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Fun With The Jumper Publicity Stills

In honor of Hayden Christensen’s latest attempt to convince us he’s actually a really really good actor (SPOILER ALERT: He fails.), and Rachel Bilson’s triumphant big screen debut (SPOILER ALERT: She’s hot.), here are some pics from their new movie … Continue reading

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Your Lack Of Faith Disturbs Me

A little Lost-spoofage from my boys at Ravenstake to get you in the mood for the Lost Season 4 Premiere: Vader is actually perfect as a villain for this show. He has a huge bad daddy complex, becomes less menacing … Continue reading

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What’s Giving Keira Knightley A Lemonface?

She’s the lead in a critically acclaimed new film coming out this week that’s generating her some serious Best Actress Oscar buzz, she starred in the fourth highest grossing movie of the year, she’s recently been named the new spokesperson … Continue reading

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I Blame It All On Bruce Willis: Confessions of a Movie Line Waiter

(NOTE: This column was originally written in 2002, to commemorate the release of Star Wars Episode II – Attack of the Clones. In honor of the release of Live Free or Die Hard I am re-publishing it as a tribute … Continue reading

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Star Wars Celebration IV: The Vader Project Pics

The bar none coolest thing at the Celebration was The Vader Project, and art exhibit based around a reimagining of the Darth Vader mask. Artists from around the world, and from all different genres, were given a basic black mask … Continue reading

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Star Wars Celebration IV: Pics From The Floor

Even if you avoided the panels, neglected the Laser Tag and Droid Race, and had exactly zero interest in walking the sellers floor, there were still greats sights to be seen and fun times to be had. The people watching … Continue reading

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Star Wars Celebration IV: Signing Wall Pics

One of my favorite distractions at the Star Wars Celebration was the signing wall. It was essentially a hugemongous whie board with markers placed everywhere around it. Anyone could write a message to George Lucas, draw something cool, pay homage … Continue reading

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