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The Mii Lebowski

This is quite possibly the most legendairy clip YouTube has ever aired. On a scale of one to awesome, this video is scrumtrillescent. It’s better than Rod Burgundy, and he’s the balls! It’s so good I just broke my hyperbole … Continue reading

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The Worst Crimes Perpetrated On Movie Franchises By Kids

Apparently, by no sane measure of logic, adding a kid to a movie franchise will liven up a tiring concept and reinvigorate a series for the millions of people who once breathlessly paid to watch the adventures but whom now … Continue reading

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Things Overheard: Resolutions, Confusions, Hate-Ons and The Jay’s New Radio Show

THINGS I SAW IN 2006 THAT WERE REALLY, REALLY BAD Here are the ten movies I saw in 2006 that were so repugnant, so foul, so sucked-ballsish, and so full-on poopy that I had to single them out for non-praise. … Continue reading

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Things Overheard: Picture This, Blockbuster Sucks & Steven Spielberg is 60

Birthday wishes go out to Steven Spielberg, my all-time favorite director, who celebrated his 60th birthday on Monday. He may not always make the coolest movies, or even the smartest movies, but his movies are always exceedingly watching, expertly made and laced with the type of magic seldom seen on-screen. In other words, he makes the best movies. Continue reading

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Why Rocky Balboa Should Win The Oscar For Best Picture

For this, and for the following reasons, Rocky Balboa should win the Oscar for Best Picture. Now I’ll admit out of the gate, that as of this writing I have not seen the movie. So this is all conjecture. If the film is terrible, this post will look pretty stupid. But I don’t think it will be. I think it’s going to be the perfect final chapter in one of my favorite film franchises of all time. I think it’s going to be a great last shot from one of my favorite actors. And I doubt that I will love any film more this year, than Rocky Balboa. Continue reading

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Tearful Celebrity Apologies

Wouldn’t you like Lindsay better if she just admitted to the coke and the anorexia? Wouldn’t you like Colin Farrell better if he just admitted he bangs anyone that so much as blinks at him (male or female)? Wouldn’t you like George Lucas better if he apologized for Jar Jar and the prequels? I know I would. Continue reading

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25 Birthday Wishes

I wish that Spielberg, Ford and Lucas would decide NOT to make Indiana Jones 4. Indy rode off into the sunset after finding the Holy freaking Grail. How do you top that? Ford is pushing 65; do they really expect us to suspend our disbelief that this AARP member is still believable whipping Nazi’s and running from boulders and bad blonde actresses? Let it go, guys. Let it go… Continue reading

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