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The Jay’s 40 Best Movies of the Decade

This is a list of the 40 movies of the last ten years that affected me the most. They aren’t the “best” movies by any stretch of the imagination (Even the stubborn narcissist in me can’t call movies 22, 23 … Continue reading

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It’s Not Easy Being Zach Braff

/Conner Oberst emos on the soundtrack /discerning people not in the need of Xanax immediately roll their eyes “Why is my life so HARD? I just want to rub my hands across some Damien Rice vinyl records and ruminate on … Continue reading

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Requiem For A Teen Soap Opera: Liveblogging the Series Finale of The O.C.

Tonight marks the end of a show I was once lived and died for. The OC was a series that helped shape my vocabulary (“Ginormous!”), my Wednesday nights (and now Thursdays), my hatred for Mischa Barton, my drink of choice … Continue reading

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Things Overheard on the Golden Globes Red Carpet

All the best, brightest and most make fun-able celebrities hit the red carpet for the 64th Annual Golden Globes on Monday. As always, I had spies on the scene recording the secret thoughts of stars. Let’s find out what they had to say. Continue reading

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The 2006 Year In Film Awards

Let’s skip the token intro and go straight into the awards. I’m bored of recapping 2006 already, and Jack Nicholson hasn’t even gotten drunk at the Golden Globes yet. So here we go (if you want to read the 2005 … Continue reading

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Things Overheard: Resolutions, Confusions, Hate-Ons and The Jay’s New Radio Show

THINGS I SAW IN 2006 THAT WERE REALLY, REALLY BAD Here are the ten movies I saw in 2006 that were so repugnant, so foul, so sucked-ballsish, and so full-on poopy that I had to single them out for non-praise. … Continue reading

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Tearful Celebrity Apologies

Wouldn’t you like Lindsay better if she just admitted to the coke and the anorexia? Wouldn’t you like Colin Farrell better if he just admitted he bangs anyone that so much as blinks at him (male or female)? Wouldn’t you like George Lucas better if he apologized for Jar Jar and the prequels? I know I would. Continue reading

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