already too … Continue reading

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Religious Conversions Caused By Celebrities

Celebrities are always being credited, or should I say blamed, with starting trends. Jennifer Beals caused a nation of woman to massacre their sweaters, Woody Harrelson made white guys think they could hoop, George Clooney is responsible for the raft … Continue reading

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Reese Witherspoon Has Some Competition For Her Man

WOOOHOOOO!!! FUCKIN WOOOOOO, BAAAAAYBEEEEE! I feel like such a MAN right now! Like I could wear socks with my sandals and nobody would give me shit. Cause if they did, I’d cut them with my man-sword. I wonder if I … Continue reading

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My Forced Apology To Reese Witherspoon

When you’re a kid and your Mom says not to make faces because they might stay that way, you never want to believe her. You ignore her telling you cracking your knuckles could give you arthritis. You jump right into … Continue reading

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Demi Moore’s Leeches and Other Bizarre Celebrity Beauty Regimen

Looking pretty in Hollywood isn’t hard to do. Every celebrity does the same things: eat right, exercise often, get their hair done by professionals, use make-up that matches, highlights and improves their skin, kill babies and suck their blood. It’s … Continue reading

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