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Seriously, that’s a hot picture. Bangarang! [ on this server. | | | forbidden ]

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OMG! TV Marketing Agencies – Now Charging By The Letter

By now you’ve most likely seen the racy Gossip Girl ad campaign displayed to the right. Conservative watchdogs barked like mad when the campaign first appeared in magazines and on bus stops nationwide. How dare the show allude to the … Continue reading

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My Blog Is Better Than Your Blog

Watch the video before you read on! _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ My power is more powerful than your power. My funny is funnier. I’m Scrunchy Von Scrunch Scrunch My whoa is better than your whoa. L-I-V-I-N! My manly is more manly than your … Continue reading

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Your Lack Of Faith Disturbs Me

A little Lost-spoofage from my boys at Ravenstake to get you in the mood for the Lost Season 4 Premiere: Vader is actually perfect as a villain for this show. He has a huge bad daddy complex, becomes less menacing … Continue reading

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What Would You Give Up To Save Your Favorite TV Show?

A most unexpected silver lining has developed from the interminable WGA Writer’s Strike. Variety is reporting that Friday Night Lights (my current fav show), is seeing a much-needed boost in the ratings and is close to a third season renewal. … Continue reading

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10 Burning Questions About Lost Season 4

The new Lost: Season 4 Trailer: Ka-blooie, I’m STOKED! How pumped are you for the return of the best show on Television not named American Idol? With Heroes stuck in a crazy low sophomore slump, a sub-par How I Met … Continue reading

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The Jay’s Official Fall TV Schedule

With the Fall TV season now a full month in, I have finally seen every new show (save a few insignificant ones – Cane, anyone?), passed judgment on everything and can now reveal my Official TV Watching Schedule. I’ll take … Continue reading

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