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THINGS I’M MAKING FUN OF – A RED CARPET EDITION OF PICTURE THIS! “I’m your HUGE Huckleberry. Is that pie? Cause I could totally go for pie while being your Huckleberry. ” _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ “Boy was I lucky my anti-aging cream came in time for this premiere. Who would have thought that the same orphans I’m adopting could also be used as pulp for my unholy Immortal Hotness potion. ” _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ “American Airlines announces it’s hiring of the hottest flight attendant EVER. In the event of a plane crash, please hope you are an empath. If so, please touch the flight attendant for safety. ” _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ “Hey honey, wanna hear me narrate? Oooh yeah, you like these dulcet tones? Why don’t you come march with my penguin?” _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ “The new nose should keep Justin around a few more weeks. Maybe I should schedule a ham flap lift for the Spring. Surfing season is just around the corner…” _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ “Good god, is that Jennifer Garner? Whose soul did she suck to get hot again? I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again, Ben Affleck is a lucky, lucky man. ” _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ “Perfection. ” _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ “I must find Professor X before Magneto destroys Charlotte’s Web!” _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ “I hope 50’s flak jacket has reinforcements. Looks like Sam this morning. ” _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ “When did Angelina Jolie start dating a Joe Black?” _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ “Lose five pounds of hair immediately, or get off my red carpet!” _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ “Oh, you like that smile? You forgot how hot I am when I smile, didn’t you? Never forget how many times you whacked off to my nude scene in Mulholland Falls. NEVER!” _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ “Physics!" _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ THINGS I WILL BE APPEARING ON Stay by your devices for instant messaging and internet porn this Thursday at 4pm, be they Mac or PC, as I guest host the live podcast “PopLoad” for NowInLa. com. It’s a pop culture show designed to drop a smelly wet one on the celeb shenanigans of the day. Basically, it’s like reading one of my posts out loud. The show is live, so if you want to ask me a question you can call in or text message. I’ll be premiering some stuff from this Friday’s Year in Film Awards post, and maybe even throwing out some trivia questions to the listeners. It’s gonna be fun. If you miss the show I’m pretty sure you can download the episode afterwards. For more info on the show, click the banner on the sidebar or go through this . _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ THINGS I’M LISTENING TO Here’s what’s kicking up dirt on my iPod these days. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ THINGS THAT PISS ME OFF ABOUT BLOCKBUSTER VIDEO I went in to the worst video store EVER the other day to rent a few inane, distraction comedies (I needed something on in the background while I wrapped gifts, and wouldn’t you know it, Owen Wilson and Kate Hudson are absolutely perfect to ignore), perused the oddly spaced New Release wall - why was there an entire section set aside for Americn Pie 5, but only four copies of Brick? - and scored my fix, then braved the absurdly long line. I ignored the inexplicably slow service and sat patiently while the half asleep guy behind the counter ineffectually went about ringing me up. I drove all the way home, laid out the gifts and wrapping paper, went to put in the movie, only to find that the moron behind the counter forgot to take the security locks off of the tapes, so I couldn’t open either box! So now I’m in a quandary. Do I get dressed and drive all the way back to Blockbuster just to get the locks pulled off, have a credit put on my account, throw some condescension at a minimum wage tape slag and then drive all the way back home, or do I just say screw it and watch TV instead? Ten minutes later I was at the store. I tell the guy he made the mistake, and his response? “Ah, my bad! I’m such a dumbass. ” At least he owned up to it. I want a credit for the hassle and he tells me I have to ask for the manager. The manager (a hugemongous beyotch of a woman) makes me wait for nearly ten minutes (which wouldn’t be that big a deal, but I’m on crutches these days, so I only have one foot to stand on, and I’ve been putting it to use for the better part of a day), and when she finally deigns to help me she gives the shit eyes. Like I’m putting her out because her CSR is an idiot? In the immortal words of Erin Brockovich, bite my ass, Krispy Kreme! Don’t give me grief because you people suck at your monkey job; I’m not the thirty year-old working the late shift at a Sherman Oaks Blockbuster Video. I don’t understand why the entire world hasn’t switched to Netflix, yet. Then again, I’m the same guy who’s astounded that the world rejected the Champagne Punch jellybean, so what do I know? However, I do know one thing: the next time I need a fix of inane Butterscotch Stallion jokery I’ll just pop in my well-worn copy of Zoolander on DVD and save myself the trouble (“You is talking loco and I like it!”). Also… Dear Blockbuster Video, I hope Netflix socks you in the face like the crappy corporate suckhole you are. Love, The Jay _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ THINGS ABOUT OSCAR Now this is a campaign I can get behind. Now if I can only get the Rocky Balboa “” campaign going. