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It’s a slow news day. When I check my ten or so movie , TV and celebrity news sites and the biggest story is the , you know you’re having a hangover-Monday. Apparently, absolutely no one in Hollywood decided to do any work today. Which sucks, because now whose choices can I make fun of? Well since the world is boring on this not-Manic Monday, I thought I would take care of some old and new business and just mark down some thoughts that have been going through my head lately. And sprinkled in, all the “who cares?" celeb news from recent weeks. Back tomorrow with, hopefully, something of any some interest to somebody. - I hosted/mediated/ led the fiasco of a podcast last night. It’s a show called put together by some old Valley Knight friends of mine. The show is about the people in the entertainment industry who are actually working. In other words, the grunts on their way up, doing the work of the lazy, talentless hacks that get to make the decisions. Very cool stuff. The seven of us kicked in my buddy Drew’s recording studio, eating some Earl’s (the best donuts in the Valley!) and yabbering about the industry. The show was our pseudo pilot, and for a first episode, it went surprisingly well. And long. We talked for almost an hour more than we thought we would, which is great, because we now know for a certainty that we have content to spare and chemistry to burn. We talked about upcoming movie and DVD releases, and spoke a bit about whom each of us were and about what’s been on our mind lately. The main topic of the show was actually the piece I wrote on Friday about the question of what makes a movie geek these days. Put seven geeks in a room together, talking about being geeks, yeah, it’s safe to say we had too much to say on that topic. But the bottom line came down to this: the word “geek" has been captured and capitalized by society. The idea of actually being a geek, though, stands more in line with your passion. The fact that movies make me the person I am today is what makes me a movie geek, despite what writers, directors, actors and movies that I like or dislike. It looks like we’re gonna be busting the Grunt Talk every couple weeks, so check to learn the “who, what, where and why" of our show. - So according to the , Lindsay Lohan gave an interview where she stated that she realized she has gotten crazy thin and is gaining weight again because she wants to be a better role model for teens. This is all just a nice way of saying “Cocaine’s a hell of a drug". - A weekend where I don’t get to go the movies at least once is not a real weekend. It’s just two days in a row that I wasted on unnecessary crap. - The Lost season two premiere satisfied my need to have the show back, took away the bitter flavor of the disappointing season one finale, but ultimately was not the hour of television I needed to buy my first class seat on the Lost bandwagon. Something tells me this show is going off its rails by February. Mark my words. - There’s just nothing like having a craving to play Madden for five straight hours, then actually getting the opportunity to do just that. I felt like I was back in college. Go UCSB! - has a big, ugly mouth. - So I post my Fiona Apple piece on Wednesday, and lo and behold, two days later EW arrives in my mailbox, with none other than the Crazy Fruit gracing the cover. I keep [] telling you people, The Jay is ahead of his time. - I can’t believe that Jodie Foster doesn’t have better things to do than star in Flightplan. - Moreover, I can’t believe AMERICA had nothing better to do than spend $10 bucks on Flightplan. QUICK TV ROUND-UP Invasion – I could barely pay attention, and it had nothing to do with the twenty minute long hurricane scene that opened the show. I’m sure over the course of the season that cool things will spring out of this ABC drama hour, I just won’t be there to see it. Head Cases – Saw it. Hated it. Glad it's gone. Won’t miss it. Everybody Hates Chris – Funny show, without a doubt. I give it two season’s tops. UPN has no business making this show a hit, and moreover, Chris Rock can do better than UPN. My Name is Earl – This is a good show, not great, and definitely not worthy of the extreme guerilla marketing campaign that NBC is saturating the LA area with. All that aside, it’s just plain nice to see Jason Lee on TV every week. BACK TO BUSINESS… - I just went out to lunch where it began raining, yet it was eighty degrees outside and the sun was still shining. Only in L. A. - Was there really anything surprising about The Apprentice: Martha Stewart bombing so spectacularly? I have never cared about this woman ever, and I know I’m not alone. I can’t believe she’s taking up an hour of good TV time. This is why NBC is now a fourth place network. It has nothing to do with Joey, which is doing just fine. - Quick shout out to my home girl Gail Bianchi, who is hitting the road for a year to play Peter Pan in a national stage tour. I’m so proud of her, and hope the show comes to LA so I can see her do her thing. Also, since she had to get rid of most of her stuff, The Jay was able to get his grubby claws on a wicked new desk, a sweet lamp, a cool poster and portable book shelf. Traveling actors rule! - In the great Subway vs. Quizno’s debate, round five goes to Quizno’s with their excellent Chicken Milano. Mmm, sun-dried tomato spread… - At this point it’s safe to say that the death of the six-pack for The Jay was caused by Snackwell’s fat free chocolate cookies. - is moving into mainstream movies. Great, just what we need, another porn star turning their back on their fans. - The Hollywood Publicity Machine just called the number of some . I guess I should start watching that show. The girl is cute, I guess, but do we really need another reality star gracing the covers of Maxim and FHM. It’s just taking time away from stars that really deserve it, like Alyssa Milano and Carmen Electra. - I’ve now reached the point where I don’t feel sorry for Jennifer Aniston anymore. Memo to Jen: It’s been nine months, he’s moved on, we’ve moved on, hell, even US Magazine has moved on. So stop getting trashed on Oprah and start dating again. - finally, i checked my stats and it seems that people are actually showing up to the site and reading the content, which totally rules. But I’m a little disappointed that there aren’t more comments. Dude, I know my friends are reading this. Don’t think I’m not marking down which of you don’t comment, and totally signing you up to several hardcore gay porn sites. And yes, , this most definitely means you. Bangarang, Boring Monday!

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