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SJP And The Jay Go For A Very Important Walk

Sarah Jessica Parker gallops down the road with The Jay. SJP: Where we goin’, Jay? The Jay: We’re going for some ice cream, SJP. Would you like that? Would you like some ice cream? SJP: Oh yes, I LOVE ice … Continue reading

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Religious Conversions Caused By Celebrities

Celebrities are always being credited, or should I say blamed, with starting trends. Jennifer Beals caused a nation of woman to massacre their sweaters, Woody Harrelson made white guys think they could hoop, George Clooney is responsible for the raft … Continue reading

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Post-Earthquake Celebrity Facebook Statuses

So LA shook from it’s 2% body fat hinges this morning. After checking on the things that matter most to me in this world: my family, my friends, my 52″ Samsung LCD HDTV, I did what any clear-headed post-quake Angeleno … Continue reading

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You Can Take A Horse To Water, But You Can’t Make Her Dress Properly

FREEZE!!! Why? Did I do something wrong? What… What? WHAT is that? Huh? Is there a bee on me? … no. There’s a FUCKING BUSH on you! Oh, that. Yeah, it’s my hat. Fab, right? …. I wore it too … Continue reading

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Ferris Bueller and Carrie Bradshaw’s Night Off

Totally in love married couple, Matthew Broderick and Sarah Jessica Parker, take an evening stroll down a New York city street. Matthew Broderick: Dear, our dinner was positively delightful. The brioche was exquisite, the tampanade c’est magnifique, and I had … Continue reading

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