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Wild Things Poster Boof!

I want to see all sorts of this movie. All sorts! Bangarang! [ on this server. | | 403 forbidden | ]

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Cage and Travolta Team Up For Really Ugly Face/Off Sequel

My official sleeper hit of the summer! Bangarang! [ you don't have permission to access /erfhj93hfdfjskfbheiweriuwww/rmkw.ico | | | ]

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It’s Not What It Looks Like!

OK, first off, let me just say this, so we can all be on the same page: I did not do this. Yes, it’s my symbol, and I do happen to be quite proud of it, but I did not … Continue reading

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The 2007 Year In Film Awards

I’m rip roaring and raring to go on ’0JAY8 like La Lohan on an extended weekend in Capri, so before a Celebritard does something so dissgrossting that I have to break my Lost Girls ban and dip into my bag … Continue reading

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2007 on A Year in Posts

JANUARY I started the year as I always do, with the Year In Film Awards. I mused about which actors were The Most Unwatchable. I kept my ears to the Celebritard ground and heard Things Overheard on the Golden Globes … Continue reading

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Ten “That’s What She Said!” Jokes About the New Get Smart Poster

In honor of The Office airing it’s last pre-strike episode last Thursday, I’m gonna drop some Michael Scott-style humor on the poster for Steve Carell’s latest attempt to apologize for Evan Almighty’s existence and fraudulence. But before I get started, … Continue reading

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Rambo the Revolutionary? Umm….

OK Sly, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. I know you think highly of Rambo, and need the film to succeed like your Rocky revival, but this might be a touch to much. I mean really, Che Guevara? That’s how … Continue reading

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