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ THINGS TO CLICK ON, SPORTS THEMED - Dan Marino is nothing if not intense. Just too bad he didn’t bring that same passion to Ace Ventura p>, or he might have had some Oscar talk. Well, probably not, but it might have helped stop all the Razzie talk. - If you enjoy shuddering at the thought of Chris Berman picking up chicks, today’s your lucky day. Expect “you’re with me, leather” to become a permanent reference here at TheJay. com. () - Here’s my Holiday gift to all my wrestling fan readers out there. Here’s the entire match of Hulk Hogan vs. Andre the Giant from the legendary Wrestlemania 3. Enjoy not getting any work done for the next ten minutes. - This piece makes me hardcore pissed that HoopsTV. com folded. That was a sick sports blog, before blogs became the norm. () _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ THINGS ABOUT MY HEROES Birthday wishes go out to Steven Spielberg, my all-time favorite director, who celebrated his 60th birthday on Monday. He may not always make the coolest movies, or even the smartest movies, but his movies are always exceedingly watchable, expertly made and laced with the type of magic seldom seen on-screen. In other words, he makes the best movies. There isn’t a person in this country who doesn’t love at least one of his flicks, be it Jaws, Raiders, E. T. , Jurassic Park, or one of the other twenty-one. His films touch our hearts, excite our minds and dazzle our eyes. He is responsible for millions of kids wanting to be film directors; and the conductor of an even higher number of childhood playtime fantasies. He was my first inspiration as a writer and budding director. And he remains my favorite creator of movie magic. Even when he makes a movie I don’t like ( like The Terminal) I still find great things in it, like the amazing airport set, which I got to walk through when I worked as an extra on the film (which means I might just love it because I’m visible in two shots of the movie). To honor the bearded great one, here are ten Spielberg movie moments I love: - Two moments stand out for me from Jaws: 1. The entire USS Indianapolis speech (“. . thing about a shark. He’s got lifeless eyes. Black eyes. Like a doll’s eyes…”). 2. When the shark drags the first barrel underwater and Hooper loses him in a chase; I love the quiet moment when Quint stands on the end of the starboard walk ramp, holding his rifle and shaking his head, while the sun sets beautifully around him. It was a look that spoke volumes. We’re gonna need a bigger boat, indeed. - The over the shoulder pull back to reveal the government base at Devil’s Mountain, in Close Encounters. The first use of what is now known as “The Spielberg Shot”. Often imitated, never topped, it is still the best way to do a reveal on film. - The scenes of kids trick-or-treating in E. T. As a boy who grew up in The Valley, watching a movie about a young boy and his alien best friend who lived, essentially, around the corner from me (I used to play in the same park as Elliot), brought me countless fever dreams and daytime pretend adventures. The moon shot is still a stunning image, and easily makes for the best production company logo EVER. - The climax in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, when Indy is hanging off the ledge, desperately trying to reach the grail cup, while Henry tries to pull him to safety. Henry can’t get Indy’s attention, and their grip is starting to falter. Indy’s got mad glory in his eyes, but Henry realizes what’s truly important and gives Indy the lesson our intrepid archeologist has been looking for since we saw him run from the boulder in Raiders. Henry: Indiana. Indiana, let it go. That line gets me more than any other moment in the series. A perfect encapsulation of the life these men lead. Man alive, can Spielberg make a movie! - The trailer over the cliff sequence in The Lost World. So well-choreographed and executed, it comes off like a Gene Kelly dance, as interpreted by Wes Craven. I love the look on Julianne Moore’s face when she realizes what’s about to happen. “Oh shit” never looked cooler on a girl. - The epic 20 minute storming the beach scene in Saving Private Ryan, specifically the extended sequences done in silence as Tom, slightly deafened from a blast, takes in the violence happening all around him. Arguably the most realistic depiction of war ever committed to celluloid. And the fact that this film lost to a [p>] Gwyneth Paltrow romantic comedy makes me sick at both ends. - The opening credits of Catch Me If You Can, with the Pink Panther-like animation and the John Williams jazz riff. It was a signal that we were not about to see a typical Steven Spielberg fantasy, but instead something far more playful and sophisticated. And it is easily my favorite Spielberg movie of the last ten years. - “Oh, there you are, Peter!” - The spider sequence in Minority Report. The creepy mechanical crawlers search the entire building looking for Tom Cruise’s p> John Anderton (the last time The Cruiser was effortlessly cool on-screen). They can’t detect Cruise because he’s lying motionless in an ice cold bathtub. The last spider is walking away when Cruise lets one tiny air bubble slip out of his mouth. And the spider hears it. The delicate double take of the CGI creature is so smooth, so graceful as to be almost unnoticeable. But let there be no mistake, it is a sly stroke of genius. And serves as yet another reminder why Spielberg uses CGI better than anyone else on the planet. Michael Bay better learn himself an education by next summer. A BIG FUCKING ROBOTS movie needs all the subtlety it can get. - The first dinosaur reveal in Jurassic Park. Maybe the single best reveal shot of the last half decade. Ellie is going on and on about some indigenous wildlife and Grant turns her head to see what he was looking at and all we see are her eyes go wide. Ellie rises out of the jeep and then BAM, we cut to the most perfectly realized depiction of a prehistoric animal ever put on film. I can still see my Dad shaking in the theater, awestruck by what he was seeing. That’s the type of reaction Spielberg elicits in audiences. He leaves them awestruck; my favorite emotion to have while watching a movie. And I thank him for giving that to me so many times. Happy Birthday, Sir. We honor you here at TheJay. com. May you continue to create wonder on the silver screen for many more years to come. For an absolutely fantastic retrospective of Steven Spielberg’s career, _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Happy Holidays to all, and to all a good Bangarang!

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