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The Jay’s 40 Best Movies of the Decade

This is a list of the 40 movies of the last ten years that affected me the most. They aren’t the “best” movies by any stretch of the imagination (Even the stubborn narcissist in me can’t call movies 22, 23 … Continue reading

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Things I’d Rather Do Than Go See “P.S. I Love You”

I took one for the team on Friday and took a date to see Enchanted. And while I had no real problem with the movie other than the fact that it was for six year-old girls and not twenty-six year-old … Continue reading

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Honoring 9/11 Way: By Making Fun Of Celebrities!

Better words will come from better writers today, and as such, I will not attempt to editorialize on the impact of 9/11 nor its unending societal reach six years later. I am not a newsman or a pundit, I’m not … Continue reading

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The Celebritards Are Making It Too Easy…

Too many jokes… must keep humor dignity… must refrain from using the word “Punk’d” as a noun… must remember I am above easy meanness… think of the kids, Jay, THINK OF THE KIDS! Well, at least she’s smiling? (Look, I’m … Continue reading

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The Most Important Pop Culture Dates of the Fall

I’m not much of a thinker a-header (NOTE: totally grammatically correct). I like to, as Garth Algar advises, “live in the now, man”. I prefer to focus on what’s directly in front of me and mentally note things in the … Continue reading

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The Worst Dramatic Performances By Comedians

I’ve figured out their tricks. When a comedian wants to prove his worth in a drama all he really does to convey “acting” is lower his voice, tone the hyperosity level down to “5”, keep his clothes on and frown for two hours. It’s a simple switch of facial ticks. Instead of crane lifting their eyebrows to the comedic heavens, they arch them in to convey sadness and/or regret and/ or whatever emotion they think will look good on their Golden Globe nomination clip. Continue reading

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Thank you everybody, for reading and supporting this tiny, sarcastic, uber-witty, ultra-insightful, totally relevant, exceedingly important, humble website. It is much appreciated. Continue reading

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