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Things For Which The Jay Is Putting A Ring On It

After taking under advisement Beyo-err… Sasha Fierce’s sage advice that “if you like than you should have put a ring on it”, and worried that I might possibly have offended that which I hold quite dear by NOT putting a … Continue reading

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That’sfunnysmartandgreat! Five Things I Learned From the Britney HIMYM Episode

As predicted by me, Britney slam dunked her extended cameo on the alarmingly rapid decline of funny known as “How I Met Your Mother”. She was poised, professional and cleaned-up to the point of 1998 hotness. Every goal for the … Continue reading

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The Jay’s Official Fall TV Schedule

With the Fall TV season now a full month in, I have finally seen every new show (save a few insignificant ones – Cane, anyone?), passed judgment on everything and can now reveal my Official TV Watching Schedule. I’ll take … Continue reading

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Robin Sparkles Was Gonna Be Wonder Woman???

Joss Whedon, creator of spunky, quip-delivering, leather-pants wearing, vampire killing, she bitch slayers, and the reason Sarah Michelle Gellar was unfortunately unleashed upon the world, has officially left the long-in-development Wonder Woman movie. Pressed for comment on his unexpected exodus, … Continue reading

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20 Thoughts On Navigating The New TV Season

I’m going to watch everything. Every single new show. I’m going to try them all once. If it doesn’t make me throw up a little in my mouth, it gets a second chance. If it never gets better I won’t watch past the third episode (peace out Justice, Happy Hour, Vanished and Til Death). But I will watch everything. And by watching everything I’ll truly know what’s worth spending my time on. Continue reading

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Final Network TV Report Card

So here’s how the final network report card looks: ABC dropped hard with a sophomore dramatic slump, NBC stayed solid with their slew of quality comedies and look to have the most promising fall lineup (Sorkin’s back, Tina Fey’s on the way and the NFL is finally back on NBC). CBS is still old but is trying to get younger, FOX made some traditional bonehead moves (I still can’t believe they canceled Arrested Development), but they did some good to (They renewed The Loop, just like I said they should.). And UPN and The WB got married, killed some of their kids (RIP Everwood), resurrected a beast (You suck, 7th Heaven!) and decided that it was easier to suck as one network, then it would be as two. Continue reading

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The Case Against: 25 Shows On The Bubble

With the summer movie season fast approaching will be going into blockbuster movie critique mode for a while. But before I do, I wanted to touch base in the world of television. May sweeps are just around the corner; … Continue reading

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