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A Disaster of Biblical Celebrity Proportions

Ah, a new day! Got a good night’s rest, blogged about Idol, got frustrated over LOST, I am ready to take on this Wednesday. Time to fire up the old lap top, and see what’s going on in the world… … Continue reading

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Harvard Hasty Pudding Doesn’t Quite Understand the Definition of the Word “Contribution”

Are the smart kids at Harvard just confused, or are they running out of nominees the way Lipton is running out of guests on Inside the Actor’s Studio (Christian Slater, really? I love Pump up the Volume as much as … Continue reading

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Hit. The. Wall.

FOOB! What is that? It’s the opposite of BOOF! So… not good? Uh, no. I know what you’re going to say… Renee, I mean… what happened? You know. I don’t. I can’t conceive of it. I was never doing THAT … Continue reading

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My Blog Is Better Than Your Blog

Watch the video before you read on! _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ My power is more powerful than your power. My funny is funnier. I’m Scrunchy Von Scrunch Scrunch My whoa is better than your whoa. L-I-V-I-N! My manly is more manly than your … Continue reading

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Demi Moore’s Leeches and Other Bizarre Celebrity Beauty Regimen

Looking pretty in Hollywood isn’t hard to do. Every celebrity does the same things: eat right, exercise often, get their hair done by professionals, use make-up that matches, highlights and improves their skin, kill babies and suck their blood. It’s … Continue reading

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Testing the Accuracy of a Google Celebrity Image Search

As a entertainment blogger it’s important that I’m able to find just the right picture to go with a particular story. If I’m writing about, say, Tara Reid being a model citizen, as I do, and I type “Tara Reid … Continue reading

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The Traveler Came As A Large And Moving Torg!

The Scene: The Jay’s Oscar Party The Players: The Jay, Random Guests, Renee Zellweger’s BitchFace. INT. THE JAY’S APT – OSCAR NIGHT Red Carpet coverage of the 2008 Oscars is in full swing, and so is the party. Random pretty … Continue reading

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