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The 10 Actors Who NEED To Have Academy Awards

Certain actors just NEED to have Oscars. Be it due to their talent, charisma, the roles they play or their longevity, there comes a point in certain actor’s careers when it seems insane they don’t have an Oscar. Like Morgan … Continue reading

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The Jay’s 40 Best Movies of the Decade

This is a list of the 40 movies of the last ten years that affected me the most. They aren’t the “best” movies by any stretch of the imagination (Even the stubborn narcissist in me can’t call movies 22, 23 … Continue reading

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Tom Cruise Would Be Happy To Attend The Opening Of Your Yarn Store

Former Super-White Hot Mega-Huge Ginormous Movie Star Tom Cruise took time out of his busy Valkyrie (slash career-saving) promotional schedule this week to tape a message for Hills douchecouple Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag, chiding Spencer for not allowing Heidi … Continue reading

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Religious Conversions Caused By Celebrities

Celebrities are always being credited, or should I say blamed, with starting trends. Jennifer Beals caused a nation of woman to massacre their sweaters, Woody Harrelson made white guys think they could hoop, George Clooney is responsible for the raft … Continue reading

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The Jay’s Eleven: Stealing/Saving Suri Cruise

So I haven’t posted in a week and a half. Was it due to laziness? Hardly. I’ve been hatching a plan. A plan so righteous, so progressive and so oddly heartwarming, that it required my full attention. That plan? Rescuing … Continue reading

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Other Things Tom Cruise Was Wrong About

It’s not often that a celebrity admits when they’re wrong. Scandals come and go, but count how many times you’ve actually heard Lindsay or Paris admit the wrongness of their actions or words. You can probably count the number on … Continue reading

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Spending Time With Grammy Katie

OHH, OHH! Tommy! My bubeleh! How are you, dear? Huh? How are ya? You look thin! Why don’t you eat? Enh? Enh? How come you never eat? What, you trying to impress a girl? She’ll like you as you are … Continue reading

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